[A/H-PVE] Return of the Damned 3 CAMPAIGN Finished!

Sign ups are now closed for the campaign and will no longer re-open

The discord link has been removed, if you still require to join the discord as an attendee, send a message to Jessina#0754

Hello everyone.

'Tis with great pleasure i can announce my new upcoming fifth Campaign!

After Return of the Damned p1 and p2, Pandaria and Plaguelands Campaigns, it’s time for the third part of the Return of the Damned series. With a great timing as of the current events!

I’m beyond excited to do yet another campaign and expect this to be a blast like the campaigns before!

Story Intro

With the scourge on the loose in Northrend, unshackled from it’s master, the scourge has become a great threat to the small local populations on Northrend. As the Argent Crusade works hard at keeping this threat at bay, yet another threat looms.

Some of Valgarde Port’s fishermen have noticed a strange fog creeping slowly ever closer to the shores of the Howling Fjords, and stretching out as far as the snowy reaches of Dragonblight.

Some say this is just natural fog. But an orc fisherman, who has remained in Northrend after the war, has contradicted this. He was there all those years ago when a large force of strange seaweed adorned large shaped men started sailing in on dreaded ships. They appeared out of nowhere, as if the fog had spawned them right before the beach to make landfall.

The crusade has send out scouts, and the Horde has send out a ship to investigate this fog, but none of them have returned, and the scourge presses on ever further.

It was then on a fated night that a large force of Kvaldir made landfall on shore not far from Valgarde Port in Howling Fjords, and a heavy battle ensued causing the Alliance to lose many soldiers and civillians alike.

A plead for assistance has gone out to both the Horde and the Alliance to ask for aid in the matter.

Some OOC info

This thread is the main thread for the RP-PvE Campaign set for the date of 8th-18th of April I’ve decided this is a good moment for the Campaign and the whole team of hosts are available! also hoping this gives people enough room to have nothing planned in so this campaign doesn’t overlap any of their plans!

This pre-campaign story ofcourse doesn’t happen until a few weeks before the actual campaign launches in April. Let’s say it happens in the start of March, giving the Alliance and Horde time to prepare and set sail.

Horde, Alliance and Neutral?

The Horde and Alliance both have a team of hosts, joined by a team of DM’s on both sides to provide the best events and story as possible, with every DM and host having as much freedom as they desire to play out their part of the story in this Campaign.

The factions are now neutral / friendly to one another so interaction is ofcourse welcome and while the factions will be apart in their respective bases, there are plans (Though not guaranteed) to have some co-op events!

Neutrals are ofcourse once more welcome to this Campaign! They can roam on both sides of the factions or simply stick with their own group as they tend to do! Neutrals too have their own bases.

Is there RP-PvP?

Nop, this Campaign is PvE centered as my Campaigns tend to be!

F.A.Q and General info

The public is quickly notified regarding this threat. Since the armies of the Horde and the Alliance are recuperating and are kept ready with this ongoing threat in another place entirely, the mercenaries, adventurers and the orders of the Horde, Alliance and even Neutral parties are requested to come join to Northrend and help vanquish this imminent attack from the sea, as well as help quell the scourge.

Where is this Campaign being held?

Northrend! split on both Howling Fjords and Dragonblight. With the plan to switch people out from the zones somewhere halfway through the Campaign so everyone gets to see both regions. It is unsure yet if we will have the full alliance group in one zone and Horde in the other, or half of each faction per zone.

How many Attendees will this Campaign take at maximum?

We’re aiming for tops 200, maybe 250 depending on if we have the DM power to do it, we’d rather make a great performance then have big bulging groups for events!

Can we RP-PvP unofficially from the Campaign?

Yeah why not, if you enjoy RP-PvP and your group really resents another group (Who also wants to RP-PvP back, mind you!) then by all means feel free to set up private events together during this Campaign and battle it out against each other.

Beware though that both factions will not tolerate any form of aggression and will be punished severly, to even removal from the field.

How will my character and or / guild know about this Campaign?

As mentioned above, roughly around March (3-4 weeks before Campaign start) is where word spreads in regards to this new threat to the North!

Where is my character or guild going to be settled during the Campaign?

A map will be made that can be found on the discord in regards to the locations where the Alliance, Horde and Neutrals will be camped in each zone.

A list will be up as well foundable on the discord in the future in regards to where you are assigned to be during which days in terms of the zones. We’re doing our best to give everyone equal time in both zones.

