Advance Your Scholarly Pursuits with the New High Scholar’s Pack

If we were patient we’d wait for stuff to cycle back round again, however, we suck at being patient. Well some of us do.

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Can somebody explain a bit how the tenders work? Like every month since the release of trading post, I get some tenders inside my box without doing anything. Like today I got 500, which they are not part of the 1k cap I need to reach on the progress bar. However, when I finish the progress bar of 1k and go back to the chest to collect what I actually learned by doing certain activities, I never get all of them. Like right now I got only 500. So in theory I’m 500 short of tenders??

It’s good that you’re catching those students now when they’re about to go to school, because by the time they’re done at school they’ll have learned that you can buy some truly excellent games with many hours of content for the same price as this mediocre transmog.

This would have been pretty nice as levelling equipment.

For example, you could get The Witcher 3 and get an extra copy to gift to your friend out family for the price of this transmog:

I have said this before and I’ll say it again: are you not ashamed? To have taken the name of Blizzard and done this with it?

Someone has got to stop the suits. Surely. This can’t go on.

Yeah me too man. If I get a job at Google paying 1 million DKK a year though…

I’ll still be tight on money right now.


If you press SHIFT J it should bring up the Adventure Guide.

At the top you should see a bar with your progress:-

Once the bar is filled you will get the Crusty Crawler mount. It’s also how you generate more currency until the bar is filled.

You can see a list of activities in that menu, they are also covered in this article.

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Next Tenders bundle will be €35 with 750 Tenders to match the majority of items costing 750 on the ‘lower’ end.

I’d even dare say: Most of us do.

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Which is already a scam - let us not forget about this important detail.


So did they get around to fixing the missing textures on the staff?

I hadn’t even considered it from that angle, it’s interesting that you say that. For me it adds to the perception of preying on people’s vulnerable spots with these kind of tactics, I find that offputting on Blizzard’s side. The more thought they seem to put into how to maximise incentive, and therefore their financial gain, the more it reeks of manipulative tactics to me.

I don’t intend to shame anyone, least of all you Puny, it’s none of my business what people spend their money on, and we all have our vulnerable, very human spots. I find the behaviour on Blizzard’s side concerning tho.

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Considering they just put all the stuff on the Post for free later it defeats the purpose of even being a whale.

I was thinking on this last night. They did a clever switcheroo in quite a short amount of time. They managed to create a situation where actual money feels worth less than tender, an artificial currency, because of the tender’s limited supply and actual money being in endless supply compared.

It’s a magic trick. No substance but it looks real.

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Prices got higher in last 2 months on trader’s post. It feels deliberate and if I cared more about the game I’d feel drawn to buy these kind of packages. Therefore I’m severing my interest in retail wow for time being. For my wallet’s sake.

It was obviously coming as they’re pushing more and more for selling tender packages and eventually tenders directly. As I played wow as collectionist, I’d want to get all the transmogs, and that’s just more expensive for me than directly selling them in shop as before.

So yeah, this is worse for people who buy cosmetics.

This sums it up well. Preying on people’s weakness.


It had a texture for me yesterday when I bought it.

Cool, time to repair my game client I guess.

Edit: One reboot later and I do indeed seem to have a client update pending.

Who the frell wants to wear a dress if you are Blood/Void elves females?

The point for doing a Blood/Void elf female characters is to be almost naked and in seductive, suggesting, naked, bikini-like outfit.

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Easy milk for Blizzard, they start to accelerate tender sales and players will buy. Delicious milk

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When the playerbase drops but the shareholders want to see growth then the only option is to start stuffing the cash shop full of crap like this.

Exactly this. And with this package they managed even to put a price tag behind the transmog in our mental mind.
Now the High Scholar’s Grand Staff is not just transmog that costs 500 tenders but something that costs 5€. And you only have arround 10€ of ingame currency every month available for transmogs. Then this package costs 25€ while having the same cloth amount of the other ones for 20€ with 500 Tenders beside them which is exactly the same amount which the staff in the trading post cost so they not only managed to raise the prices of the bundles but also included the price mark for tenders.
And now with Class sets being so expensive it also incites people to buy the newes bundle for tenders.
Additionally this new set is not something obscure where people can hardly identify with but a set for veteran mages of the Kirin Tor, one of the most famous factions so to fix people it even includes a more complete class set.
Would I not RP a Kirin Tor mage I would not buy it but so I feel bittersweet.


Think you misunderstood me :stuck_out_tongue:

I know the whole thing with adventure guide and traveler’s log. What I’m saying is, every month when I get these so called “bonus” tenders just by logging in, they don’t show as part of said progression bar.

For example yesterday, when I logged in, I went to trading post chest, and I got 500 tokens “free”. Progress bar was at 0 even after it.

However when I did all activities to finish the progression bar of 1k tenders, I went back to collect the monthly reward (mount) along with the 1k tenders that should be waiting for me.

But I got only 500 tenders instead, and the mount of course.

So the so called bonus tenders is like it retracts from your monthly tender cap altho it shouldn’t??

Its a nice set but I wouldnt go out of my way for it unless I mained a mage.

As for the Tenders…well, its like most bad decisions in life. Nobody is forcing you to buy them, you just have to ignore the temptation!
Everything will come round on the Post again so its best to just ignore the devil on your shoulder.