Alliance desperation thread!

When the update hits, it will be fun watching alliance learning to play Alterac Valley :slight_smile:


I thought kork made this topic

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I love Kork!

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I approve this topic :smiley:

Why would we play AV?

some fakers still grinding rep for epixes :slight_smile:

OFC won all games last night

Anyone still not exalted are probably happy about the upcoming changes, it means fewer of their games will start with less than 15 v 40. Anyone half serious about doing premades got exalted long ago.

Good, you can report horde queue time here.


Horde will move to wsg for shorter queues, faster gains and proper pvp as it always should have been, and still farm alliance there. Only change will be clicking on to a different battlemaster.

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How can you tell? we don’t know whos under that mask!

Doesn’t bother me, I only play WSG :smiley:

The update will not stop alliance from premading av

You know there’s already an addon in China that bypasses it right?

You think it’s going to be dealt with if China benefits from it? This is ActiBlizzard my guy.

Don’t spoil the moment, cant wait to see horde stupid faces being steamrolled by premades regardless of AV changes.

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Not only will horde keep meeting premades, horde will also be farmed at gy’s now due to the honor change for kills, how are you looking forward to this? :smiley:


With the recent changes, Alliance premades have an incentive to camp graveyards, instead of just rushing Drek. Should be interesting to see what Blizzard will do about Horde getting camped in graveyards by premades.

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Nothing - The new meta will be: Kill horde, push them back to cave, farm them over and over till they leave, then finish the game… I dont think horde thought about how hard they will get camped now…


imma be a bit sad honestly…such a GREAT feeling when we beat their high (5-7 R12, R13) ranked premades lol

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And its allready reported that it doesnt work anymore

Patch won’t help alliance pug to win. I knew about horde advantage in AV and tried to get reputation in few days since BG start. 6th day was terrible despite i should get only 5k reputation.

Nobody can get honor in the start caves.