After today I get the Mythic+ LFG struggle of some players to find a group

Waiting 25 minutes to be either declined or overlooked in the LFG section for M+ Dungeons surely doesn’t feel fun. Especially when you queue for ones between 2 and 7 keylevel at best.

Needless to say I logged off after that waste of time and play something else now.

Folks that share the same boat, I get your feelings now. What a turn-off in the endgame experience.


Hm. As what Ilvl and dps,heal,tank?
There are a lot of players still Valoring with high Ilvl joining everywhere.
There is also the Lower and Upper Kara where you need to know the tactics.
Why don’t you try to run your key? I am sure people would like to join.
Some look for the Season 3 Rating also.But i don’t talk about them.I am sure groups with low Season 4 rating are moving.

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Reroll prot


I couldn’t do anything last week so this is my first week trying and it’s so frustrating to pug I agree. Spend a huge amount of time just not getting into keys.

I guess everyone is looking for those bis groups again and it will calm down later.


Try playing something that’s not DPS. I never have to queue for more than 5 minutes at most. Most of the time I can just log in and apply to any key I want and get invited pretty much instantly.

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I would rather delete my account than heal or tank.

I game for pleasure not pain.


This is the way!

Give me filthy, greedy melee DPS or give me death.


Why didnt you push your own key though ?

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It’s about the Nathria raid, but you’ve reminded me of this thing from the US forums I screencapped for a friend

Made me lol and almost consider rolling resto ^^

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DPS is an overbloated role. You are going into keys that people farm to get Valor and there is so much choice that people simply prefer others over you. What fault the game has in this excuse me?
If the que was automated you would still take 428374502374 minutes to join out of the sheer number of dps compared to other roles.

Yet you have a key sitting in your bag that would allow you to play 100% of the time, never excluded, never overlooked, but yet you prefer to waste your entire playsession watching a que. Okay.


So you have two other specs which would grant you instant invites but refuse to switch? Zero sympathy from me.

I don’t have a mechagon workshop key. And I surely don’t want to run Tazavesh gambit on 8 atm.

See comment above.

I have been playing protection the entirety of BfA. I need a break man xd

I hope so too.

I said it is a turn-off endgame experience. I didn’t said it is the games fault. Its for sure some people.

I don’t require your sympathy nor did I ask for it.

I play Retribution atm because I love certain transmogs and as long as Blizzard doesn’t allow players to tank with 2-hand weapons as a Paladin I will unlikely play Tank again. As said above, I did play it for the entirety of BfA. Holy on the other hand is such a huge mess for players like me that I won’t touch it again after that failed attempt of learning it.


hope u like fishing and takeing pics of animals and cliff climing thats the end game of DF :rofl:
no M+ end game ( so far )

Because it’s still Alpha, half the classes aint even done yet too. :smiley:

And the leavers, OMG

Some in our own keys some in other people’s keys. It just wastes everyone’s time.

I am not advocating punishments but it’s so frustrating.

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but its barely in alpha mode, not even all talents are finished. too early to test m+, its usually what beta testers do.
i am sure there are some people who could do +15 with half the talents, but they are not a representative sample.

I cannot possibly express how much I detest this sentiment. Just because you happen to like hybrid classes doesn’t mean you should feel forced to switch to another role. Chances are they’d get flamed too if it’s a role they don’t have any proficiency in.

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Is it still a problem?
I’ve noticed there are tons of healers and tanks lately.

you guys have leavers ? i see 0 leavers in 12-14 keys - on contrary everyone finishes even over time because 285-288 pieces are almost always upgrades for people atm .

but then i dont run with epople in 295+ itlv from vp farming and 2k+ score - only who have like 300-1500 score :slight_smile: this might be the reason :slight_smile: