Age of Darkness next expansion?


I just read on reddit like leak of new expansion Age of Darkness… Fake or not ??


99% fake. But even a broken clock is right twice a day.


dont think they’d name it that tbh, even someone as bad as ions team


Asmongold has been crazy with posting both reaction and discovery vids about this xD

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You never know…


Hah… I would put him to be final boss of Bfa :joy:
And when you kill him you get awsome mount or 50% discount for shop mounts :open_mouth:

   - **Final patch 8.3 set in Mulgore**

- Centered around Sylvanas plan to attack Thunder Bluff

- Mulgore will be turned into a new max level zone similar to Mechagon with ongoing progress and weekly unlocks, culminating in the attack on Thunder Bluff raid

- Sylvanas is the final boss with Nathanos aiding her; Nathanos will be killed, Sylvanas will be severely wounded, captivated and imprisoned by her sisters Alleria and Vereesa

- Shortly before the fight is over N’zoth’s minions enter the battlefield and fight Sylvanas and us, everything turns dark (?)

I cann all imagine but this noooo xD


Sounds edgy enough, I’m in.


Of that is true I will raid that Sylv anas :joy:


Meh, I’d rather bet on the end of faction War in 8.2.5 and Nzoth related raid in 8.3

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That doesn’t sound like a wow title. “Tides of Darkness” sounds more like a wow title.


Blizzard “taking their time polishing the expansion” solidifies that it’s fake, and I’m not even memeing when I say that. Also Gilgoblins as the next Allied Race when Vulpera are all but confirmed.


If blizz do that… it will be own goal but hey you never know what crazy minds can do :joy: To say something like nooooo that will never be and than …yes it is :smirk:


I don’t need age of darkness, I’m already in that age when my boss drops are gold and bonus roll AP 24/7.


Hmmmm Age of Darkness sounds like a game i played once…tho not 100% sure lol


Hahahahahahaha…that is spirit :joy: I feel your pain, that is mine life story :laughing::joy:

I prefer The Age of Tentacles :joy:

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Hello darkness my old friend.
I’ve subbed to you again.
Because a vision slowly creeping.
Pointlessly grinding when I should be sleeping.
& the addiction that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the World of Warcraft

& on expansion night I saw
Ten thousand people, maybe more
People talking without speaking
People emoting & Twitch memeing.
People recording videos of stuff we’ve already seen
Because I mean
Our souls are claimed, by Warcraft.


This part is touch mine soul hahahah xD


No, the next expansion will be Thrall going back in time to stop himself from leaving the Horde to become a better shaman and staying as the leader of the Horde creating a new timeline where we have no titanforging in the game.


Titanforging wouldn’t be bad if they do it again the way it was in MoP.

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and then a bronze drakgonflight member helps her escape and brings her to a alternate time line and we end up chasing her to this alternate timeline, while lvling up green jesus shows up and challenges her to a duel, wod copy paste story here we come!