Adventures in Classic Hardcore: What’s Playing

Adventures in Classic Hardcore: What’s Playing

Classic Hardcore is upon us August 24. Get a quick refresher on the content available, the special considerations for Hardcore and be ready for your ticket into a new adventure!

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I’m really looking forward to play this tbh. It’s always nice just to level. Currently I feel fried like a chicken nugget from dragonflight, so I will enjoy the change of pace a lot…

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You might need some ketchup and mayo to cool down! What class do you plan to start with? :eyes:

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Probably not asking me but going to start with mage. Frost Nova + Blizzard + personal tank is so sweet.

Rogue ofc. I wanna press vanish, if my dungeon group dies

Rogue ofc. I wanna press vanish, so that my dungeon group dies


In addition, Classic Hardcore realms will feature adjusted behavior for creatures in most dungeons to make it significantly more difficult to endlessly snare and kite enemies

Didn’t you explicitly state, that SoM changes have no place in HC dungeons?
I really disliked the changes in SoM because there was no way to really know when stuff will go south. Just out of nowhere you are permastunned or mobs run at lighning speed.
If you really want to implement those feature, please make it visible to the player how to play around these immunities or stuns. Give the mobs a visible debuff to track how many ccs are too many. Or show us a times on the buff bar, when a boss will start summoning you back to them.

If you don’t do that it will be insanely furstrating to see groups whiping because they have pull go south and no way to utilize their class abilities to save the day, but instead get run down by super buffed level 41 mobs.

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Is this really what might await us? I raised a similar concern: Hardcore dungeons anti-kite mechanisms

I’m really hoping to be able to help keep my group safe with my CC (as a frost mage), but what you’re describing sounds very offputting.

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Diminishing returns have never had a buff or debuff icon.

They should though.

But they haven’t added it in 19 years. Have fun screaming into the void like I did.

Survival of the sneakiest.

Add 1 damage every 2 seconds on all mobs in combat to mess with them.

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