Anyone actually been on beta?

I am on there and burst is MUCH worse than this xpac, but hopefully tuning is done fast. Currently some specs will kill you one second into a stun, and i mean that, no hyperbole, you will straight up get decimated in a literal second ro two. One shots are actually one shots.

WW for example literally one tapping everything with a single button that can take your entire 250k hp if it crits. Havoc is absurd, they have something like a 25 second cc chain, and can also tap you out with a hunt and ED or EB. warrior got some dumb bleed out talent that taps you, fury also taps you with some ability, dnno what. Arcane and shadow are godlike, UH will haymaker you harder than live while not dying, Priest healers can one tap you, Resto shamans will take you from 60% to dead, resto druids will kill with heals (YES, you did read that right). Enhance can can one tap you with ele blast, i mean everyong is getting crit 230k - 260k with that crap.


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If what you say is true, I have to ask, why such ridiculous state is there at first place? This doesnt sound like tuning issue. This sounds more like an entire rework required to even be somewhat playable. If they have to reduce dmg/healing of certain abilities by 90%, then probably the dev behind it is kinda clueless.


the problem is the same talents , speccs etc etc have to function in both pve and pvp.

whats balanced in pvE may be wildly overpowered in PvP. so seperate scaling to be applied, you cant expect to be able to hit as hard in PvP as u do in PvE that is balanced.

because players have 100k HP, bosses have 50 million hp.

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And you think the plan is to hit for 300k in pve and for 30k in pvp? That doesnt sound right, at all.

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my point is, to balance a game for 2 sides of the game on a Singular build is flawed and one side will suffer. this is why we saw a huge increase in PvP only genres such as MoBAs and Battle royales.

the CC and More required in PvE Content, isnt problematic. because the mobs and usuage of large abilities can match that of a teams ability to access.

where in PvP it turns into a major stun lock fest and Requires heavy DR to deal with to prevent players just lock down and annihilating. PvP sadly suffers because the games developing its classes around PvE content and then simply using Modifers to adjust that build in PvP content and matching it up the best they can.

its nothing to do with clueless devs, its more to do with the fact balancing the game around 2 modes has ALWAYS failed. without quite litterally slicing the class.


PvP version of the class is different to the PvE version of the class, so they can be completely solely balanced seperately as a whole.

Tried beta and yes. Numbers are out of control.
On rdruid I can facetank burst if it doesn’t 1 shot because of how overtuned hots are. Stuns hardly matters you gotta kill in 2-3 globals. And on ench shaman you crit 200k+ ele blast… And offheal more than a warrior does damage too…

Everything is broken on beta

I think the ilvl scaling is so bonkers.
I was surprised when i turned on watmode and my ele blast went from 150k to 250k lol

tuning is so far off, i dont even know what to say to that mess.

chaos bolt 70k while starsurge does 100k (instant spamable - you can easily chain 10 starsurges lol)

ele blast does 250k while stormstrike does 15k. my frost shock hits for 80k. unfortunately i can make a build that does 600k dmg in 3 gcds but i would rrally ahte to play that build.

templars verdict also hits for over 200k followed by instant 150k divine storm

ferocious bite also hits for 100k+ while rip ticks for 20k+

meanwhile evoker hits for 10k with all spells lol

considering you would need to nerf ele blast by 60-80% so that i will not delete you anymore gives you a really weird feeling.
same goes of course for all the other bonkers stuff.

ret palas, ww, fury, arms, dh, shadow, boomy, feral all have dmg out of this world atm and i do not expect that ww or ret will be nerfed heavily.

you know what the fun part about this is? from simple DPS they seem to hover around all at 40k. while destro and feral was at 35k for mr. so from pve persepective blizzard may think everything is tuned very well?

I think wow pvp will come to who types faster /kill opponent:))

I think some pvp devs are ry into songoku god 0.5 sec wannabe god burst damage

Jokew aside, they rly have time to tune most of the stuff , beeeing that they only need to adress talents and nodes.

Not like in sl- leggos, conduits, talents etc
Mhope for the best, expect a s show

Thats what it was in legion and killed world PvP entirely because you had a bear tank with one million hp oneshotting all other players with one aoe

They would also need to comeback to some ifentity class design with cons&pros for classes.

Nowadays wow/ every class has strong defensives, intrerupts, kicks.

There s no class identity beside name of the class and range.

Most melees can dash around like some ferarri”s

Having kick, mobility, burst.

Hunters have traps, silences, etc.

The game was way more fun when classes complemented eachother

Like warr need it a hpala for freedom or resto shammy for more burst.

But it rly was 2 diff playstyle”s for warr

Either more damage, either more freeeom in arena.

Now it doesnt matter, cuz u fan zug, zug even with a dk to a degree.

I”m just hoping for damage nerfs atleat.

Playing a healer in Sl was the worst experience in wow pvp for me

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The current numbers are far from being set and they announced a few days ago that they starting working on bugs and numbers.

These numbers sound pretty crazy. And I thought 35k dps as sub and outlaw was bad in honor gear

ive been on beta since day one, and there has been almost 0 pvp testing, aside form soloq shuffle, that got removed like 2 weeks ago when pvp vendors were added, there has been tuning so far, lots of classes are overtuned, and some classes are ever stronger than them

SP, lock, arcane, fury, hunter are overtuned? ww is stronger than all of these. what he said about ww is true, even when we played rankedsoloq, with cdew, and all blizzcon players, ww would win 5 or 6 out of 6 rounds all the time.

ive cried about the situation of not having an EU free lag server and 0 pvp testing in trade chat a few time, and the response from pvp handies is that pvp should just be removed because this is a pve game.
I wont even explain how pissed i was at this answer, because one of them actually sent “feedback” remove pvp and then texted me about it.


As soon as AWC-games goes on longer than 1-2 minutes Blizzard thinks its fine and a l2p-issue, which they by all means may be right about.

I’ve always been of the opinion that dmg tuning, as a reference, should be around PvP, because you can always scale PvE difficulty to be relatively the same, but you can’t scale players without affecting both contents.


I still think they should have kept the mop gearing for pvp. With pvp power and Resilience.

Or tune down PvE to Match pvp scaling.

It’s called beta for a reason.

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sweet little summer child


Beta/PTR don’t even have tuning yet… Tuning pass will be made in the upcoming weeks until release. They’ve stated so