Announced free transfers to Hydraxian Waterlords not working

just chiming in to say that paid transfers to Hydraxian Waterlords are still broken :frowning:


You can choose Hydraxian Waterlords, the transfer does start, but the character remains on the old realm.

On top, you can not transfer it again, because “an error occured”

Edit: Worked now… more or less. Some weird popups (purchase was successful, you can use your fct now) appeared, and the ui did not reflect that a transfer was in progress, but the character arrived on HW.

My brave gnome :smiley:

here’s hoping they fix the paid transfers soon then, i’ll keep my eyes peeled

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They are obviously working on it.
Hydraxian Waterlords wasn´t listed some hours ago.

And the character arrived. :slight_smile:

For everyone interested:

The Free Character Transfers do now work as expected.
No issues with a new transfer from Firemaw to Hydraxian Waterlords this morning.

However, paid transfers are still locked.
But i wouldn´t be surprised, if they considered to open new FCT from more realms “soon”.

We´ll see.

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Thank you very much for fixing this!


oopps… right. :see_no_evil:

Thank you for fixing it! :slight_smile:

This was indeed fixed yesterday late evening!

Thank you all for your patience and again, sorry for the inconvenience. :slight_smile:


I am just the messenger but I’ll pass the thanks along!


is there any word on paid transfers? still broken as of now

With transfers from Firemaw closing tonight (Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available-- Updated 22 November - #287 by Kaivax), people had less than a day to reach HW from there. I hope, everybody who wanted to got the chance to use the free transfers today.

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Yes, there are two related issues going on here. The one that is affecting the most people is that there’s queues on the megaservers, and Blizzard is addressing that issue by opening free transfers to certain smaller realms (such as, but not limited to HW), and closing transfers where there is no queue issue any more, like they say for Firemaw now.

The second issue is that the RP-friendly community that might want to call HW home, has been scattered across all sorts of different realms. Blizzard tried to address this issue in early August by having free transfers from everywhere to HW, but that transfer window was closed after not very long, so lots of people who might have been interested missed out on it. If Blizzard wants to be serious about their attempt to bring the RP community together on HW, they are going to have to open up for more transfers towards HW like they did in early August.


can we get a transfer for NON PVP servers thats are not RP themed

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Radio silence on paid transfers getting fixed ever since they fixed the free ones to HW, despite me being led to believe this thread was to fix both, can we at least get a timeframe update so I know what to tell my guild on HW?

Thanks for the communication but apparently the fix doesn’t include paid transfers…
Also waiting to migrate a character from “Sulfuron” to “Hydraxian Waterlords”… Several weeks and still no news regarding that. Please can we at least have a confirmation it’s being worked on? :frowning:

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Blizzard being complacent and comfortable in their own skin again, while the community sits there waiting for them. Gonna let me subscription run out in a few days, because Blizzard aren’t able to deliver the product I am waiting for…

The server I played on back in classic vanilla is gone, and now my characters are stuck on Hydraxian Waterlords which is more or less dead. Currently 4 people in Stormwind, and no way to find a dungeon group.
The so called “free transfer” away from this corpse of a server only gives me a German realm called “Lakeshire”. Nice…

The free character migration off HW is meant for the affected non-english realm players in the consolidation process that is finished by now linked by Mexi, for example the German Lucifron ex-realm. So it’s not weird to see the German Lakeshire.

Greetings everyone and my apologies about the radio silence regarding the Paid Transfers.

These should be working again now, if you were planning on using them to transfer to HW, please give it a try and post back if there are any more issues


I am trying to do a paid transfer off of HW but i am still getting the aforementioned errors. Any idea on what to do? I’ve opened tickets but the responders have no clue what to do.

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