Advance Your Scholarly Pursuits with the New High Scholar’s Pack

Advance Your Scholarly Pursuits with the New High Scholar’s Pack

The endless pursuit of higher knowledge is its own reward, but you can dress the part when you purchase the High Scholar’s Pack—available for a limited time.*

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Nice set for casters I guess.

Won’t catch me running around in that though. :blush:

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Looks cool but I’m tight on money now. I’ll be waiting for it to appear on the post.

mmmmm we sell tender…


Should be named “500 Traders Tender and some random garbage transmog set as a bonus”


This is disgustingly priced…

Hard pass.


Transmog sets used to be 20 bucks…
Now with the added tendies it’s 25€ ?
I thought you’d not sell tendies, according to Ion…


I think it is cheap, this set and 500 tendies are worth at least 35€ from my PoV

Blizzard is generous nowadays

The matching staff is as of yet lacking all textures.

Are… are you being serious?


woah woah woah slow down mr. illuminaty trying to get me all the time everywhere i go :smiley:

Ok now you are pushing it, you JUST released a pack!!

This is still only the start. Expect plenty more packs to come.

This was the entire plan for the trading post right from the beginning. Selling Tender upfront would cause an uproar, but slowly conditioning people to thinking it’s fine will just cause a few grumbles.

Packs will become a regular occurrence. There’s no reason for them not to. It’s easy profit and enough people will pay.

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I know what they plan, I know it is not good and that I should not buy and still,
it’s a damn Kirin Tor cosmetic.
This is the first cosmetic from the shop I want to buy despite me knowing that I should not because I will likely never RP as my Kirin Tor Mage on Retail.
But still the child in me wants it because it looks so cool.

It will be on the trading post, just no idea when :slight_smile:

feels like sellout

Do any EvE Online players remember the monocle?

Half reminds me of that. Don’t think the wow community has it in them to replicate that outcome.

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Yeah I know but they have me with the tender price just where they want me.
Because there is only a limit time to buy it with cash which we could theorethically always earn more but you are only getting arround 100 Tender per month.
Also with the staff right now on the trading post being 500 Tender the FOMO best deal mind trap is in full work.

Really interessting is it going to be when the first originally sold bundles like the Guardian set is available so we can compare Tenderprice with what it originally costed for €.

I bought it just for the tendies



Yep it’s pretty smart. I just don’t buy anything besides expansions and subscription, made my mind up about that a long time ago and there’s no trying to convince me this or that is a great deal and have it work lol. If anything, it only makes me more stubborn about not spending money on stuff :wink:

But you know, it’s your money, you can do whatever you want with it. If this gives you joy, and you are comfortable with it, that’s all that matters.