An Eye on Player Behavior and Reporting Improvements

my example was for FF. they ban with no mercy. Its good the lack of toxicity but sometimes it’s… too much. Dunno about GW2 (played just 2 months).

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I don’t think it’s a bad thing to reinforce the rules/standards/etiquette of the game…but there are clear gaps in the systems Blizzard have to deal with it. Too much automation leads to systemic abuse by people who disagree with others over things that don’t constitute as rule-breaking (i.e. pulling too many mobs, not pulling enough mobs, low DPS, low HPS, breathing…)

The culture of WoW is very toxic these days and this approach isn’t going to be the magic fix for it. Hopefully, it’ll be the start of moving towards a more sensible system.

Sounds like my previous guild! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

it won’t because that’s the point I think, they don’t want to assign people to the system. They know certain people abuse the system to get others silenced or even banned for no reason at all, but they won’t do a thing about it because that means they admit they have a problem and it also means they’d have to fix it.

They ban players if the player have done something thats against the ToS.

Yeah… it’s really awful getting randomly kicked and as an extra abuse player get punished by blizz as well.

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I got banned for 2 months for Emojis

I fear that you may be right, at least I won’t believe differently until I see it.

Yes, let’s continue the Western World’s trend of pandering and appeasement to minorities shall we? There are very, very few kids playing this game, especially those aged 12 or so. An in-game solution (mature language filter) already exists.

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