Any thoughts or hopes Amirdrassil might have for night elves?

Just curious what people think it will do for Night elves or even hope it would do.

What are the imlicaitons of everything we’ve seen?

Emerging in the Dragon Isles - that the night elf new home?
Azeroth empowered the Aspects, restoring their powers will it do something similar to the night elves?
Amirdrassil as the world linked tree, frees Nordrassil up to soley be the Well of Eternity disguise, maybe night elf mages can now use to help their society.
Azeroth operating through Amirdrassil, is that something even more powerful for them than the Well of Eternity - allowing druid, mage, priest alike to all be empowered because it’s not just linked to nature, the dream was the nurturing ground, it’s linked to Azeroth herself.

Perhaps because they didn’t try to force it, immortality and other empowerments will come to the night elves, but which ones.?


Honestly I think this is the end of story telling for Nelves for a good while. They seem to now be moving on to Gilneans and then Alleria will be a main character for TWW, Quel’thalas in Midnight…

IF so, it’s a bit empty, … hey you have a tree… welcome home.

No city, no temple, no changes to their person? no upgrades, no new race like the Sylvar from Arden Weald or the worgen who were in the dream.

You get a tree, but we are not going to finish it off by showing you what it also does for you or where your new capital is.

Still waiting for the imba night elf city, with a temple to Elune. I mean I think the night elf faction on the alliance, needs a pristine NIGHT ELF city that is not in ruins and a pristine night elf forest that has no corruption. And off course a temple of Elune.

would nice if they get some powers back too, even immortality. And we see them actually use them.

I really do want to see

  1. A bunch of younger facial options for night elf males - 1 out o8 old faces doesn’t fit the nature and arcane enhanced life, whether mage or druid, but especially druids who sleep a lot and utilise both arcane and nature energies

  2. I would love to see those arcane star tattoos and effects Tyrande had from Elune when shew as the Night warrior and later when she was avatar of Elune, it links well to both the Elune and arcane well of eternity connection

  3. Still waiting for druidic antler options too… that would be a nice touch… even though it’s mainly a druid thing, they could just add it to druid class options, but I think
    a) Illidari customisations should open up to the warlock class - I mean won’t most night elf warlocks join the Illidari faction where they are welcome
    b) DK customisations be available to all night elf classes because in theory you could be an undead night elf , like a dark ranger
    c) Antler options for druid class.

But the star tattoos and effects should be for all night elves because it’s Elune and arcane tied, something they all have access to, just like they all have access to leaves in their hair and beards.


I agree but unfortunately I think Blizz won’t be implementing them any time soon. I could be wrong as there is more content every 8 weeks supposedly but in the grand scheme of things we got heritage armour, druid forms and a whole patch; other races want similar. Buildings are going to take some time and can be shown in the future, further customisations are probably going to be for other races for a while and whilst having night warrior like tattoos would be great I think they’d argue it was specific to the Night Warrior.

What I really need to know:
1 will Amirdrassil actually be new Night Elf capital zone. We don’t know that
2. Will it be Night Elf/Alliance exclusive or open to horde to as a neutral city /that is what I fear the most)
3. Will it move to Kalimdor or remain stuck in that tundra of the zone?
4. IF it will be new Night Elven home, what are the implications for Night Elves in Kalimdor
and 5. When does a man, who never should have left, returning to Azeroth from Ardenweald. talking about Malfurion

They said nothing about any of this. They locked last quests after the raid which I will never bother to do, so I am punished for that. In next patch there is no mentioning of anything Nelf conected so they still wont give us any answers. So I guess danuser just wants to piss of Nelf players for as long and as much it’s possible.


Ysera swaps places with malfurion after the raid and her daughter inherits the power of azeroth not her.

So shes no longer in the spotlight.

I know. I finished the story except for raid which I will never do because i swore after ICC I will never raid again.
But I saw cinematic and Malfurion didn’t return when Ysera left

Pretty sure the last chapter is locked behind the raid. But the lock will most likely be removed later, so that’s nice.

It is locked but it is already shown. There is a celebration with two cinematics. Ysera’s goodbye and Tyrande pouring last vials of Darnassus Temple of Elune moonwell in waters of Amidrassil.
Nothing else.

And it should have NEVER been locked to raid to get last part of questline


I want to know those answers too.

  1. I hope it will be - I want pristine night elf zone and city. I mean ALL their stuff is in ruins - ruined and devastated forest, and ruined cities. While I still can’t believe they took Suramar - the original home of majority of the currnet night elves on the alliance over to the horde - question is will they get something just as marvelous and beautiful?

It can’t be right that hte original night elf, with all it’s gerat acheivements will be given something owrse than its sub race, and only have ruins to tell of something better.

Will the city be in the tree, on top of the tree or at the base of the tree? I loved Darnassus’ concept of being on top of the tree, it was perfect.

While Suramar was the picture of a Night city, I ohpet he new night elf city duplicates, the Forest of arden Welad fit the night lef theme of the stars and nature in what looked like a night forest.

Question is, will the new zone/tree have night colours during hte night… that different colour of the leaves and plants, the purbles and blues, the starry night… I mean wow, if the new zone had a night scheme that changed it’s colour and looked like Arden Weald in the night and like the emerald dream during the day - i would say that fits the night elves thorugh and through.

  1. I wudln’t mind it being neutral, I have always felt the Night lves shoudl be a bit above the alliance, and so accessible by all, but the recent storylines make that all but impossible.

If they’ve used the zone for for a raid, i guess the raid woudl be in the past, but the present would be night elven and alliance? But would they change things to reflect that? That’s the question.

  1. I wonder that too, Where would you put it in Kalimdor or the broken isles? What would you remove to have it? They could put it in Thal’dranath - you know, the Legion expansion broken Isle zone they eventually cut to do ARgus instead, and actually do an expansion patch there where AMirdrassil emerges, and they rebuild the ruined ancient city there, orge the other half of Suramar up fromt he bottom - don’t care if they use super magics, just let it be.

I say this because it woudl have to be a zone not used. Alternatively there is that patch on the dragon isles in the Ohn’aran plains

  1. The implications better be good. Like maybe night elves also procuring all their previous zones and beginning to restore and rebuild forests and cities and towns, woods and thickets etc alike.

It’s the hope, maybe they get to use Elune, the Well of Eternity and new Amirdrassil powers that allow them to defend their regions from corruptions, devastations and encroachments.

  1. Yes oh, can you imagine, Malfurion did not take part in Arden Weald, nor in the Emerald Dream expansion - I mean we should have seen a power dynamic couple doing their thing, but alas no. The epilogue sees Ysera departing from the Dragon Isles to return to Ardenweald, presumably to swap places with Malfurion again… but we do not see her actually go there, nor him come back, just like we don’t actually see where Amirdrassil emerges, or if the night elves get to have a city in/with it.

it feels like a cliff hanger to be honest, because it’s the sort of thing they can just pretend doesn’t happen, because they haven’t concluded it. and the raid tier is over now.

This is pretty much a happy ending for the Nelves.

They have a world tree to call home again.
They will make their new home at a place far removed from any Horde claims.
The Dragon isles are inhabited by groups that are either neutral or very friendly to the Nelves.
The dragon flights have a personal investment in keeping Amidrassil safe along with those who made a home under it. They also have their full powers back
The Green dragons aka the best friends of the Nelves for millennia are living next door.
It seems like Amidrassil will be sacred to everyone in Azeroth who is not pure evil.

I do not think that the Nelves will experience strife again anytime soon.
Not until they will remake the old world within 2 expansions

I’m very curious about these things too, both if it’s supposed to be a new capital and especially if it’s Alliance-exclusive, because if it’s going to be a neutral zone, that would be ridiculous (A good occasion to call it a “Slap in the face”), no Horde in the Night elves’ new home, they (literally) know what they did!


Easy answer. On the Teldrassil so the tree will be best it can be. I will not leave Kalimdor for Amirdrassil. I can still have my heartstone in Darnassus and I am not moving from there.

And yes. they screwed up Malfurion because strong male character can’t be present in disneyzzard :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, but it’s not. At least it’s not so far with the information we have.

