Allow twisting Seal of Command with Seal of Martyrdom

Seal twisting Seal of Command with Seal of the Martyr in TBC was unironically the most fun rotation I’ve ever played on any spec in any version of WoW so far. It had a high skill ceiling, but was fairly easy to pick up, and felt extremely smooth. Unlike many other unusual interactions (like totem twisting in the same expansion, for example) it felt engaging and satisfying rather than annoying and clunky. Plus the feeling when you landed a perfect twist and saw an explosion of crits fly across the screen as your melee procced windfury, seal of command, and a martyr strike for each was absolutely unmatched.

Please make Seal of Command persist for 0.4 seconds when swapping to another seal as it did in TBC Classic, it would make Ret incredibly fun to play. It would also give us a reason to pick Seal of Martyrdom, as right now it’s not really worth using on its own over Seal of Command when you could take Divine Storm in the same slot.

2-way twisting could be considered, but honestly it worked very well in TBC as one-way (command->martyr only).

Also, assuming Divine Storm shares a slot with Seal of the Martyr, it seems entirely possible for both playstyles to be supported even for those few people who actually don’t like twisting (rather than just the idea of twisting in a white room, having never given it a shot, which is most of the complaints I’ve seen). The non-twisting playstyle will have more cleave and probably fairly competitive single target from DS.


Nope, been there, not fun and strongly depends on your connection being below 50ms. Screw seal twisting!


SoC & SoM twisting is exactly what is missing for Ret paladins. Since I played Ret in TBC, I do prefer the TBC version of it, but I would be fine with any version.


honestly disagree, the most fun rotation as pala, and it becomes extra fun if u do it defensively. i still remember the day where a rogue jumped my prot pala in nagrand and i seal twisted on a reckoning proc with my green fishing pole, instantly making him flee with half hp


no twisting please


No thanks, mechanics on a 40ms swing timer? Thats just stupid


the people who not like can go for divine storm just give it T.T

also theres not such at thing like 50 ms the timer is way easier i did it in tbc and you can test it with seal of mart and seal of right 2.


It is 400 ms, you misunderstood and mixed up with your 40 iq, genius

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Hell no get the hell out with seal twisting its awful.


Nobody takes Divine Storm away from you, keep your boomer rotation and enjoy button mashing. While we, true rets enjoyers, gonna enjoy the best rotation ever in wow.


Please don’t allow twisting. Many people don’t like that kind of gameplay and if it’s allowed and it increases damage by a noticeable amount it will be forced on people by raid leaders. Seals should be good enough on their own to not need some kind of a hack to make them meh.

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Nobody cares if you gonna do 40 or 45 parse, trust me you will be fine with divine storm

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If seal twisters get higher parses and raid leaders notice a paladin doing significantly less damage than the other Paladins, why would they continue to bring them?

“Trust me” You’ve given me no reason to trust you.

Seal twisting in TBC was like 15% difference at max. Now with divine storm being on the same slot and seal of martyrdom being weaker than seal of blood in TBC (35%->30%) it is probably like 5%-10% ST difference. And also Divine Storm being better on cleave or aoe.
My point is, if you are so bad to twist and want old 3 button no brain mash rotation then it is no matter what dps you will do in the raids you gonna get invited, since you are just a casual being. 100 dps or 108 dps wont make a difference for you.


seal twisting is the most fun ive ever had in wow and its not even close


Please make this possible, its the reason i wanted to play SoD, theres no TBC server and twisting is dead in wrath, let me live my twisting dreams <3


Seal twisting hell yeah. Played it in tbc and loved it. it was the reason i initially picked paladin as my class in SoD, so i could get back to a fun and unique mechanic that we cant get in any other iteration of the game.


Seal twisting is fun when it works, when you’re MS cucked it just feels unfair being wheelchaired.

That to be said it seems to work fine on my garbo connection with Martyr and Righteousness.

Just give the players a choice! Make a separatee seal twist rune, let people twist if they want, let people press buttons on cd if they dont feel like twisting.

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I don’t get why people are mad. Divine Storm will not be taken away and is also the better choice for multi target. If you don’t like twisting, then just don’t do it.
The argument for high ms is wrong. I played a lot of tbc test servers with 200ms+ and it worked fine, but again, if it will not work for you, you don’t have to take it.
Don’t ruin the fun for people that like twisting.