All 350 Race/Gender/Class combinations, ranked by popularity. Where are you?

Saw it on Reddit;

Just curious where everyone is

My current main is 282. Female Dwarf Warrior! Female Dwarf anything seems to be totally unpopular.


Woohoo nr 1!


#6 :crossed_swords:

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54 by that chart, would’ve been lower if I’d stayed Horde or gone with a different choice :thinking:

#4 before my race change 2 weeks ago, #28 now

My Horde character is 294 lol

Should probably stop making Warriors

brb making a human paladin

My main is #141

Couldn’t even find undead female mage.

I guess I’ll settle for special then. :smiley:

102, female bloodelf warrior, and 40 female bloodelf rogue.


#6 Gang :smile:

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I was genuinely surprised there are more male belf paladins, than female.


Female Belfs definitely look better than males so I’m surprised too

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#115, female night elf warrior. Used to be even less of em back in the days too, despite sentinels being female and druids being male in Warcraft 3.

#2, human male paladin. Mainstream.

Same to be honest, I didn’t expect that.

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83, Draenei Female Priest.

  1. Not surprised at all there as Pandaren arent that popular ('cept with me, I have 4 120s and 2 110 Pandas!).

Poor female dwarves though. :frowning: Makes me want to level my poor female dwarf monk stuck at 103 just to help make up the numbers!

I wonder if the EU stats are any different. Someone work it out for us too!!! :laughing:

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248 :smile: Void elf Male Monk
The Allied races need some time … The core races are in the game for so long .

12th on my main.

12 and 1 :blush: