[A/H] Looking for a new home. (HC/M+)

Hey there!

For the last few years, partially due to drifting away from friends and also at one point having internet from the stone age, I’ve largely lost out on one of the most important parts of WoW - A feeling of home.

Whilst I returned in the middle of BfA, I’ve been struggling to find what I’m looking for. I’ve found great groups of people but something has always been missing. Discord is always empty unless theres a raid going on, people don’t talk in guild chat for hours at a time, etc.

Ideally I’m looking for a community that also enjoys content outside of WoW, with people I can drop in and have a chat with - or just chill and listen to - whilst grinding that anima, or maybe play something different and have some fun.

In terms of WoW, I’m largely looking to do HC Raiding content and M+, maybe with a few swings at the early mythic content - I’ve cleared normal and had some HC progress in a casual guild, as well as done a timed 10 key or so when the opportunity to not pug it has come along. I’ve been playing since Vanilla, and my days of grinding and research as well as herding the cats as an officer all to be prepared for full mythic (or what the highest level was pre SoO mythic) progression has lost some of its charm.

As far as personal information goes, I’m 31, from the UK, and largely chill - and can probably fit into most environments without too much trouble. I tend to play WoW a lot when I have things to do, but I don’t take the game as seriously as it might look - I do spend far too much time playing strategy games/rpg’s, so theres things to distract me, but we all have our thing :).

I’m happy to reroll/transfer as most of my characters are on AD, as any home worth having is worth working for - with a leaning towards as a reroll to feel out the environment beforehand. I’m happy to fulfill ranged dps or preferably healing roles generally speaking, as melee is a headache and tanking is something I don’t enjoy.

Hopefully this wall of text works out for me, and if you’ve read this far and want to see if I can add anything to your mix, let me know!


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Hi there,

I would be very interested in speaking to you further about a healing role in our heroic progression guild on Alliance Silvermoon.

Please add me or edit in your battle net username or discord!

Wilsonnxo#2881 battle net
Wilsonnxo#3390 discord.

Hey there,

We are a recently formed guild with a core of people that are UK based.

We have all raided in different environments, and decided to band together and do it together. Experience up to 10/10 heroic.

Small, tight knit group at the moment (with the majority in the UK!) that is looking to expand its roster to clear heroic as a guild, and then progress into Mythic.

We are located on Horde - Ragnaros, and would be interested in having a chat with you if you feel this meets your interest?

My BNET is Zraqu#2284

Look forward to speaking to you.

Hi Atrios

If you check out our link below maybe we could be of interest to you
add me HOCKSTER#2290
You are more than welcome to join our fun run on Friday and check us out on discord

Hello, maybe you like this.

Hello, thank you!

I don’t want to be ignorant, and rather than potentially waste your time, I just wanted to clarify (due to your linked post) that this is likely a Holy Paladin role right? If that is so, Holy Paladin hasn’t clicked with me in BfA or SL - particularly with its melee focus for optimal play, so I’d only be dragging you down on that front!

Hi Atrios,

Our guild has been around 15+ years and we have some dinosaurs from the start. We also do guild Among Us games about once a week so we can accuse each other of being sus. Our Thursday team may be a good fit for you in a no pressure enviroment.
We also do Tuesday alt raids and there are people doing M+ at different levels all the time. Have a look at feel free to get in touch if we pique your interest. :slight_smile:

Good afternoon,

You may find our guild of interest :slight_smile: We are more of a mythic raiding guild, but you may possibly find us an option as I do feel you’d be a good match for us personality wise. Please do take a look at our recruitment post linked below and add me for a chat if you feel like you’d like to ask some questions and see if we can work something out. (Exodeo#2151)

[H][Aggramar/Hellscream] The Obsidian Order 3/10M 10/10HC Recruiting a Disc Priest and Ranged Dps - Recruitment / Guild Recruitment - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

Hey there,

on Argent Dawn are currently recruiting for their progression, Dragon, (2/10 Mythic) and casual, Wyvern, rosters. You seem like you’d be an ideal candidate and we’d love to have you apply if you’re interested in Heroic raiding, with the potential of dipping into some Mythic. We’ve got a great, friendly and supportive, atmosphere here and I get the impression you’d be a great fit for our guild.

You can contact me in-game, Thoridian, or through discord BlueBrit#3702. Hopefully hear from you soon, good luck in your search!

No problem, is there a specific healing class you would prefer to play, or even a ranged DPS as you mentioned. I can see what we can work out for you if you feel like you would fit with us. :blush:

I’m very late to the party so it seems :smiley: but we might have a good home for you, feel free to have a look at our recruitment post to find out what we’re about:

hey we might be a good fit for u take a look at our post below if u like what u see hit me up on bnet or discord


Hey Atrios,

I’ve just posted our recruitment message and it sounds like we could be a good fit, particularly around the community aspect outside of WoW that you’re after. Feel free to take a look!

Hi, we have players of similar age from the Uk who like yourself love to hang out on discord and talk wow and non wow topics, currently recruiting multiple classes and roles, heres our forum post

Hi there

We are a Horde Draenor guild, but read all about us and let me know