Actions Taken to Address Exploitative Gameplay

Have you tried landslide? Around 100g per hour should be fairly doable. You won’t even need to reset the dungeon once per hour. 50g+ per hour is also perfectly doable without killing a single mob in maraudon.

Well, I’m a priest. Not a hunter or mage or whatever else you were complaining about soloing dungeons, so nicely taken out of context to be ‘attacking’ me over what other players do too :wink:

What are you even on about, the bots are ACTING AGAINST THE ToU … of course i want them banned. Anyone can level a hunter and sit in DMT if they want to, its not unfair. Anyone can make a mage and boost other characters - all within the ToU. NO ONE can make their character magically play by itself while you sleep without breaking the ToU. Trying to say that its the same deal between normal players and people that grind hard, and then bots and people that grind hard is a Segway argument into nothing, its simply false. Stop typing here and go watch Mark Kern talk about the game being developed, you might educate yourself a bit

I feel like it needs saying - A 30 instance cap is not the only way to fix mage aoe farms and exp boost runs. It’s the laziest, because it takes no work hours or resources, but it also has other side-effects, like damaging legitimate play. (SGC arena runs are legitimate. To suggest otherwise, in a game built around the idea and concept of farming and grinding for your gear is ludicrous, and if you believe that farms like that should be capped, you obviously don’t understand the actual games spirit and should stop talking on the topic.)

Mage exp boosts should be fixed. I think if anyone takes anytime to think on the subject, it’s clear it’s an exploit. It’s not an intended method of play, and completely circumvents the core spirit of the leveling experience. How? Take some time to add extra AI and pathing restrictions that stop these farms being possible. Really not that difficult to think of. But it takes time, resources, and ultimately money for Blizzard.

The 30 Instance Cap is lazy. Simply put. If you have an issue like a lot of people do, with mage farming, then ask for an actual solution. Not a band-aid that harms others when not even fixing the main problem itself either (6 hours of exp farm is still worth it, it will still happen. It doesn’t stop the boosts.)


ofcourse its not false when the result is the same. you dont give a flying hoot about the tou, you just use it as an excuse to why they shouldnt make thousands of gold every day. fact is both you and the bot are breaking the game by causing hyper inflation.
and what does Mark Kern have to do with anything lol. i just so happen to have watched 3 or 4 of his videos about the development of vanilla and they were very concernd about a healthy economy which youre actively trying to destroy. gg

Is mages earning tons of gold in ZG causing inflation? Yeah.
But unlike the bots farming gold/items isn’t actually against the rules, sorry.

So because the outcome is the same the ACTUAL GAME RULES doesn’t matter? Idk, you lost me here buddy

so are you doing it or are you not doing it?

It’s a good thing many of the materials for important raiding consumables can be farmed in dungeons like maraudon, scarlet monastry and dire maul. I’m sure playing a healer in AQ would be great fun if greater nature resistance potions were 25g+ each, and dps found consumables to be too expensive so you would have to chug more mana potions due to fights being longer.

oh well, maybe i am just crazy then.
because of how unlimited farming was possible, sgc is not cool to have, but youre a pleb if you dont have it.
shouldnt it be the other way around if we’re talking about the “spirit” of the game?

Why are people mad about legit players who farm gold with dungeons? Lol.

Jealous much? Infact you can get rich as any class if you would try and not look up youtube for your best farmspot which will ultimately not be your best because 437648327 other people saw the video too. Be creative and let hunters/mages and so on do their dungeon runs aslong as its normal players. Who cares they having 50k gold. Who cares about someone having 100gold only.

All these poor people simply dont get how easy it is to make money on every class and just complain and see mages as problem. And no I dont play mage and I couldnt care less about any of that. Let them play the game.

you know how they become 25g each? by mages warlocks and hunters destroying the value of gold

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Again, talking about YOUR set of values applying it to everyone else because your ego is big enough that you legit think that the way YOU want to play the game is alpha omega

No, by supply not meeting demand.

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You have no way of proving this is not a result of bots pumping gold into the game, your just mad and directing it at people that have a face because botters are faceless

Playing dungeons? Doing BRD arena runs to get my own belt ages ago and help others get the very good chest piece?
Yeah. I do that.

if you dont see the inherent problem of someone having 50k gold in vanilla wow then the conversation ends before it even began.

How is an extremely low drop rate item “pleb if you dont have it”, just because unlimited farming exists? You do know how drop rate works right? I mean, let me tell you.

I’ve been farming Mara for the dagger on my Druid since Phase 1. Don’t even need it anymore, but I still farm for it to this day, because of the principle. According to odds, it’s a 1 in 500 drop chance. That means 17 days of farming at the 30 instance cap if you get it at the average. That’s still a grind, and rare.

I am at 4.8k kills now. That is a 0.001% probability of not having dagger at this point. So please, do tell me, how “infinite farming” makes rare items somehow “normal”. Enlighten me.


Why? If you want to be that one guy that farms gold cap times x10 on a server, and that is your goal, and you put in all your hours every day to do so, why shoudlnt you be allowed? if people want to put in 30 days+ played time to grind every day for tens of hours to get a title and some epic weapons that you cant even replace till naxxramas, why shoudlnt they? stop dictating others game

I don’t see it.