Actions Taken Against Unfair Gameplay

5 multiboxed characters have no overwhelming benefit over 5 player coordinated through 3rd party voice chat.

A 3 man group has an overwhelming benefit against a single player, but just like multiboxing blizzard have no issue with allowing it. Imprecise wording by Kaivax doesn’t mean there have been, or should be any policy change on multiboxing. Blizzard are the ones drawing the line for what is bannable unfair gameplay and not, and over the years they have provided plenty of reasoning for why they think multiboxing is fine.

Will you guys ever get tired of your whines?

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It’s likely Questie, and it’s not against the rules.
In general, if an addon does something that Blizzard does not want addons to be able to do, they break the addon but they do not give bans/suspensions/whatever for having used the addon. Look at Spy, broke the addon, didn’t ban players for having used it. Same with Decursive back in “real vanilla”.
There used to be that “overlay” thing in Wotlk too that could tell you where to stand in raid encounters etc. which they also broke and many many more.

lollllllllllll what??

Actually, it was DBM, which did it to me :slight_smile:

It does, but he pays 5 times money, and money all acti-blizz cares about.

Yes but the main dif is, in multibox case, 5 people benefit focused in 1 player.

And if there would be no overhelming benefit, why would ANYONE do multiboxing at all?

Sounds logical to me!

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Just popped over to Shadowprey village and for the first time in months the 4 rogue bots farming the lobster pots weren’t around so maybe this ‘wave’ is having an impact. Well done for that if it be the case. Time will tell but the action clearly should have been taken a long, long time ago, particularly where the bots have such a negative impact on other players such as with pvp ranking.

And why exactly should an RPG give all benefits to the real life person playing a character instead of the character itself?

I noticed that too. I think its because the Horde cave was (magically) moved souther and IW choke point got wider. There could be not other explanation.

Blizzard like to keep a few bots around so the world seem alive at late hours.

Can’t wait for all the forum posts about randomly banned for nothing??!!?!? as if we dont see through the obvious lies haha.

seems 100% legit and not a single lie in that statement whatsoever.

Are they though? Considering that most multiboxers use a broadcaster to control all accounts at the same time. Lets say they have 6 accounts, are 5 of them not automated because a 3rd party program is controlling them based on the persons input?


It’s not considered to be “automated” because a player is pushing a button for that 5x Chain Lightning.
For Blizzard to consider it “automated” it’d need to be a bot doing that on it’s own.

That’s for things like exploits not multiple active account. No exploits are done and there is no active cheating. The majority of the commands used are macros and there is a PERSON controlling it. Now we can have a discussion about the ethics of multi-boxing but it’s not cheating. For me bots, griefers, hackers, exploiters, pvp efk-ers, people that abused layering to get stacks of black lotuses, fake GM’s and so on are a much bigger problem than some dude that rigged up five monitors and has 20 active accounts for kicks… And let’s be honest how many multi-boxers have you seen? For me it was 2 and one had 4 accounts the other had 3. Not much of problem if you ask me.

It’s not cheating. And honestly I am getting tired of the unfair advantage argument. What are you going to do if 20 mages jump you? It’s all the same if they are controlled by 1 person or by 20. It’s not about the 20 accounts that are getting payed that’s a stupid argument just look around at how many multi-boxers exist… hint not THAT many.
Also any gold or honor or mats or anything really that is obtained is shared across all account so yeah. It’s not something that effects the economy like let’s say layer hopping did when people did that. And for the 3rd party software… I you can do that just with in game macros so…

I hope they lost their pvp ranks too ? if not they got exactly what they wanted, even with a suspension.

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This is just plain ignorant.

So you say giving a single player the same power as 20 players is not an unfair advantage to that single player? I am not even going to try to explain this. If you can not see this on your own I doubt anything said will change that.


Suspension meant most likely bans, months probably. During that time, their ranks fade away.

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Yes, but what i really meant was, are blizzard stripping them of the items they have bought from their rankings… and their ranks too ofcourse.

It’s not “unfair” or “cheating” by the ToS. Nevertheless, it feels unfair and seems like cheating in the eyes of a standard player (at least I and my other guildies feel this way). There’s a distinction between what is legal and fair. Imho, it feels like P2W where you pay 15€/$ a month to have a strong pet following you.