Anyone from day one Nordrassil are still playing?

/waves to all

First ever character warrior tank same name as now Nordrassil Alliance (January 2005) now he resides on stormscale as horde and retired :) :)
Back on the game after a little break and back on my 1st ever server.

Have fun all
Still here from day 1, though transferred a few to Nordrassil/BDF Horde side.

In the past I mostly played "other" mage, Aastarius.
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I used to play on Nordrassil since the beginning of Vanilla until somewhere in WoTLK, also as a member of Wolf Guards, back then my hunter was named Wantednight, mostly as a social, laid back member.
This hunter is still my main, only name has changed. Also like to play tank, still till this day can't stand playing as a healer.
05/08/2018 02:19Posted by Nadaniente
Started on alliance in nov 2005, first as warlock (litherata) and later druid (xandria) and still around on nordrassil [horde]. /wave

An ancient picture from those days...

Nice one Xandria I totaly remeber when we took that photo. still playing here.
If anyone still on Nordrassil or BDF wanting to find a nice social guild with casual raiding..

Come to <Immortality>, we could use some more! :)

Have a mighty fine day everyone! <3

A blast from the past this post that I’ve found a bit late! Playing on Nordrassil since October 2005, started as Halavin from Wildrunners and soon changed to my beloved noamie! Many hugs to Lonne and Corst and a special hug to Greywind from Faeryl ! So hurt that I wasn’t in the gnome list tsk tsk

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Aw , special hugs much appreciated :smiley: Problem is there were many gnomes who liked to BBQ my Cow butt the moment I trotted into the flag room it’s tough to keep track of everybody . Usually because I’d be dead pretty fast :stuck_out_tongue:
And more shout-outs to the old WSG regulars JRI , Mist , Odessa , Lilsneak , Ironmonkey , Nikos .

as a heads up the Vanillafriends site that popped up recently has some old-school crew listed , so if you’re looking for an old pal and they’ve got a contact listed there , go re-connect .

as for myself my original Epic Cow Greywid is now grazing green pastures on Draenor and I raid as pun-making Worgen on Shadowsong ^^

Still on nordrassil since 2005 as eyecandy priest, ohhlord shammy, eyeron Druid and now vesi demon hunter. Saying hello to any everlong, mystic and last legion out there. