An Eye on Player Behavior and Reporting Improvements

Agree. This is getting ridiculous. There’s already mature language filter and ignore function… everybody getting offended by anything in 2022.

i would actually love and would transfer to a server where you can and allowed to swear and insult whatever you want.

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If you allow broken stuff in the game to go unchecked for months, especially in pvp. Then you have no one else but yourselves for toxic behaviour. So I hope you hold yourselves to the same standards as us and start banning lazy balancing.

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No. The top half is just encouraging good behaviour.

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They already exist, you only need to learn italian.


So that will be people like you then who immediately slap their hands to their head and start wailing “OHHH I CAN’T TYPE EXPLETIVES ANYMORRRRRRRRE…!” before jumping onto the forums and whining about Blizzard catering to twitter.

Clearly you’ve never used twitter…

No it isn’t. never has been. never will be despite how much you want it to be.

But to throw some of your own advice your way, “Adult” MMO’s are that way →

Knock yourself out.

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I think all of this is a good step in the right direction, but honestly the real step I want to see is more GMs and less automatic systems. Everyone knows they can (and will) be abused.

We keep hearing how Blizzard are listening, well the community is speaking. I’m not alone in my thoughts on this, just reading through the comments it’s pretty clear.

Yes, obviously more staff costs more money, there’s a balance that needs to be found. Maybe it’s just a cost that a multi billion dollar company is going to have try and somehow cover, I don’t know…

But with all that said, it’s nice to see, at long last player behaviour isn’t just something that’s being ignored. It’s nice to see a focused effort to address the problems.


I would hope that there is / or will be an expansion of an enforcement team. Where some Blizzard employees actually log into the game undercover and get a feel for what player experience is actually like.

Such as…

  • Pretending to be a new player - no heirlooms, no keybinds, lower play etc.

  • Do any specific servers have issues.

  • Group content - Pugs, premade mass reporting, levelling dungeons, RP in cities etc.

  • How to shard the depravity that is Goldshire lol. :laughing:

They won’t always see the worst, but… it would take a temperature test and highlight problem areas.

It is their game, they need to check on it.

Players might also be a bit more respectful if they know it could be a gm they are abusing and their game play is at stake.

It might increase a perception of fairness as there are some human checks, rather than all automated ones.

If it is anything like real life, it is often the few that cause the most problems. :ninja: :ninja:

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pozzo dell’eternità?

and that is the exact reason folks ae concerned. The system is already being abused in PvP it is only going to get worse. I really believe players should just grow thicker skins. There is /ignore (however buggy) and Parental Controls as well as a language filter already built into the game. If Parents are not utilizing these then its on them. If symbols are offence you need a psychologist. Mass banning on an easily abused systems is going to cost you players and subscribers unless they have HUMAN Moderators intervene. Lastly make the game free to play then implement all the “automated” systems you want.


No Memesis is better, more blasphemy


Same happened to me but they didnt want to explain only told to ticket when i get banned roflmao

The reports needs to be followed up by actual staff and not automation, abuse of the system needs to be punished as well.

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Dialogue of wow mmorpg:




I purposely ‘lay low’ in-game as people can troll-mass-report you. What happens to the mass reporters when Blizzard finds out they cheated the system?

You should give them all a 30 day ban.

I simply add toxic/ not-so-nice people to my global-ignorelist so I never have to meet them again in-game.

I worry about 9.2.5, can you ignore cross-faction? Global-ignorelist no longer gets updated. I wish Blizzard would incorporate this addon into their game fully. Being able to ignore someone via battle-ID instead of charactername would be a huge win for me personally.


Reporting an abuse of reporter of abuses :rofl: inception.
I’ll get reported a lot I guarantee you. First wipe and I’ll be on the list of “disruption of gameplay” :confused:
Uff :weary: I’m already stressed out and it’s not even out yet.


As a very long time League player 10+ years, this going to be bad if they implement anything it’s obviously automation.
If not and what I’m guessing, it’s just a PR stunt, since Blizzard are the oficial clowns of gaming companies out there. :clown_face:

Very much a welcome change. WoW community are very toxic.

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all the ingame communities are toxic. in some game there is no toxicity cuz they are banned merciless at first trespass (and not always correctly)

FF14 and GW2 dont have this kind of toxicity.