Any wotlk servers coming soon?

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sure man :joy:


IF they add TBC and WoTLK… I will be a VERY busy woman with FAR too little time :laughing:


As some above have said, I do hope classic paves the way to TBC. I came in at the tail end of vanilla and loved TBC. For me it had the right balance of having fixed some things, made some things better and before changes started coming in that slowly detracted from the game that I enjoyed. I’d happily park in a TBC release, particularly in pvp.


The issue with BC / Wotlk servers is that it would divide the classic playerbase and may just empty whole servers.

Dunno how they plan to deal with that kind of scenario but server merges & mass free transferts aren’t really great for the community overall. Whatever comes after classic will happen at the expense of the current classic servers, and that’s something they will probably keep in mind.


Vanilla, TBC, Wotlk and retail, all at once. This is my dream.

As long as Vanilla/TBC/Wotlk are rolling out fresh with merge every ~3 years it will be fun forever.


They could make larger servers, and just have one or two at each exp :woman_shrugging: ? Dunno, but it would indeed be awesome if we got it - in time

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at least 4 years minimum. (2 years for classic to run its course, 2 years for TBC to run its course, and any extra time between classic-tbc, and tbc-wotlk.

while i liked the nostalgia of creating a classic character last week mainly cause of the loading screen and music, this is what i also dont get. we KNOW everything that is going to happen in classic for the next 2 years. that was not the case back in 2004. we dont even know whats going to happen in 8.3.

true. all those skilled staff and finances which could go into reestablising current wow and making it as loved a game as it was back in vanilla - WotLK.

in what way? wotlk did quite well in most things even though if i had to choose, i might say TBC is my fav. defiantly for quality of life wotlk opened up a lot of things which should have been there from day 1.

dont give them ideas. though, that means in 11 years, a WoD server. im not sure which one im more scared of xD

i think Ion has already floated the ideas of TBC and WotLK re-releases but they are being cagey atm to see how vanilla does.

THIS is such an important point! and with blizzard refusing to shut down low pop servers cause of the image it will give that blizzard actually are losing players, this would be a split that i dont think would work well.
its “hard” enough keeping 1 main up to date in BfA, imagine doing that in 2-4 different games? if you wanted to play BfA, Classic, TBC and WotLK it would be near impossible to have a well geared/established character on each game, let alone if you wanted alts!

are you advocating for your account to be wiped clean every 2 years and redo the same 1-60, 60-70 or 70-80 content? what would be the point in bothering ever? at least atm, you could have quit in vanilla and come back today, and your lvl 60 toon would still exist (as long as the server does).


Oh Odin classic hasn’t come out yet and they already want wotlk did you all get bored of Classic already?.


No no, nothing would be deleted. Fresh realms open and you can choose to stay and/or roll fresh. When the realms reach last phase they merge after 1 year or so, and the cycle continue. Like on private servers. Have kept it fun to play for many years.


Isn’t it the same engine from 2004?


Maybe in 2025.

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2023 we will have wotlk servers.

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So, you guys looked at any good retirement packages to go along with another cycle of wow? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I beat lich king just before my incontinence got rly bad :upside_down_face:

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im a little confused still. i never played private servers so i dont know how they work.

do you mean that though that
a) if you decide not to roll fresh, you will be stuck with no content while others are getting the “content” again, and
b) if you do roll fresh, you’re still just doing the same content you did for the last 2 years, which we have originally done back in 2004-2008?

while some may like this, i personally wouldn’t, and struggle to see why it is appealing, but then again, some people like feet :s

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If Classic is successful, perhaps in two years we will have Burning Crusade realms. If those are successful, in another two perhaps WotLK realms. I really wouldn’t expect anything faster than 4 years, and only conditioned by Classic being popular anyway.

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If classic is a success I would have thought Wrath servers would be a no-brainer. The game was at its peak in terms of popularity.

Also, paid faction changes and race changes were introduced in Wrath, so Blizzard would be able to monetize it without causing an uproar.

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So What you are saying is that Blizzard was basically right?

You thought you did, but you didn’t. I mean Classic hasn’t even went LIVE yet, and people are projecting. This thread needs to be engraved onto a baton, and smacked at anyone who wants Classic.

Stop Asking to be 15 years younger. It will not Happen. You wanted Classic? Take Classic. You want TBC as well? What the heck, so you didn’t want Classic after all? You want WotLK? What the everliving……right, so you really did just want a time machine to feel younge-Cataclysm? Are you kidding me! Do you just want a retread of the entire franchise?

It is bad, but predictable, that the Classic whiners also want TBC…

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so we will introduce one of the things that started wow becoming bad? :rofl: faction change killed horde on Ghostlands during wotlk.

nope. not at all.

not everyone. some people never played vanilla or TBC so their “high point” would have been wotlk which was also the high point in the game. and whos to say those people wanting wotlk servers would not ALSO want classic?

the problem with WoW, and most mmo games is that we can’t “go back” to them. how many people have picked up an old game one day and replayed it, either on the original format or through an emulator. sonic? mortal kombat? super mario? people still play tetris ffs! i personally go back and play dawn of war 1 every now and again, and if i could get it to work on a modern computer, i would play Severance: Blade of Darkness, Shadows of the Empire and the X-wing and Tie Fighter games.
the problem is we can not play any previous expansion because the game has been changed from what it was, and because it is on the blizzard servers as an mmo, not on our computers. i dont blame people wanting to go back and play old games, vanilla included. hell i’ve gone back and played games on the BBC master from the 80’s! repton anyone?

come on, lets be serious :rofl: