Any changes to paladin coming or?

Or are you planning to leave both ret and holy in the dirt and just make every last paladin player reroll?

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They announced retri would be getting a rework for 10.7 yesterday, so I dont think you’ll get many changes for that spec until then.

As for holy, hopefully we see some changes soonTM

i saw a article saying they are going to rework ret

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Ret changes still doesn’t help Holy tho, which is arguably in the worst state it’s ever been in

After Rework, rets get nerfed 2 weeks later because its to strong!
Always the same


lol thats not even close to the truth

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Well atm only mistweaver is worse.

then go play one and prove everyone wrong =) cant wait to see you pumping it on 3k+ bro

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there were multiple hpalas in AWC yesterday but sure its been “in the worst state ever”.

blizz give them pony with wings, it’s community approved 10/10 memeuverabilty

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Want to talk about how many RMD’s were present in AWC or we just gonna ignore that fact? =) i wouldnt say resto druid is broken anymore, but according to your logic resto druid was present A LOT for the awc so by that logic its a broken class, very smart 10/10 lmao


There were on NA but it was played by either a guy who literally OTPs Holy Paladin and has never been seen playing anything else, a guy who can play either HPal or RSham well and one was a better fit in the match-up due to how it works, or… a team who lost and even swapped out of HPal at the end iirc. Could be wrong there though.

None on EU.

If you know how the spec works, it doesn’t take a genius to understand how horrible it is right now. Basically its issue is that you don’t have good, safe on demand healing at the moment (unlike Radiance, Serenity, NS Regrowth, Tree Form Regrowth, the entire Evoker class…) and well, given how the meta is, it’s… bad.


yes 3 players absterge, brain and kosaki played hpala yesterday.
if hpala would be in “the worst state ever” i dont think 3 teams decided to play it at the biggest stage.
never said its s tier or super broken but peope are exaggerating like crazy and are just looking for excuses.

there are no Eles in NA too you think ele is bad? lol

never said hpala is broken?? just saying its not the worst its ever been.

I will reiterate what I said then, apparently it was unclear.

Brain is amazing at this class (actually impressive, no sarcasm, and has never used any other healer in tournament play even when it was the consensus that Holy Paladin was terrible, bad, anything you like. And this team still managed to be successful with it because they play that good together with him on the Holy Pala. Since he has, and will ALWAYS use it no matter the state, and has ALWAYS been successful in doing so no matter the state, he cannot be used a metric to decide whether the class is the best in the game, or the worst.

GG pick simply made sense at it was either this or Shaman. They actually picked SHAMAN, and not Paladin, in their first series because HPal dies to RMP rather easily, and then they went HPal when it was Assa Warlock because if you actually play Shaman into this the Assassination Rogue makes sure either he or the Warlock gets a kill without much you can do. Again, it doesn’t mean the class is amazing, it simply was a better choice than Shaman in this one match-up.

As for the third team ? They lost.

This is such a stupid comment. Since you usually talk sense I’m a bit surprised. There are close to none, if not none, Ele players on NA at a very high level. So OF COURSE you don’t see an Ele being played ??? Meanwhile there are quite a few healers who can play Holy Paladin in EU at AWC level, and have done so in the past. No one qualified, or no one used it.

Its just logic that if the “potentially qualified Ele population” on NA is near zero you don’t see any even if it is extremely good. It is kind of like Rogue. Yeah, Assa is insane right now, but then again 3/4 of the good teams have a MAIN ROGUE so you WILL see a ton of Rogues on their best spec, and while the spec indeed is insane, it doesn’t just mean that it’s beyond everything and anything by sheer representation (there are a few specs really on par right now, such as Ele) since the people playing are mostly main Rogues AND WOULD HAVE PLAYED ROGUE ANYWAY. And that crier Tony who is always shedding tears whenever Feral isn’t super broken smh.

no i totally understand what you trying to say but even if we exclude brain, there were two teams that picked hpala and were confident that they can win with that so that alone makes hpala better than “worst state its ever been”. Doesnt matter the circumstances.

and i never said that. Again I said its not super terrible unplayable like the guy said. Thats the difference.
Hpala is decent into assa rogues and this meta is full of assa rogues so i just cant believe that the spec is in the “worst state its ever been”.

was obviously a provocant statement to show that just because in one region something isnt represented does not mean its bad.

can i ask you how you can decide the current state of hpala if it’s bad or not as a glad player druid? since 10.5 went live no pala on EU has played above 2.4 in 3s and in shuffle the only ones that played above 2500-2600 dropped over 400 rating, including myself, so playing this class myself for over 10 years, 8 rank 1 titles, and thousands of hours played with it i can confidently say it’s in it’s worst state yes.

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Hpal is being used as a counter at the highest level of the game.
Games end in well under 2 minutes.
If the game is just a minute longer hpal has 0 chance to keep u alive.
I don’t think it’s a good design using bubble bop sac and meelewings in the opener. Being at 30% mana after 90 seconds with 0 CDs left, at the AWC that is.

That’s the only reason you see it played. It’s pretty awful in any “real” game situation.

It’s clunky to play switching between meele and casting without a fast cast, cast immun or hot.
You have to keep 2 buffs roling 3 with summer…
Coordinate holy power to acyually start meelewings, while using it to fish for procs
Never use into def CDs, etc etc.

It that’s just barely the “healing” part.

It has so much error and counter potential.

The worst part it has no gameflow, consistency is relying heavily on procs, has a mastery that is poop for meele build and casterbuild as well.

im just saying if the final of yesterdays AWC is hpala vs hpala it CANT be in its worst state ever. Not saying its the best or whatever just saying if this is the worst its ever been then idk maybe you are spoiled lol.

but why cant hpala be countered then? or atleast it wasnt in last NA awc haha

seems like a good fit for solo shuffle or not?

just trying to understand it.

Yea because soloshuffle is known for its coordinated plays and for its peeling end defensive positioning :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

You should try to play hpal and it will sell itself :+1:t2:

Also brain won awc in seasons hpal was considered really really bad.
The AWC conditions knowing who you play against isn’t really a good indicator on how good a class is or not.