  1. We know it’s a tree born from Elune/Tyrnde tear, turned into seed, inbued with dead Night Elven souls.
  2. It cannot be Night Elven home away from their homeland. Northren/south western Kalimdor. Dream Portals cannot be used to transfer troops. so if majority of Night Elves move there Kalimdor is left to the mercy of horde which is reward to horde for genocide and ethnic cleansing.
    3 Dragon isles, Ohn’aran planes are a tundra, except for small area around amirdrassil.
    Night ELves don’t need neutral races. In fact blizzard has proved that Night Elves can’t count on either Green dragonflight, Stone giants and chimeeras. Assets they had in WC3. Trees of Life, Wonder, War etc included.
    4 Which means Dragonflights care only about amirdrassil and their powers not Night Elves. If they gave a flying f about Night Elves genocide wouldn’t happen
    5 Where was green dragonflight in BFA?
    6 ANd that is a problem because it suggest even horde will be able to enter it. Which makes Amirdrassil, what? A neutral city. Wanna bet when Lordaeron/undercity will be re designed it will be horde only?

You seriously underestimate blizzard’s hate towards Night Elves :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yup, well. We know how much blizzard and especially danuser LOVE Night Elves :stuck_out_tongue:
Thank Elune for time portal in Darkshore so my characters can still stay in Darnassus.

The thing is. We don’t know nothing. Which is frustrating and annoying. As danuser and rest of his team says: Wait and see.
Night Elf players expect the worst, because we got only worst and most of us don’t and dare not even hope for the best

that is the one good thing about that location.

But what does it mean for the night elf zones in Kalimdor and the Broken isles?

A new home, but they’ve lost all the other places they called home. I’m sure they’ll still be quests etc, and they’ll be fighting to get them back in the revamp, and maybe this time winning.

I’d imagine that’s coming in future expansions. People can’t seem to let stories develop over time

yep, I get that because we have done a raid and stuff we might not get any thing new specifically designed for the night elves, at least for a city till maybe the rrevamp? And they revamp either Eldre’thalas or or Nar’thalas using the new architecture we saw in legion for Suramar upgraded.

How they Could Do A City Easily
But I’m thinking that it won’t be hard to do a night elf city, look they did ruins of Zin’Azshari by mix -matching the Nar’thalas ruins, I’m thinking they could easily give them a city, by mix-matching Suramar - II mean these guys are from there after all, likely some of the designers and Ancient builders and Highborne who built Suramar are still around - as they are the ones that survived, as well as the Shen’dralar who are the guys that handled all the empires major arcane works, the truly impressive stuff - Azshara’s top projects, often processed in secret the lore says (possibly because she didn’t want to know someone else developed them and take all the credit).

There is lore to easily explain magicking a city quickly… when you think that the night elves built Darnassus, without Highborne and arcane help in under 4 years, probably about 1-2 years, seeing Teldrassil had to grow first, they’d do it faster now they have both ancients and Highborne back together, the same combo that built all those cities in the pre-sundering era the lore books say.

From a design perspective, just take the various quarters of Suramar and the palace, and the Cathedral temple and re-arrange them. I would put the Cathedral in the centre of the new city , and the Highborne palace and mage academies using the Suramar buildings on one edger of the city, then add the quarters for residential homes for citizens, then Highborne homes which would be the type we saw in Suramar’s east quarter, then we’d have a few groves, like huger parks, and then the trading and crafts man sections, on the upper reaches, with the new Moonwell in the centre of the temple grounds.

That way they can at last give a great design, without much effort, because face it, it is night elf architecture, and what are the chances of them actually building a city from scratch?

The Forest, City Groves/Parks and Gardens

Now for this, it would be the Emerald dream zone transposed, but with a twist.

At night, it will have the aura of Ardenweald, since the tree is linked to both realms. So they’d have to simply duplicate the colour scheme for Ardenweald at night, maybe have an altenrate model with the constellation tree tops that make the night elves look as if they are amongst the stars… can you imagine how col it would be, if at night time, the city seemed like it was in the stars? And the forest had that Ardenweald vibe?

How much work? Well they could transpose much of Ardenweald and say the realm shifts to a portion of the weald in our waking world, or they could recolour but swap some of the tree’s visages, almost as if they conform to the pattern of Ardenweald.

This would look pretty neat. And maybe server as a starting area for a Sylvar allied race? or a night elf worgen or were-elf race ? /hint /hint

Or maybe they have something entirely different planned that will blow our minds, and have a solid role in the events of Azeroth to come, and not just be ditched and forgotten.

It’s a HELL of a lot more than many races that have been without their own real home since the start of the game.

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The whole storyline has dragged on for 5 years of dead ends, meandering detours, and “Close, but no cigar”-moments, it has taken quite long enough, thanks.