Age of Darkness next expansion?


I have some idea that next expansion will be time travel. It is not first time that wow have that in game.Maybe to return in past and prevent some situation like Sylvannas become warchief or Sargeras put sword in planet. …but in process of prevent some situations we destroy all :joy: Especially humans… Because history is show that humans r doomed race how in game that is in rl to lol

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i fully agree with this and it is 100% true

It even gets worse when you look through the names of everything within the expansion. for e.g BFA, everything is battle of/for ________, OR seige of _________. they’re all the exact same, heck even an entire raid raid was called Battle of Dazar’alor.


Just a month or two and they’ll announce the next expansion.


That’s why it’s called leak…call the plumber we have leak here :scream::rofl:
But I think it is not 99% true maybe but maybeeee something from that leak may be in the game… The leak story was not 100% abnormal… There some nice details .

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Good point, I didn’t even consider raids or dungeons.

I think Cataclysm is possibly the best named expansion. Had no relation to a place, a thing, a character, events and themes ongoing throughout the expansion. It only referred to the wanton destruction. Then you had “End Time,” “Dragon Soul,” “The Bastion of Twilight,” “Hour of Twilight,” etc etc.

I don’t know, just think it sounds better when it’s a little more abstract and less literal. Nowadays they’d be called “Battle for the Dragon Soul” or “Assault on the Twilight Hammer.”

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The final raid will be N’zoth, we don’t beat him.
The next expansion we pursue him and the rest of the Old Gods still around.


A trademark registered years ago and not used.


Probably gonna be edge of darkness. I actually cannot wait to fight off against an old gold at full strength. All the ones were have fought have been echoes, partially imprisoned or parts


I’m sure they already checked on the name that this would generate ie AoD and guess what … Alcohol and Other Drugs ( AOD ). Sounds like someone is taking the p. My guess is the next expansion will be a LoC or a BfA II. Same thing.

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Probably right they will tone it down so people are only scared of the dark. A great shame the lore on it is really complex and fascinating.

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Mean that Prophet Skeram (AQ40) is a true prophet after all :

“PREPARE… for the return of the ancient ones!”
“Cower, mortals! The age of darkness is at hand!”


Yea, wrath of the lich king was such a creative name


I would not have nothing about name Rise of Tentacles…After all we will see a lot of them :open_mouth: One is for sure it will be time traveling or something with time and dragons and ofc tentacles :smirk: We already have introduction in professions quest and azerite neck… When you go in Emerald raid. Btw I got unique void flower in bag … I enter in cave and clean roots with azerite neck.

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