All Talent Trees so far are pruned versions of what we had

This alpha is fusion of Legion, BFA and Shadowlands. Warriors were at their best in MoP. Looks like we wait for MoP servers then. Saying its Alpha does not cut it this time.

And all Trees for all specs are visually confusing to look at. They do not look like Trees at all. They look like roots.


I wouldn’t say it’s pruned, it’s the opposite. We can take way too many things (overabundance of 1pt of abilities ). They’re mostly boring skills things that we never cared about in the past but we can take a hell of a lot of things at the same time.

There’s some totally pointless stuff there too. No one wants to apply deep wounds on heroic throw. Who thought this up? We want SILENCE on heroic throw returned. Devastate/devastator should be a choice node. Spending a point to delete a previous talent is stupid.

Rumbling Earth as a final talent? No one wants this in the game. Get rid of it and put Shockwave on a 25s CD. Replace it with Necrolord banner+Glory combo.

The tree needs some work for sure. I hope plenty of people test it out and provide feedback.

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Defintly not pruned.

Maybe not much new there, but every class is up on what they did have in the prior system, also alot of combos are avaliable that simply werent possible previously

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We will end up being pruned, because we can’t take all what we want. Just watch.

I would not say pruned but full of stupid point less talents related to weapon types for instance. Removing those should be freeing slots to fit in there more interesting options.

I did a thread pointing out some bad things, and the more I think aboot it, the more I think it’s stupid, like Shockwave being this close to spear, meaning that’s a dead talent.

There are also IMHO too much talents related to 1 spell, exacute, rampage and bt are the ones coming to my mind.

I understand what you mean but its not the same thing at all. Devastator is a buff to Devastate so it wouldn’t make sense to have them in a node. This way you can decide if you want to keep the normal Devastate or if you want to buff it.

I don’t really see the pruning. I have a feeling I might have too many active buttons to press. Yeah there are some stupid thing in the tree that I hope will be changed but all in all I am really happy with what we got.

Ye Mage base Tree likewise is full of pointless 2/2 and 3/3 nodes.

im sorry but how can the tree be pruned and boring?? to me there bring back some classics like weapon specialisations, impale passive, berserk stance and dragon roar…

you can not say nor judge it by the colour of its book you’ll have to wait and see in december.

loads of it im excited for as i gives us the freedom to make our own build and not to be stuck with something that we aren’t interested in like etc. rend and bloodborune passive you dont have to take those but focus more on pure heavy burst without relaying on bleed damage.

you can make a arms warrior build around bleed damage like…that will be odd but eye catching, you can make a dragon roar, overpower,mortal strike, execute burst dps build, single target or a hybrid build bewteen aoe, single or aoe, bleeds and single,bleeds.

plus crit damage will come into play here as we are getting quite few amount so the crit stat will prob have crit chance and damage.

it’s all about your playstyle and how you want to run arms as like you can be a mag’har orc with pure burst and aoe or a tauren a single and bleeds builds.

we are coming to a point that being a sheep class build that atm we are following isnt fun nor our own playstyle.

Im fine with customization my own playstyle. Since Vanilla times. But current Trees are not you giving enough options. You need to abandon many very much needed abilities in order to get what you feel is good. Its Alpha but look at Mage Trees. Horrendous.

Those talents are bad.

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Than why post it on a warrior forum? Warrior talents could be improved but they are not pruned nor bad. You will be able to combine some abilities that you cant do right now.

How do you know this?

Because we can take a look at a warrior talent tree and see which spells we can take? I dont understand your question to be honest…

No. How do you know Blizzard will improve Warrior design from this point? Because what we are getting now is less than we had in MoP.

I never said that? I said that it could be improved, so in a way that it is good but not perfect. I was just stating that what we are gonna have in Df is more than what we have now in Shadowlands so Df is not pruning warriors but actually giving us more spells and choice.

You are comparing MoP to Df and in that case yeah we probably had more spells in MoP. But you also said that new talent trees are pruning us which is just wrong. We will have more spells if you so desire with the new talent treees.

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MoP was too much which is why. 98% of raiding players could not execute a percentile above like 40%, because rhe sheer ability count.

And even top level players refused to execute full rotations due to the fractional dps difference due to your damage being sooo spread out.

Peoplle want mop back because the game went soooo deep into the other direction it caused a whole other set of problems.

If they took more of the approach ffxiv does with pruning (because ffxiv does prune and has been far more popular then WoW for a long time, likely where they got the idea)

Ffxiv gave every class 30 abilities. And prunes unused abilities to then add new abilities, to prevent classes getting more and more abilities while also ensuring every expansiom launched added new.

WoW needs to grow its ability pool up abit more, then retain via the same system and hopefully they learn this.

It IS pruning because we have to lose stuff to get something else. And it feels really really terrible right now. If they want gameplay to feel awesome they have to give us all we need and then make NEW stuff. Not too much new stuff, just so that changing Tree from time to time makes sense.

I understand that raider DPS take max damage talents and give away CC and surv. If PvPers do vice versa can we kill anyone? These are the questions for Alpha. After Beta there will be very little that is going to change. That’s why being super critical right now is spot on.

Ok now I understand what you were saying but I still don’t really agree with it. It’s true that we arent really getting many new things, but ww will be able to pick spell combinations that aren’t possible now.

For example Arms warrior will be able to have Bladestorm, Dragon Roar (it has new name in DF) and shockwave which just isnt possible now.

Its fine you don’t have to agree. Many will like DF and all iterations the game ever had. If all had same opinions the modern world would not exist.

Not its the right time to be critical on all aspects of DF during the alpha whatever the opinion is.

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No? We should be critical of the things we don’t like, but why would I be critical of something I like? I can just say that I like it and thats it, I dont want it changes as it can be changed for worse.