Amirdrassil future

So recently we got a new world tree, but this time it is slightly different from the previous ones. It is a really strange tree. Amirdrassil has powers from Elune, Winter queen, water from the well of eternity and emerald dream energy. it’s like a combination of three cosmic powers (Life, Death, Order)

It also has the soul of night elves in it, but I don’t know what it does.

And as we can see, thanks to tree, Azeroth empowered Aspect, so it also has a connection with the world soul itself.

This mix sounds really op. Currently, in terms of power, it seems to me that Amidrassil has surpassed the level of sunwell and even Nordrassil.

If writers wanted to give Night elves an ordinary tree, they wouldn’t have to combine it with almost all the cosmic themes and dramas we’ll probably see in the future. So it’s almost certain Amidrassil will play a significant role at some point in the story.

The only question is what role?
Will be our link to the soul of Azeroth?
Help us fight the Void in Midnight?
Eonar will contact us via tree?

What’s you ideas?

It’s gonna be neutral city and when you as a Night Elf attack horde in it, Night Elf guards will kill you as it is now in PTR


I think the only role they planned is “new home for the Night Elves”. The Backlash against Teldrassil’s burning was so much, tht they felt they had to make a suitably weighty story arc around the “renewal” to make the playerbase halfway happy. That’s why the Night Elf souls are in there, because it feels cozy. And that’s why they tied it into the addon finale, to put an end to that story. Power never really came into it.

Huh, the last time a friend of mine went there with a Horde character on PTR, the guards attacked her. Did they change that? I guess we’ll see.

My friend did it yesterday. She got killed by nelf guard. Also you have vid on yt, don’t know who’s, usually don’t pay attention to ow streamers who was running around with his cow character and barely 10 mins into vid he ren into one guard who attacked him. That was 4 days ago.
They can also buy tabards, cloaks, shoulders, use flight paths, and also I saw a yellow quest mark available for him in the village so. If it smells like, taskes like, it is that (you know what I am saying ) :stuck_out_tongue:

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That just sounds unfinished to me.

Sounds, yes, but do you trust blizzard? I hope that will change, but I don’t believe it will. Question is how will it be finished. With Bel’ameth being neutral or friendly to horde or just Night Elf/Alliance village where horde will be considered hostile.

I think, judging by all this friendship, family, together trope, it will end up neutral or friendly to horde

It’s not a matter of trust, it’s a matter of making clear what parts of your posts are speculation and which are actually fact-based. When the PTR is in a state that certainly won’t make it live without changes in either direction, it’s obviously just speculation.

And as far as I’m concerned… no matter how cuddly we have been in other areas, as long as guards attack the other faction at all, I’ll expect a new faction capital, and that’s what Amirdrassil looks like to me, to have the same mechanics. That might change sooner or later, but I don’t think it will in 10.2.5.

Well, what is not speculation is: My friend downloaded ptr, went there, saw horde. attacked him, got killed by Night Elf guards.
No word from blizzard on that, people all around net are confused a hell. Tons of horde cheering for it.
So we will see what will happen.
Considering my trust with blizzard, especially last 6 years / 3 expansions. I don’t have any and I will always presume the worst.
Especially since we can all see what the direction of this game is.
If we think Metzen will do some kind of miracle, I think we are fooling ourselves. He is back for over a year so he could have already do something about this.
If he wanted to

that would be really disappointing. Why then, Blizzard bothered to combine this cosmic tree with several powerful sources of magic if they didn’t want to connect it to the future history of cosmology? They could’ve just let night elves grow another tree or settle in Hyjal.

if they simply forget about the origin of the tree, it will be another wasted potential by blizzard

Could have just regrow teldrassil and rebuild Darnassus, and in the meantime settle in Moonglade since Hyjal’s lake is poisoned with waters from Well of Eternity thanks to Illidan.

What is that what they feed us in BFA? Kul’tirans: Even rotten crops regrow. Even burned trees regrow too. In different shapes but yep. With all the druidic power on their disposal (khm Malfurion) would be a simple task

Mostly, because all the connections you mentioned were basically coincidental to the plot that was just happening. Death because they had to get the plot started in Shadowlands to get the people to shut up about Teldrassil. Life because that’s how they’re growing the tree. And wellwater because it couldn’t be worse than Nordrassil, could it?

I really wouldn’t expect anything at all for Amirdrassil. It’s a tree. It won’t be a character or a protagonist. And making it a McGuffin that the plot revolves around just invites it into the heart of whatever conflict is going on. That’s how you get another dead tree.

Can you see any way they could make something more interesting here? Because I can’t and see no hint that they mean to.

Thanks for asking! You don’t even know how many ideas I have. :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated: :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated: :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

  1. Let the tree allow us talk directly with the world soul. Amirdrassil, thanks to connection with Emerald Dream, Elune and the planet itself, will allow us to communicate with Azeroth more precisely. Not only by visions/whispers but by real conversaction. Maybe we’ll create small avatar for this character there, so she couldn’t stomp at us by accident when she awake. This makes a lot of sense, as we see the blessings of Azeroth shooting out of the hearth of the tree so we have a proof that Amirdrassil exsistence allow Azeroth do amazing things, even if she’s in the core of the planet all this time.

