An Eye on Player Behavior and Reporting Improvements

i wish the afk penalty inside the bgs gose for more each time the reported player afk again in the next bg, plz make it hours of even days of chara ban

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Just checked my original box and I am fairly certain that it says 12+ on it as the age guidance rating.

Definitely not an Adult MMO.

This was implemented because before hand you didn’t get deserter if you were kicked and so people abused the group until they were kicked rather than just leaving.

No system is going to be 100% perfect but this is the least worst option that we have had and so far no one has come up with a better solution.


Again… Why are kul’tirans so ridiculously large.

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Also if you scroll to the very bottom of the forum here, fun fax.


I don’t think I have ever bothered scrolling that far down, so thank you for the information.

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That’s a long way down on some topics :laughing:


Automation is not moderation.

They need people, you’ve only got to see how bad the moderation is on the forums since Versailles was closed.


It wasn’t exactly amazing before either.

Yeah I agree. But even then… I was recently banned FOR LITERALLY POSTING A GIF WITH A THUMBS DOWN. That was all. Literally.
So I appealed the ban and it was reversed. But the mistake was made. By a human.

I just don’t believe in giving players power over other players in any way, shape or form. It always ends badly because people with power, abuse it. That’s not true 100% of the time, but for the vast, vast majority it is.


but better for sure. And this is not good…


How is this system any different from what is available right now? The report options already exist, I already get feedback through the ingame mail when action is supposedly taken, and yet the very same automated farmbots I reported are still there. This social contract is just another page of information like the terms of use where a vast majority of the playerbase will scroll to the bottom and click accept since they just want to play the game. All things considered, the only thing this seems to accomplish is checking a box to lure back investors and keep the shareholders content. “See, we took action!”

I don’t believe automating the punishment system has worked out particularly great in the past. It is easy to abuse and get somebody banned if you report somebody in large enough numbers, while the time it takes for somebody to review a wrongful ban and overturn it is often longer than the ban itself. Sure, you could compensate with free game time, but with guilds operating on a schedule not being able to play a certain night can be a game changer for up to 39 other players.

What this community really needs is the return of full-time, in-game game masters.

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Man you have changed the mog every time I see you :wink:


At least with Versailles we were able to contact people if there was something really bad that needed instant removal.


I really have high hopes for this system, too many people think its fine to be awful to other players.

It doesnt take much to be a decent human being but for some this is too hard and I hope those that find it hard click exit game instead of accept on the social contract.


Great. Well, maybe not the “contract” but everything else, great.

Now go through this 4 step program to stop the abuse

  1. Fix your CS team. Properly. No more cubicle crawls or ignoring everything
  2. Make systems that less encourage actual toxicity
  3. Stop grandstanding about it and just do it
  4. Profit
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Yo blizzard, having swears in a forum post [ even if its worked around] is not allowed, hippos!


hahaha yes! but the putress hood was my dreams since i main a lock (3 months :D). Now it dropped and for… (short time) ill maintain.
Im a little “unconstant” in these things. Its a miracle i dont change main every week.


I can’t blame you I change main every now and then! And t8 for warlocks looks simply amazing :heart_eyes_cat:


So does this mean if someone asks me for help with a quest and I decline I am liable to be banned under the rules of this new “social contract” or will it just deduct me 50 DKP-Sorry I mean 50 Social Credit Score?

This is kinda dystopian imo…


read the terms of use they can ban for any reason even no reason