Anima capped. Send anima to alts?

I have alts for that

Probably so people starting now or people leveling a new alt can catch up faster.

Being able to transfer it to alts would be great though, really hope they do that.

I doubt they will do anything. They don’t care. Plus with the things going it at Blizzard

Looks behind me

Oh crap, you’re right! Runs

This would still be a really nice addition to the game.

Finishing my last Path of Ascencion achievements, soon to be capped with nothing to spend my anima on my main.

Adding my voice to the chorus: Send anima to alts.

There are loads of examples on various sites of how much anima some people have hoarded


What is just as annoying, is the amount if different onces. Again they show how clueless and incompetent they are. Not even able to think that, pick might do all the onces they will get doing a day, before they turn them in. And that so many different onces will take up a lot of space in your inventory. Or as i have said before. They just like to be a-holes

My Bags are full of Anima items.
My alts have almost 0 anima…
I would enjoy sharing anima to them so that my bag gets empty :smiley:

With a hotfix that has just gone live in all regions, the cap has been increased to 200,000 Anima.

Thank you for your feedback on this and other issues!


That is a very welcome change, appreciated that this issue was addressed in some way

But it still sucks that you lose all your reservoir anima if you switch covenants.

For me this don’t change much, i still prefer to store my anima in my bank knowing i won’t lose it if i ever decide to switch to a different covenant.


Thank you but if you had listened to feedback there would be no cap and we would be able to send to alts to help them . But thanks again for at least a slight move.


We intend to introduce a way for Anima to be transferred to alts (or to other Covenants on the same character) from characters who have fully upgraded their Covenant Sanctum in patch 9.1.5.


They are doing it!

edit: i’m late it seems.


Wow i am so honored to have a blue reply so fast and thank you for a great reply :slight_smile:


Looks like Blizzard is breaking the glass of all “emergency boxes”. Let’s see if 9.2 comes with actual content and not just easy fixes for the systems that everyone knew would suck since their announcement.

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Its already possible to move anima.
Before you move to a yet unvisitted covenant, or about to turn in the second prove yourself quest, you simply buy a lot of like 5000ap mounts or other item. Swap covenant within the 2h buyback time, then return everything. And the full value is now in the container of your new covenant.

Ive done it a lot of times now. Rendering the seperate anima containers completely pointless.

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1.5 have always been patches with fixies problem is with some of you ,you will only find the negatives in everything which is getting boring and kind of tiring .
I am hardly a fan girl or a shill but for my life the amount of negative people around here is getting depressing .

Its a long winded work around and hardly a fix for alts .

Doesnt work for alts I give, but its not really difficult to fill up your inventory with buyables to return. Its quite fast.

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