  2. Let the tree be the new source of all aspectral powers. Nordrassil blessings disappeared when the tree was burned even though the dragons themselves were fine. So doesn’t it mean dragons lost Azeroth blessings if the new tree will be destroyed? May the dragons themselves become stronger as Amirdrassil continues to grow. It would be nice if this was stabilized in the lore. Show us in quests and book how presence of Amirdrassil enhance their powers. May Nozdorm’s visions in Bel’ameth be more visible and clear, or Alexstrasza’s healing powers be much stronger there.

  3. Make Amirdrassil our base of operations in Midnight. If Void wants to attack Quel’thalas in Midnight, Bel’ameth is literally next to sunwell ready to fight with corruptions. Elune has stopped the Void many times in the past, so her power can make area around tree a safe zone from dark whispers and visions. May Amidrassil’s mere presence make the Shadow forces afraid to attack the Islands. Elune and Xal’atah have a strange relationship that would be really cool to develop. Mentzen talks about unifying the elven tribes at Blizzcon. This may be the reason why the new world tree was planted between Suramar and Quel’thalas. We’re almost sure that the night elves will play some role in Midnight.

  4. His link to Ardenweald allow us return to the Shadowlands. I know because game mechanics we can’t leave Shadowlands forever, but in Dragonflight, NPCs often talk about how closing the rift above the ice crown makes it more and more difficult. Blizzard should use manifestation of Amirdrassil on the planet to fix this plothole. The power of Ardenweald allows us create portals to Oribos once again. At the end of the quest with Ysera, we see her easily opening a new portal. In Bel’ameth we even have a soulshape cat from Ardenweald, so the tree have a power to pass through the veil.

  5. Thanks to this connection Eternal ones can come to Azeroth. Even though Shadowlands is already behind us, there are still many threads that have not been closed in the land of death. Denathrius and Dreadlords. What exactly is the relationship between Winter Queen, Elune and Eonar, what is the deal between Primus and Aman’thul.

  6. Put there a quest that will allow you to unlock the Druid class for all races. there is currently no more drudistic zone on the planet. The power of Ardenweald may even explain how death creatures such as Forsaken can become druids.

There are many things they can do with this tree. Especially since the end of expansion raid was always relevant in the future.
Gul’dan from WoD started Legion. Because ot the sword of Sargeras, BFA began.

All this sounds nice except for one thing. It means horde will be welcomed in Bel’Ameth. That must not happen
Valdraken is very close, let them reside there

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I think it does not matters now since Night Elves will have children’s finally. It means no matter what will happen with this city in future, Night Elves as a nation will survive!


Maybe for Midnight time Bel’ameth become a neutral zone. Or the Horde simply make a hub in Suramar, but Valdrakken is also a good idea

Omg Finel, I’m so glad to see her. :sob: :sob: :sob: It’s nice that Blizzard remembers her. As the last survivor of Teldrassil, she should have some symbolic importance to the rest of the Night Elves and should be an important Alliance figure in the future.

But night elves could still have children, births become more rare since the men fell into the emerald dream. Maybe you thought about dragons?

Night Elves was always able to have children. Where do you think we as heroes who star our journeys came from? :smiley:

And Finel is only good thing that happened for Night Elfs in last 6 years (for now before some lunatic horde kills her)

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I mean,t, what ever buisness does horde have in Amirdrssil or Emerald Dream, they don’t have to be in Bel’Ameth. There is absolutely no point for them being there at all.

you’re right, the Horde will probably feel much better in Suramar. Valdrakken is a neutral city of Dragons, nothing there will be related to the Horde. I actually don’t know what Horde character would want to travel to a city full of ghosts, whose many of them died at their hands

it would be funny if Finel went through the Batman Arc. Trained by Shandris and Maiev, she would in the future take over the task of protecting the borders of Ashenvale, she will be completly dedicated to this task. To add spice, maybe she and her Sentinels will be Night elves version warsong clan, invading the horde’s lands near their borders

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Deeper, deeper its roots will reach. Welcoming our embrace.

That’s from this expansion as well , so it will definitely have to do something with the next 3 .

And than we have the first world tree in the mix also , which apparently is still out there .

So yea those trees will play some role . Maybe even ominous one . Who knows .

boooo! boooo! :-1: :unamused: :-1::dizzy_face:

The world trees too often became victims of some type corruption/target evil forces. That would be boring. Maybe for a change, let’s use their incredible powers for our own purposes. Why good guys are always banned from using their strongest assets?

However, information about Aman’thul reaction to Elun’Ahir does not foreshadow anything good for Amirdrassil.

How he will react when he sees the manifestation of life and death without any control of Order? :dracthyr_sweat: Life vs Order war coming soon? Which side will Eonar ultimately choose?