Alliance desperation thread!

Sure they can, if the horde hits back…

i guess it means that i said, isn’t it?

I’ll tell tou why.
People have grown accustomed to big chunks of honor for little to no effort.
While in WSG you need fast wins to make up for the far less honor you get per win.
You also have to actively play and not be bad at the game, trust me most people are bad.
So in a nutshell: yes most will play WSG at first, but more and more will go back to AV as it’s easier and alot less tense.


Idk, consistent 6-7 min av wins is pretty intense

We will see how these changes plays out, hopefully people from nolife guilds crawls back to pservers where they can play mafia


What you mean? They will still dominate bgs tomorow

why would they do that ??

Against pugs in wsg perhaps

bait thread here

Changes like these benefits casuals and non hardcore players, since they cant premade or do cave camping av’s anymore. There were already two cry threads from progress players.

Nah top pserver guilds will dominate virtualy all premades if they go warsong

The only thing that is going to change on the back of this patch is the horde queues (they are going to be longer).

You’re kidding yourself if you think otherwise.

Actually, it will help PuG alliance win games because the premades will just enter whatever zone they first get offered, meaning the PuGs will be playing alongside the premades instead of starting games 25 people down.

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I think still horde will win almost all AV. There is a difference between people choosing the faction for PvP racials, and the alliance players that just go into AV because they want some item.

Even as alliance did always start with 20-40 disadvantage, even at times where we went into a stall at Ballinda long enough to gain 40 people, we still lost in the long run. And this has a lot to do with just wanting an item ASAP instead of caring for the honor of a PvP battle.

In my experience alliance just stops rezzing if it takes long, just to make the BG end ASAP. As that still gives best honor/rep per hour.
And thats where we lose, and will continue to do so.

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When the update hits, it will be fun watching horde learning to wait Alterac Valley.

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Players just will change BG from AV to WSG because alliance win in AV depends from horde skill.

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