An Eye on Player Behavior and Reporting Improvements

An Eye on Player Behavior and Reporting Improvements

As a part of our ongoing efforts to foster a fun, fair, and safe game environment for our community, we’re implementing some improvements to the system with the 9.2.5 update.

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I hope this doesn’t = auto bans from people abusing report systems. That has tended to be the way Blizzard have went in the last few years. Auto ban with 3 day queues for appeals. Human staff members that know the rules very well should be the only way for a ban to happen(Or a Warden flag). Don’t treat customers badly due to money saving schemes. I hear these mass reporting issues are causing issues for people in random PVP settings.

One thing I seen from a youtuber playing the PTR was a report option of “Blocking team progress” , I can see this being abused by people misunderstanding this to be “Played badly and made a key fail”


In order for this to actually work you’re going to have to hire and pay people to review reports of harassment and negative in game behaviour. Leaving this up to automation will inevitably lead misuse of the system.


I hope this results in more bad behaviour being actioned and things are followed up.


This is a great star. However, big however:
if you carry on having an automated system that can issue sanctions and that is easily exploited by mass reporting, then you are failing us.

I speak of experience since my son after a streak of pvp wins, got mass reported and received an automated warning that a Blizzard GM admitted that it was automated and that my son did nothing wrong (after my son opened a ticket to ask for explanation) .

TLDR: fix the exploitation of mass reporting leading to automated sanctions.


can you please buff shadow :stuck_out_tongue:


Reported for swearing at that innocent Tauren.

How dare you!

In all seriousness though, I do hope this isn’t just some PR stunt.


Welcome to World of Wartwitter, where you too will be cancelled, if you hurt the wrong fee-fees.

Gl keeping your subscribers Blizzard!


So you can’t play the game without toxic behavior? It is very easy to be kind :slight_smile:


There already exists multiple in-game solutions to deal with so-called “toxic” behaviour. Use them.

This is an adult MMO where mass-murder and genocide happen daily, before breakfast. The Hello Kitty and the Carebear servers are that way —>


I thought there would be an update for advertisers as well, but I was disappointed. The trade channel is still the same as before. Under the name of , communities still continue their activities and they have started to get a cut from these all boosts. If boosting communities are ok, then let it be as before, at least no one would have lied to anyone.

It doesn’t work tho!

It is a PG 12 game! So ye there is that :slight_smile:


It is very good, but one thing you forgot about votekick system? Actually you missunderstood how votekick system works.

You are not supposed to get deserter if you get kicked, you havent done wrong anything so why would you get debuff? So you are supposed to get deserter only if you left dungeon.

It is difference! You know people abuse votekick for fun and it seems you totally ignore it. It is disaster with votekick system for now! I hope it changes in Dragonflight this time!

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It will result in more reports being abused by players. Because that’s what happens when you give players power over other players.


I think the system must be balanced with some kind of punishment if you abuse the report system!


It’s just turning WoW into yet another microcosm of the real world. There too, a tiny vocal minority of the perpetually offended dictate what happens to other people.


Yes I hope that this leads to people saying stuff like “kys” being suspended/baned

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The balance is called hiring more GMs but that costs money.


Not gonna happen, also i’m not sure what exactly is changing, am i missing something?


Yes ofc! One thing does not exclude the other :slight_smile: