Ally's 25 men gank quest


Ally’s 25 man repeatable gank quest is killing the game, its a easy 370 items quest
that Horde dosen’t get.

That’s why we see all the big Raid Gank party’s.

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And that is good!

Btw, you can’t complete it in raid… And effective coordination of 8 parties with healer in each, well, I saw it only once, it was 4 parties and it was effective not for a long time, to say the least. At Assaults, all those parties crashed by 40 man Horde raid, sometimes 2.

Anyway, how is players grouping up is a problem in MMO?


You have a reason to party up. thats the big difference and camp out horde when they try to complete a WM quest, while you are not on it.

Ps. my engles is crap I know.


Victory to the Alliance.


Wait what? Does alliance even get loot for gankfesting flightpoints?
So not only they get 30% but also free purples whoa whoa…
Human racism against my race at the best o.O White supremance me moar.

Like for real I was trying to figure out for long time dafuk is point of ganking random single players but this clears it thank you :open_mouth:

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reward is 370, not even worth doing it at the moment. Give me 385 with the option to select what reward i want from a selectable choice and then it would be worth doing.

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dont troll alot of ppl still need 370 and they just gank flightpoints
sad state of blizzard warmode


I think you’ll find it’s ‘Victory for Sylvanas’ :sunglasses:


*welfare to the alliance.

Your welcome.

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Jealousy is dripping from this ^ post. Were you gathering it for the whole 8 days? And that’s all you came up with… meh


It is because alliance is outnumbered heavily. Wherever I go there is 3 horde vs 1 alliance on my shard (though I know it is different on some shards). There has to be some incentive to join the alliance (in WPVP and otherwise) as it is slowly dying, while I do not believe that handing out free 370 loot is going to change anything, it could still be some incentive to join WPVP. One thing to remember is that only players at lvl 120 count for this Q objective. Well horde wanted someone to fight against - I have to form a group in order to be able to get 25 kills, you have the right to defend yourself by joinin a group as well. Again not a perfect solution but a small fix (if even in the right direction or not, its debatable, blizz does not have a lot of good ideas recently)


You’ll eat those words, Orc filth!


Atleast I’m not racist hate crimer as you white skinned right-wing allies. This gankquest is just one example of your white privilage.


Next week you get 385 + 30% bonus reason to Team up and gank the Quest spots all over again. And still Horde dosent have any Incitament to stay and fight back. We just what to complete the quest’s and move on. So non WO here we go.

(Coolgroove) #15

Tnx, didn’t know that.

I enjoy doing it solo, so I probably do it like that again.

If you don’t have reasons - then don’t do it. You shouldn’t push yourself into something that you think is “dosen’t have any Incitament”. If you in it only for some extra rewards - turn it off, and maybe it’ll change next week, or the one after.

War Mode OFF is the exact feature to “complete the quest’s and move on”.

What is WO?

(Vaëyn) #16

WM is PvP. Clear the wqs of enemas, then do your quests. That is the game. Hehe, was saying the same thing to Alli not so long ago. Or, hope for the best. WM is random anything goes PvP, love it.

(Scotchka) #17

Maybe if Horde got the same amount of incentives they would fight back harder.

Like, I enjoy wpvp so I will fight back regardless, but we shouldn’t pretend like Alliance does not have far more incentive to wpvp (and start it as well) right now.

And I think that could have an effect on the morale of Horde players engaging in wpvp fights with Alliance that are working towards completing the quest and getting massive bonuses regardless, things the Horde does not have acces to. Our reward for winning is far smaller, so less people will even attempt to win.


So that’s why I found myself outnumbered and have to realmhop every 5 minutes to avoid getting corpsecamped by 15-20 alliance when I get to a flightpoint, quest or similar


Its item lvl 400 now. And the ganking is really bad now. just turn WM off.
This is stupid. no fun.

(Arcana) #20

The only lasting incentive to make people turn on WM without giving bonuses is to make all classes somewhat equal in WPvP.

Right now Rogue is the best ganker by far and some classes have no prayer if they’re solo because they lack tools. Primarely Warriors, they’ve little in the way of tools because they have endurance. When others run dry of their power, they keep going due to Rage.

Endurance however means nothing when WPvP is about burst.

When you hit a PvP enabled target then you get a debuff that greys every reset or immunity. Blind is reduced to 4 sec etc. DH fly up thing has a target reticule that you can exit, no more hitting everyone below you regardless of how far they run away.

All healing is reduced by 50%, Parry, Dodge and Block is also reduced by 50% unless already 5%, etc.

Nothing can make people opt in for something they believe is a lost cause unless they get something in return.

And with WM Blizzard has shot themself in the foot because they can no longer let WPvP exist without letting it go unbalanced.