[A][Dragonblight]<Team Winning>(9/10HC) - Recruiting all

About Us

Team Winning is a casual, 2 day per week raiding guild residing on Dragonblight. The raiding team is mostly built up from old boomers with real life commitments that prohibit us from the 24/7 playing lifestyle that we loved in our younger days. We have a real mixed bag of experience, from ex mythic raiders all the way to new/almost new players. We pride ourselves on the atmosphere that we have created, and most of the guild spend time together on other games and enjoying a few drinks over discord on a Friday evening (drunken Among Us/Jackbox are great!).

Due to the nature of the guild, we do lose people to real life at times so we are back recruiting to finish off Heroic Castle Nathria and move into mythic raiding. We also love to bring on social members and there are a number of people looking to push M+ keys as well.

Raiding Schedule

  • Sunday 19:00-22:00 Server Time

  • Monday 19:30-22:00 Server Time

What We Need

Everything! Don’t be shy. We are happy to look at all classes and specs (Serious bonus points if you are a Demon Hunter though)

What We Expect

A good sense of humour. Seriously, that’s about it. Such is the nature of the guild, we don’t expect constant min-maxing and if people want to raid, they do not miss out. However, we do like you to have some competency with your chosen class/spec, the ability to listen over discord and an understanding of the raid fights.

If this sounds like your cup of tea (yes, a lot of us are quite British) then please feel free to add either me on any of the below for a chat

BattleNet – Slaktare#2237

Discord – Darren#8241