AD newbie looking for an orcish RP guild

Greetings my fellow roleplayers!

I’m new to the Argent Dawn realm and I wanted to try out the english roleplay experience! I heared much positive feedback about this realm, so… now I want to see it with my own eyes. To give you a picture of me here’s a little introduction of myself:

  • 20+ y/o
  • joined the server yesterday
  • new to english RP / Horde RP
  • about 7+ years of roleplay experience (mainly practiced in SW:TOR)
  • not a native speaker (german is my native language)
  • shiftworker (online-times can vary)

I hope that’s enough for the start, now follows up the reason why I opend up this thread:

I’m looking for a orcish clan type of RP guild and to get a slow’n’easy start into the english roleplay. I’d like to play out an easy character concept for my beginnings here; A peon.

“Why would you like to play a peon?”, you ask?

I think it’s a very calm way to start a character, especially because my typing speed and my typing flow isn’t that great atm. Easy tasks, no big responsibility, no drama. A peon got a easy word choice, so I don’t get into a ‘typing pressure situation’ that fast because of my poor grammar.

I have never played a Horde roleplay character before and it’s going to be a completly new experience for me. I’m looking forward reading posts from you, my fellow Horde friends! Okie dokie?

Hard working greetings,
(Peon) Dagull

“Work Work!” :pick:

[Grammar and spelling mistakes included I guess… sorry for that]


The Thirteenth Orgrimmar Grunt Infantry would love to take a peon like yourself up onto their side!

We are a Horde themed military infantry, accepting Orcs, Tauren, Trolls, Goblins, Pandaren and Vulpera.

If you are interested in Horde military RP with your peon, consider joining the Hand of Conquest!


I’m sure the Thirteenth could always use more peons! Consider come work-work with us.


Here’s our thread if you want to check it out!


it’s thirteenth time

engaging events!

engaging storylines!

no one is left out!

it’s pretty cool.


I think combining this type of RP for a green* Peon, who is little more than a worker, can be a little difficult. As we know, the New Horde is not ruled by clans anymore, but have moved to a more nucear family-based lifestyle.

  • (I emphasized on “green” because the Mag’har (Allied Race; brown orcs from the alternate universe) still live in a different culture than Thrall’s New Horde. Like the Old Horde before Thrall, they are more clan-centric, while the New Horde acts like a, well, militaristic faction.)

I think it’s better if you’d focus on something that includes Horde RP for your Peon, as your character will most likely be needed there.

I can only wholeheartedly recommend the Hand of Conquest (13th Grunt Infantry). Like the others said, they employ Peons as well and train them for combat; perhaps even shaping your character into a warrior and therefore make them a “ex-Peon”!

Hope you find what you seek.


Welcome to the RP community, Dagull!

For Orc Clan RP my first recommendation is Orcs of the Red Blade. Arguably the most Orcish guild on the realm. Their 15th anniversary is coming up soon and so is the Kosh’harg, a bi-annual event which is a great opportunity to dip your toes into the Horde community. :smiley:

Also, since I haven’t seen it mentioned yet – If you haven’t already, you ought to grab the addons that facilitate RP here. The most used ones are:

  • Total RP 3 (TRP3). It flags you as a roleplayer, enables you to view other characters’ written info, and lets you write your own description and any links to art etc.
  • WIM (Wow Instant Messenger). Puts whispers into small separate popup windows rather than mixing them into the moving chat box. This is very convenient and lets you have several whisper conversations without constant scrolling, getting the wrong person or having to remember character names.
  • Listener. Small addon that creates a discreet secondary chat box that shows only the dialogue from the person you’re targeting or mousing over. You can configure it to include or exclude certain names. A must for crowded events. It also offers some extra utility like colouring your name in chat and giving you a ping sound when someone mentions your name or targets you with an emote like /peer.

Huge thanks for the mention, Firelle! Almost gets me a bit warm and fuzzy inside knowing that people recommend us to newcomers to the scene. :heart:


Doesn’t get any more Orcy than the guys who organise Orcfest!


Kump intensifies.

Well, can wholeheartedly recommend Hand of Conquest as well. Through the events you can progress your character and have great, fun RP. Peon RP has great potentials and cam be very fun. And as Kha said, if you want, can have the Character become something else as he progresses, and not being a Peon anymore (e.g: Warrior), just as I did with Kump. Although his case was tied with finding out about the past and being the legacy he was meant to be, heavily tied with spiritual stuff. You can do whatever you enjoy more.

Good luck!


Thanks all, much <3

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