Actions Taken to Address Exploitative Gameplay

Are these Perma bans or 6 month bans?

you also need to increase the speed of ban waves, so that less time passes between each ban, the faster the ban waves happen, yes the numbers will be smaller and less headline and attention grabbing, yet they will impact botters a LOT more, making it more expensive for them to get away with botting, as I’ve said elsewhere


Good job blizzard.

And it’s quite fun after I’ve finished reading the thread. It’s something like dis:
Blizzard guy: I’d talk about anti-cheating.
User A: Remove the daily dungeon limitation.
User B: Balance things!
A to B: No! Balance is OK, remove the limitation!
B to A: No! Limitation is OK, rebalance the game!
A to B: No! F you!
B to A: F you!

To be honest some players don’t really care about “fair play”, they just keep advocating “things can make ME happy is right, otherwise it’s wrong”. And botting is a topic where they can being toxic legally.

Some dude mentioned SE’s anti-cheating, imo it’s rather not SE are working harder, it’s their game community itself got a healthy circumstance (witch avoid stimulating players’ desire for high gear or in-game wealth) that give farmers or botting little space. Try FF14 JPN servers.

Seriously blizzard, you should also fix the mindset and common sense of some players’.


Not impressed. I expect you to post another banwave next month. Then I will start believing the things you say in this excuse of a post you just so conveniently made after the backlash the previous one caused.


At least something.
Now lets go check are our favorite bots still online :smiley:

Remember when a botting ban got someone a permanent ban?

Blizzard gave in and made it 6 months, what a bunch of cats.

At ZT most of the Stratholme bots are gone => Stratholme Daily on Zandalar Tribe. Well at least they aren’t in there online in their usual hours

They probably meant for Classic exploiters.

Retail didnt see banwave like for years yet bots still there.

YEEES. Thanks a bunch Blizz. Better late than never. But still. This was really needed. :slight_smile:

@Kaivax: Thank you for the post! As a few others have suggested, could you pass on an idea of for example montly post about numbers of bans. Other gaming companies do this, for example Gaijin, who are responsible for several games, including War Thunder. They actually go so far that they publish the nicknames of banned accounts for War Thunder, but their numbers run in just hundreds. We are not asking for this level of precision, just more transparency. :slight_smile:

@All: This was an interesting note and something I suspected was going on with certain characters…


can you ban the pvp botters now? ty


Now can you please remove the 30 instance limit? I PAY 15$ a month to access this game and its content. So you shouldn’t be telling me how much I can play.



The lack of action was so bad that now we take any small action as good. Let’s wait before making a conclusion

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Finally some hope and a move for the better. I just re-subbed and giving Blizz the benefit of the doubt for 1 month. Hope they won’t let this issue explode to such horrendous levels again.

Dunno, maybe he was refering to 5-man end game content being soloed, why the hell would they named it 5-man, right ?
Another example is ZG mage / pala farming ( 20 man conent ? ) . If you think that this was intended … well … there are many examples of players avoiding / exploiting / ignoring game mechanics.
It was used so heavily that it became standard gameplay. I doubt all of this clever usage of in-game mechanics was intended.

I kinda feel that way too, but whatever, its just a game, if you dont like classic, dont play it, there are plenty options out there :slight_smile:

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sorry to point this out but me rogue and my druid friend duoed almost every dungeon while leveling to 60.

good for him

You seem to miss the point this is across all your characters per server.

It’s quite plausible for someone to try and farm HoJ on one character, hit lock out and then go and try and farm Jed on another (or help someone do that). You don’t even have to kill anything for Jed if hes not there - just leave and reset!

That’s 10 instances on 2 characters in an hour, maybe 40 mins, at most.

EDIT: Glad they have banned some bots, a monthly update would be nice. Addressing all the other shady behaviour cheating and scamming which goes on in the game would be great too!

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What about fixing the Black Lotus timers? It was perfectly fine like it was; Black Lotus is rare game content, must be very special to harvest one.

Cheaters and farmers totally destroyed farming the much wanted Black Lotus. Your answer: let’s increase spawn times. Really?

Why not auto HS low level accounts that logoff back to Ironforge or Oggrimar? Why not implement detection? It’s very obvious which accounts are farm accounts, just look at the amount of movement and number of BL harvested. It’s noting more then a query vs your database. Give back the game to the real players!

The core of the problem is still that normal players are buying gold for real money so wouldn’t it be best to start looking into the cause of the issue and handing out suspension/bans to goldbuyers? I can see how it would require a huge amount of investigative work though so I don’t know if this would be possible at all.


Ok and? Remove the 30 instance limit cap and do this like you should be doing in the first place