Dungeon Master’s Guidelines:

  1. This is to be a Sandbox campaign, in which you are free to use any location you see fit for an event under the topic of the Scourge / Kvaldir Activity

- The locations of the main events will be shown on a map, this area is not Available for random events due to the story unfolding there - ((Said map is still to be created and will be updated and findable on the discord))

  1. All buildings and structures in the areas you hold an event in, can be used, damaged and destroyed, just make sure that these buildings can be repaired and fixed to a degree after the campaign is over as to not go against any lore pieces.
  2. Within reason and if discussed with the other Dungeon Masters of the campaign, a settlement can be lost to the enemies, however, the main Hubs will be too heavily fortified for the enemy to take over, these are secure and protected and will be the main use for the main events of the Campaign.
  3. A discord will be created for the Dungeon-Masters alone to keep a free clean place for all DM’s to peacefully discuss the happenings of the campaign.

Are individuals allowed to partake? (Non guilded people)

Yes, you are very much welcome to! it is suggested you talk with guilds present in the Campaign if you can possibly tag along with them in the events, but it is not a necessity, in the end you can sign up yourself to events on the discord.

Who is the main antagonist in this Campaign?

Time will tell, kek. Ain’t nobody said there was only one, hue hue.

How do i sign up to this Campaign?

Simply write down in the comment section if you are joining as a guild/Individual from either Horde or Alliance. And if you come as a group / guild, give an simple estimation of your expected number of people that will possibly attend the Campaign.

For example:

Guild Name: Silvershield Company
Contact: Jessína (Other officers etc)
Faction: Alliance
Estimated Numbers: 10

we understand your guild numbers may change in the months leading to the Campaign. If this is the case, please just poke one of the hosts on the Discord server to see this fixed.

Below you will find a list of the attending guilds, groups and individuals who signed up for the Campaign


Attending List

-Alliance Guilds- ((113))

  • Ironheart 8-12 (Crawder, Harvon)
  • Silver Dawn 5-10 (Victusius)
  • Grey Shields 2-5 (Callìan / Serìna)
  • The Bleak Order 6-10 (Panzerfäust / Devely)
  • Stormwind Investigations (10) (Juniperr / Faelenn / Banastre)
  • Glaivewings 5-11 (Syruné / Delanae)
  • The Theramore Anchor 3-20 (Darimis)
  • The Three Hammers 2-6 (Gemir)
  • Clan Stormheart 2-5 (Thorgar / Grongul)
  • The Goldmane Association 5-10 (Bártone / Sápphíre / Dondín/ Jessína)
  • Alliance Salvaging 1-3 (Lochton / Salvaging / Scavenge / Procurement)
  • Unit Decima 10-14 (Lorthentus / Calydon / Markela / Daltan)
  • The Melorian Circle 3-7 (Aurosen / Jeraiel)

-Alliance Individuals ((11))

  • Jesse (Aucturus)
  • Rune (Lexicus)
  • Naros (Narós)
  • Percifil Whitelaw (Percifil)
  • Kandaros Darkstar (Kandaros)
  • Thealia Warstone (Thealia)
  • Alevara Greatwind (Alevára)
  • Sir James Kingsley (Kïngsley [A] / Dorieln [H])
  • Jack Grimsdale (Arroweyejack)
  • Karagrin Pearlshaper (Karagrin)
  • Karthaerel Wildfeather (Karthaerel)

-Horde Guilds- ((130))

  • Thalassian Skyguard 6-15 (Devontae / Lavelan / Ashléaf
  • Gilded Blades 8-14 (Teáleaf / Sindeas / Valdris)
  • The Forlorn Order 6-11 (Treiller / Rotwild / Miama)
  • Hand of Agony 7-12 (Simetra / Locknrot / Grepe / Erzebet)
  • The Blood Ravens 5-8 (Ellynnia / Illiniel)
  • Dust Devils 3-5 (Kaitylinn)
  • The Spiritwood Tribe 5-10 (Akulé / Ahote)
  • The Blazing Phoenix 7-12 (Tialis / Astran / Serital / Alassatior)
  • Orcs of the Red Blade 8-15 (Kozgugore / Nakobú / Verzan / Vraxxar)
  • Frozen Paw Clan 8-13 (Rogmasha / Velvavyn / Overhaul / Ayzannah)
  • Dust Scavengers 8-15 (Oari / Níko / Xanoxis / Kuzô / Rinba / Senöka)

-Horde Individuals- ((8))

  • Alrieth Bloodwind (Syanidi)
  • Zillyx Scrapwire (Scrapwire)
  • Carbek Dawnhoof (Carbek)
  • Xel’jin (Xelrin)
  • Kylerane (Kylerane)
  • Alauda Amberlark (Amberlark)
  • Virenna (Virenna)
  • Vilesun (Vilesun)

