Anyone else already mentally in Shadowlands ?

I think BFA as a whole is/was probably a 4/10 for me as a whole. I can’t stand the AP grind, but i like the essences. I know pretty much everyone is kind of playing the same essences so it’s not a very polished system but to me it made the game more fun for obvious reasons. BFA is also where i stopped raiding with a guild because i cba to deal with guilds anymore so i am now in a very small guild with friends and we plan to do our own Raids in 8.3 . Just going for curve as always and then get as many mythic bosses as we can. I’m most likely also not going to bother with pushing 2k again in M+ next season, i’ll get my 15s for the Mount and title and then be done with it.

Ever since i saw the Cinematic the first time i’ve been way too excited about Shadowlands. I know it’s still arround a year away but from the things they’ve said, it sounds incredibly good (Yes i am aware we will have to wait to see the final product).

As soon as i’m done getting what i want in 8.3 i’m probably going to do a lot of old content for transmogs, achievements, mounts, and also try to get a bit more into PvP.

Anyone else kind of ready for Shadowlands already ? :smiley:


I like what i’ve seen so far , yea for some reason bfa bored me more then the other expansion .
Still i personally don’t like building up expectations for anything .
One of my life’s philosophy is not to assume or expect .
Will see when we play it .

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It kinda feels like BFA is over even though theres still a whole patch coming that features a Old God… yet I don’t really care anymore :sweat_smile:

N’zoth who?!


Since the announcement I haven’t felt compelled to do anything in-game that progresses my character. Just feels like a waste of time, and the AP and essence grind on alts is too painful.


Sort of, I’d like to have a pop at N’zoth and see Ny’alotha first, piqued my PvE interest, but I’m pumped for Shadowlands ASAP.

But I don’t want them to rush anything, seems like a lot of SL is up in the air, and I hope they nail it :smile:

Same! Im really feeling like its kind of over already, regardless of what happens in 8.3


He needs to stop whispering and start yelling :nerd_face:


I dont care about ap grind, since u can get AP basicly from everything… What bugs me are essences that are not acount wide and some of them requires weeks to obtain (especialy higher ranks)

I am currently gearing my Alliance main and my motivation to do Naz/Mecha again is basically 0. I dont understand why they cant be accountwide :frowning:

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Yeah im probably just going to level a Vulpera to be my new main and then go through all the old content grinding reps up and stuff instead of bothering really with the 8.3 content.

Exactly, i returned after some time so now working towards my essences on druid, also i need rep for flying, its a daily locked grind but w/e i need and want those, but i also wanna play my paladin where i need same essences and well… Not sure if i wanna force myself again to do it

Wish the Shadowlands would drop like next week or something. Can we skip 8.3 please? There’s literally nothing in this patch that makes me interested, let alone excited lol.

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I hope the new patch brings the lvl squish so I can get started on lvling a few alts…doubt it though :frowning:

Does disenchanting all your plate helmets counts as already mentally being in the Shadowlands?
Asking for a friend…


Fun fact I didn´t even completed those zones cause its such dull content- But thing is we must wait one year for next xpac… so looooooong time.

:rofl: :clap: :clap:

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Right now I just care about working on my alt collection and getting all the toons I need for next expansion to max level.

Yes it does! :rofl:

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Yeah that would be nice, but probably not happening yet :frowning:

Leveling does go quite fast right now though, especially in the AV event.

Not me, that’s for sure. I am at home.