Advocating for a Transition to Personal Loot System

I wanted to take a moment to share some thoughts and observations about our current loot distribution system, particularly the roll system employed in our raids.

While the roll system has been a staple in our loot distribution strategy, it’s become increasingly evident that its inherent randomness can lead to a sense of unfairness among our members. The unpredictable nature of rolls may result in crucial items going to players who might not urgently need them, leaving others who genuinely require those items at a disadvantage.

This is where the personal loot system emerges as a compelling alternative. Unlike the roll system, personal loot offers a more individualized approach, ensuring that each player has a direct chance to receive loot tailored to their needs. This not only streamlines the distribution process but also mitigates potential conflicts over who gets what, fostering a more positive and collaborative gaming experience.

The personal loot system promotes transparency by removing the randomness associated with rolls, making it clear who is receiving which items based on individual probabilities. It minimizes the risk of loot drama and allows players to focus more on the cooperative aspects of our raids rather than being preoccupied with the uncertainties of the roll system.

I understand that any transition comes with its own set of considerations, and I’m eager to discuss this further with the group. I believe adopting a personal loot system could contribute significantly to our collective enjoyment of the game, ensuring that loot distribution is both efficient and fair for all members.


Can anyone remind me again why was the personal loot system replaced with need/greed/pass?
Was it only for raiding?


A minority class stacked under PL so now we all suffer GL


Eh, it also just sucked for rogues, hunters, tanks, weapon drops, and class specific items. I don’t think what we have is ideal but I’d also rather not flip flop between two flawed systems without making any attempt to acknowledge those flaws or fix them.

I want personal loot back. I feel no point in doing LFR for loot because my chance seems significantly lower. Idk if the maths works out that way but it is extremely disheartening.


And getting too many guns and bows is soooooo much better now.


Well tehnically they could have left PL for LFR. I absolutely don’t believe that those hardcore RWF guys would class stack and run… LFR. :rofl:

I didn’t say it was, I said both options in their present iterations have problems and I’d rather not flip flop between them.

At least now RWF guilds have no advantage over us in terms of gearing. Hashtag Worth it.

I didn’t raid in shadowlands, barely played, raided a lot in bfa, coming back in dragonflight to this new system is rather confusing. It really makes me feel bad when I see an item i’ve been grinding for drop only for someone else to roll better by pure luck and me have to wait all over again.

The flip flopping will continue until morale (loot) improves!


Sorry but it does not remove randomness. It just made the roll hidden for who shall get an item.

Also keep in mind that with personal loot you had a BIG DISADVANTAGE. There was NO loot trading if you did not have the ilvl in that slot.

From what you describe I think that you raid in a guild, so most of your problems can be alleviated with guild rules. RCloot helps with that, and aslong as it is something the guild has decided and it is transparent I think it will work for you.

I am not against personal loot, but mainly for pugs.

Split runs still exist.


I loved the personal loot system, I actually went the whole of the first raid in LFR (I am no pro) I think I killed every boss over 10 times and got 1 piece of loot in all that time.

So I didn’t bother with the second raid except for clearing it once. Felt like I had no chance of receiving loot, at least with personal you would get 1-2 pieces for a full clear of a raid which I think is only fair.

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Oh also with personal loot it gives higher geared people a reason to run LFR to collect transmogs. With the rolling system there’s no chance. That also has a positive impact on LFR as ‘more skilled, higher geared’ characters make the whole experience more pleasant.

Ah yes, because personal loot is not completely RNG based. Go and find a guild that uses rc loot council or something similar, instead of trying to make the loot system worse for those who raid with a stable guild.

Blizzard is trying every possible method to kill heroic raiding currently

I miss PL while doing LFR for mogs… I get damn all 99% of the time wasting a few hours for nothing every week.

There’s a difference between just not knowing and seeing it before your eyes and having it taken by another

50+ boss kills here(Normal+HC), and got 2 loot that i currently dont use since i was forced to farm 150 M+ and got better loot from there.

With an average of 1.7 loot per 10 kills (there is math about it somewhere) i would get 8-9 items. im pretty sure i would have something usefull from these loots. i should NOT be forced to run 150 M+ in 2 weeks just to keep up with everyone else.

Also in some groups you have like 10+ people needing on the same item which makes it
impossible to get loot.

Imagine in Classic wow with Soft-reserve i was gearing up faster that this. Most of the time you had 3-4 people rolling on same loot not 10+