All of Legion Timewalking Extended an Additional Two Weeks

In our previous announcement on this subject, we did not clarify the following:

All of Legion Timewalking, including the weekly quest, the Dungeon queue, Mythic+, and Mage Tower will now go for two additional weeks. Other events on the calendar from December 21 - January 4 will also occur as scheduled.


Plz nerf the health of Mage Tower adds and bosses by 33%


Yeah but… what can we do in that time to make MT actually happen for those of us that just do not have the reaction speed/brain power for how it currently is?

Don’t get me wrong, I like Legion TW, but this is about MT, and I don’t actually see how 2 more weeks will change the fact that I can’t flipping handle it. It can’t be outgeared. Nothing I do is going to change the fact that it’s too hard for me. And I can generally be a decent healer in a 17-18 key, so this doesn’t feel like it’s my fault for being below average. Who the heck is it targeted at if not people who are comfortable with at least a 15 key?

I mean, sorry for being old and slow if that really is the problem… I’m just not convinced that it is. I’ve got more experience than many, but this is beyond me.


Do you think it’ll all be out of beta by then?

I mean who are you actually trying to cater to with this overtuned crap? Or are you just trying to alienate most of the players you have left?


Fix mage tower.


Still numbers need adjusting as some fights were built with artifact and legendaries in mind yet somehow you forgot this when bringing out the current version.
You are pushing even more players away with being stubborn and making TW an event for all and fun.


And here I am, rather uncaring about the Mage Tower, with little to no intention of doing it any time soon. Heh, haven’t even done the 5 Timewalking dungeon quest or the Legion M+ one.

Really don’t see the big fuzz for getting in on it all now now now!

It’ll swing around again. Might do it then, if the inclination is there.

Somewhat baffled by people’s willingness to throw themselves against something so optional that seemingly frustrates them so much.

But to each his own.

Understanding players requires a certain degree of emotional intelligence that most NPCs lack.


To be honest the difficulty differences between the challenges are crazy.
With my main ret the godqueen challenge is way way way way harder then the fury one.

Godqueen , miss one mechanic = dead
Agatha, miss or get hit by rock = you can recover

Ret took me about 30 pulls.
Fury…4 without big preparations

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Please increase difficulty, I want these casuals complaining 24-7 to leave the game and the forums :wink:

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So what u are saying is that u want the game to die for sure? Who will pay for development of more content if 99% of players quit? Also… the forums are optional, you dont have to stay here and read. Grats on completing all 36 challenges (i assume since its so easy), u are a real pro.


Dear Blizzard.
I think it’s so cool that mage tower has come back. And I think it’s fun when the game is hard. That said, I think it’s tough for someone like me, when I´m not very good at playing wow, when I can´t handle mage tower. Because I really liked the bear shape for the druids. I’m just a player who plays for fun. I think it’s ridiculous, that some one like me, not can get through the mage tower.
I’ve tried over 200 times now and can not get through because I’m not very good at mage tower. Hope you can do something so the people who are not very good at mage tower, also can be part of the fun. and get the cool stof. Hope you lisen.

I wouldn’t even care if it was just transmog after seeing how overtuned it was for priests, could easily skip out on that but it’s a new bear form.


The Mythic+ is still massively broken by like 3x more than it should be. A little downtune would be nice so that trash mobs on a +10 aren’t one shotting entire groups with instant casts that can’t be avoided.


Your back, now show me your Nightborne!

That is a specific number :smiley: how did you calculate that?

The same people they try to appeal to with this kind of content but with more people in it? There used to be hundreds of thousands of us, now it’s more likely we’re in the tens of thousands, but nevertheless - us!

There should be content of all different kinds of difficulty levels.

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So you are saying that you can’t become a better at MT encounter over time just by doing it and learning the encounter?

TW vendor will be available for 2 weeks?