After 14y we still cannot understand the others!

(Heymom) #1

So i tried the new raid today, were we swap faction… and i noticed something “funny”… when i spoke in /s it was all gibberish!
Made me think, that after 14y we still dont have the ability to understand/speak with the other faction. Surely factions can think up something like hoordle translator or allion translator? that we can pocket for instant use :smiley:

Should this really be a thing in 2019?

(Ishayu) #2

(Heymom) #3

Let he rephrase…

I just want to be able to understand the other faction… it doesnt take 14y of interaction and still need a “magic” potion to communicate.

(Ishayu) #4

Ah, so you didn’t actually want a solution to the problem, you just wanted to complain.

Carry on :slight_smile:

(Punyelf) #5

Why do you need to understand the other faction?

In WM in particular I don’t feel I’m issing out on what they are saying at me while fighting.

(Heymom) #6

and you didnt really want to be a possible contribution, but just obnoxious?
A potion i have to pay for aint the sollution, i want to be able to communicate! imagine you had to pop a potion each time you spoke to another race within your faction? if we can intercommunicate, surely we can cross-communicate.

ok, carry on with you then o/

Tbh i aint a RPer, but i just feel its kinda stupid at this point… We have star ships and what not… but cant learn the other factions tongue ? seems like a brain fart.

(Wispr) #7

Those new traitor elfs understand me, this is usefull so i can tell them that they are traitors before i gank them. :slight_smile:


Aww i thought this thread would be philosophical yet constructive thread about players human nature not about in game languages.

(Tifa) #9

I would prefer not to understand an orc ganking my butt in bgs

(Heymom) #10

If the language barrier is just because of trash talk in instanced pvp, there is an easy fix for that :wink:

settings->disable cross faction communication in instances/pvp/*

^^ or smth!

(Tifa) #11

I would prefer not to understand an orc ganking my butt outside of bgs either


Yep, just switch to Thallassian(or something??) and you can talk to each other.

(Heymom) #13

settings->disable cross faction communication


Originally the main reason they never implemented some way to talk to each other was, to avoid abusive behaviour. Not sure if that is precise, I’d have to look for a forum post from a few years back.

(Heymom) #15

You are correct :slight_smile: which made me wonder why this still is a thing.

(Tifa) #16

Cause theres still tons of abusive behaviour. Dont even need to be different factions for it

(Nefaryas) #17

That’s not a very nice way to talk about dark eyed night elves! Especially after what you guys did to their tree :pensive:

(Tifa) #18

Think she means void elves :smiley:


Well this just proves “After 14y we still cannot understand the others!” once again!


are you sure it was the other faction and not just teenagers?..:slight_smile: