[A][EU-RAVENCREST] Inner Beast 10/10 HC recruiting for Mythic!

Progression: 10/10HC ( Our guild will be switching to Mythic in 9.1 )
Raid Times: 19.30 - 22.30 ST
Raid Schedule: Wednesday & Thursday, Sunday optional

A friendly and active guild with tons of banter, M+ and raids, that formed back in 8.3 of BFA. Since Shadowlands release, we’ve been working on making a core group to eventually dip our toes into mythic. We’re hoping to expand our roster for our raids, where we grow as a team.

What to expect from us:
If you join Inner Beast, you’ll be joining a close knit group of friends who raid twice a week in a semi-casual atmosphere. When not raiding we are usually in Discord having a laugh and also doing some Mythic+. We raid 19:30 - 22:30 server time, on Wednesdays and Thursdays, with the occasional optional Sunday run for alt raids, ie.

What we expect from you:
As stated above we are not elitist, but we do expect a certain level of performance when you come to raid. Your experience does not matter nearly as much as your willingness to learn and improve. We expect you to know the basics of your class, come equipped with any consumables and enchants that you need and keeping your character up to date with things like ilvl/legendaries/soulbinds. We’re not elitists and do not expect this behaviour from any of our members. We strive to make our raids as relaxed as possible while also maintaining a progression oriented environment. On the social side of things we expect some level of participation in guild chats and in M+ runs.

Recruitment is open for:

Melee DPS: All

Ranged DPS: All

Healer: All

If this sounds like the guild for you please contact any of the officers in-game for a chat, these are:

Crowe - Crowen

Or just drop a message below!

Thanks for reading this post and we look forward to hearing from you!


We are now also looking for a healer for our Mythic roster, if this sounds like your kind of guild, please shoot a message to me or the names above!


We are looking for dps and healer for going mythic.

i am looking for a guild for mythic what, can we talk ? i got a feral and fire mage

Feel free to whisper any member and they’ll re direct you to one of the officers if we’re not online!

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