Stratholme Daily on Zandalar Tribe

Considering what i’ve been told about scale of bots infestation (“Bots are nowhere as common as in the past”), reasons why realms are locked (“realm must reach sufficiently low prime time max”) and role-playing issues (“locking prevents mass transfers of… “less RP oriented”-players onto the realm”) I’d like share with you some daily facts about Stratholme on ZT and it’s strongest role-playing inhabitants.
Just a few things to warn you about first:

  1. I took screenshots of “/who” of several cities and of Stratholme, just so you see what was populated the most
  2. I take them randomly during the day. This day (12.06.2020) it was 6AM server Time
  3. This topic is not a spam, it does not repeat other topics, and certanly it does not insult any players or blizzard employees. So i sure do hope it won’t be taken down.

Daily screenshots and Excel doc. are on my google drive and i’m gonna renew it daily.

if only blizzzard had the means to do this.

blizzard prioritys man its a mess. some people get offended here on forums when vital information like this is being noticed dont care about them they a lost cause

also a joke servers locked while large amounts of bots able to farm :rofl:

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Goood morning fellow forum dwellers!
Today on “Stratholme RP Daily” we have 3 new teams of hardcore role-playas.
I’ve added colours to otherwise boring Excel book, so now you can see who hasn’t been noticed yet (cheerfull yellow), who is missing (sad salmon), and who stays vigilant and never leaves his post (simple white… what ?) !
Untill next time folks!

Word of advice, you can post links of the forums without having trust level 3, simple put 4 empty spaces before your link.

Here; I’ll help:

This just makes it easier for people to copy and paste your links.

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oh, i see…


Just what are you talking about? Those are paying customers! They just enjoy a nice dungeon run in the wee hours of the morn.
I don’t like what you’re implying, Mister! Keep it up and you might get your forum privileges revoked :grin:
Edit: Seriously though, they will be banned in a wave at some point, making sure they made just enough money so that it is economically viable for the botters to purchase new accounts and pay game time on them. Can you imagine! You can ban your bots and have your sub money too! Just like with the cake.

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Aha they will… at some point… Are all the materials they put in the economy going to get removed? Are all the characters that got boosted by bots going be de-leveled? No. So may as well just act on the spot. It’s no like a few GM can’t spawn wherever they want observe this happening live and use the BAN HAMMER. It’s not a stretch to see a dude use the same pattern of movement over and over and FLY in the instance to abuse the terrain and LOS to farm mobs… It’s not THAT hard to identify bots.

Way to miss the point entirely! If you need it spelled out: I was insinuating that Blizzard is perfectly aware of the bots and chooses to not act on the knowledge in order to make more money. Untill more people unsub than there are bots, and by a large margin, nothing will be done. Why would it? As I said, they have their cake and eat it too.

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Sarcasm is often lost in text format.

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The stratholme situation is a mess. At night with a /who you can see they are using one druid, 1 priest and 3 mages. There were 50 of these classes (probably more but it is limited to showing 50).

“Way to miss the point entirely!”

you can use /who Stratholme Druid
or /who Stratholme Priest etc…

Dont forget to pay your monthly subs Kiddos !

Anyway, good work, great dedication. I dont want to offend you, or anything, I hate Blizz workarounds. … Do rather something meaningful with your time. Any attempt to touch the Hardcore Role Playing Players was keksuccessful :smiley:

Thanks for your support.
It takes about 5-10 minutes of my time. I can spare so much. I think that somebody got to keep a track of it. Nobody was doing that when the first massive wave of “Hardcore RPP” appeared, i guess i’ll do for now. Makes one wonder - how many of those players will still be online in 3 months? 6? A year?
I’m doing this just because. I’m not expecting this post cause any actions to be taken. Maybe it will, but more probably - won’t. At least it’ll be there for history, when somebody will ask : “How did this happen?”
P.S. That’s unless it’ll be deleted for any reason - won’t be suprised there at all also. But untill then i wanna to continue my duty i brought upon myself.

wasting of time doing screenshoots every day, i can say that the same bots will be there 1-2 month after you do screens, happens on my server they are not getting banned so…

New Day, new screenshots. Today i decided to take them a bit later, so some of our lovable HRPP are gone (probably went to a dock station for a charge), but still - there are many, who remain in our hearts. And lists.
Fresh update of 15.06.2020! Today we got an awesome number - 50! That’s right folks - 50 players are raiding Stratholme right as we speak! Argent Dawn must be so proud of these guys!

How brave these champions are. Going through undead terror in the Plaguelands, killing the Scourge to protect the poor. And thus, tirelessly 24h/day


More seriously, on Sulfuron, there is literally 1 bot for 1 player in the Eastern Plaguelands / Stratholme. Some are bashing trashmobs, others gathering herbs, or even raiding Stratholme by groups of 5 (you may see them running straight forward to the instance entrance, they are unguild characters with weird names)
This make farming really competitive, even with layers.

Hopefully the Authenticator 4-slot bag thingy will make people use it, and we will have less account hacked (since most bots must be hacked-account).
For now please, do something on the in-game report system.
This is really is too slow to be any efficient.
I am talking of 30 to 50 bots, which have been reported several time a day for a week now, and they are still botting right now.
30-50 may seems little, but that’s enough to ruin player experience.
It would literally require 1 game master dedicated to this on each realm.

EDIT : Good job though, Derpression. I’ll take some screenshots to add to your collection. Maybe this will make things move

OP u are awesome

Ok, I’m sorry to ask but I don’t understand this topic.
I know of the bot problem but I don’t understand how this is related to rp oriented players.
Can someone explain to me the situation ?