-Neutral Guilds- ((43))

  • Light Watch Order 10-20 (Nìghtsky / Vitsaus)
  • Sisterhood of the Serpent 3-8 (Rakihu / Malyan)
  • Aldorey Family 5-15 (Haalaari)

-Neutral Individuals- ((2))

  • Terunne (Terunne/Rhigel)
  • Zyretha Snowdawn (Zyretha)
  • Kavindra Athame (Kavindria)

Below you’ll find the reservist list, incase spots open (Which is quite possible) we will try to get in contact with people on this list to see if they are still interested to join. If so, this should be a few weeks before the campaign begins. highest name comes first on the list


  • [A] Ragged Standard 4-5 (Mate / Tonarus)
  • [A] The Order Custodian 5-8 (Dhaarios / Anakhor / Samuel)
  • [A] Moonlit Collective 5 (Rethany / Tylaeth / Kaora)
  • [A] Hazel Croft (Hazell)
  • [A] Selvior Silentdagger (Ôbiwan)
  • [A] Arian (Ârian)
  • [A] S’karo (Skaro)
  • [A] Rowleigh (Rowleigh)
  • [A] Kinseloh Starblade (Kinseloh)
  • [A] Ravemdar (Ravendar)
  • [A] Aethric Silvershade (Ufthredh)
  • [H] The Ashborne Consortium 8-10 (Kyrothael / Ryves / Falculaire)
  • [H] The Wicked’s Rest 3-5 (Serenarias / Khalyndriel / Lytherael)
  • [H] The Crimson Vanguard 12-16 (Sathorn / Skallary / Anistia)
  • [H] Lodge of Wisdom 1-5 (Eläria)
  • [H] Draka’zala (Drakazala / Zulnetoh)
  • [H] Arhnum Wildranch (Arhnum)
  • [H] Ythelion Darksong (Ythelion)
  • [H] Grizzik Sparkshank (Grizzik)
  • [N] Ashton Bravenfield (Custodilor)

Reserved like above for campaign purposes

Guild Name: Thalassian Skyguard
Contact: Devontae, Lavelan or Ashléaf
Faction: Horde
Estimated Numbers: 6-15


Guild Name: Ironheart
Contact: Crawder, Harvon
Faction: Alliance
Estimated Numbers: 8-12


Name: Alrieth Bloodwind
Contact: Blaming
Faction: Horde
Estimated Numbers: Me

Name: Jesse (IGN: Aucturus)
Faction: Alliance individual
Numbers: Me, myself, and I

Guild Name: Silver Dawn
Contact: Julius Pearson (Victusius)
Faction: Neutral (Argent Crusade)
Numbers: 5 to 10

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Guild name: Grey Shields
Contact: Callìan (GM) Serìna (officer)
Faction: Alliance
Numbers 2-5

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Guild Name: The Bleak Order
Contact: Panzerfäust , Devely
Faction: Alliance
Estimated Numbers: 6-10


Name: Terunne
Contact: Terunne, Rhigel
Faction: Neutral Individual
Estimated Numbers: 1


Name: Rune
Faction: Alliance, Individual
Contact: This character!
Looking forward to it!

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Guild name: Stormwind Investigations
Contact: Juniperr or Faelenn / Banastre
Faction: Alliance
Numbers: 10


Guild Name: Sisterhood of the Serpent
Contact: Rakihu, Malyan [H]
Faction: Neutral - !may change based on client!
Estimated Numbers: 3-8

We still need a client. Unless you don’t want us for Horde or Alliance or to do whatever you want. :dagger::heart:
Perks include a free pass on talking down to women and not being robbed blind unlike the other poor potatoes. :kiss:
We’re good at dropping all the eaves too. Hint hint. :wink:


Name: Naros
Side: Alliance
Number: Individual

Looking forward!


Guild Name: Aldorey Family
Contact: Haalaari
Faction: Neutral
Estimated Numbers: 5-15


Guild Name: The Forlorn Order
Side: Horde
Contact: Treiller (GM), Rotwild, Miama.
Numbers: 6-11


Guild Name: Glaivewings
Side: Alliance
Contact : Syruné (GM), Delanae
Estimed Numbers: 5-11


Guild Name: the Theramore Anchor
Contact: Darimis
Faction: Alliance/Kul Tiras
Estimated Numbers: 3-20
Bit unstable with numbers atm sorry, also able to dm smaller events if needed.

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Guild Name: The Three Hammers
Side: Alliance
Contact : Gemir
Estimed Numbers: 2-6

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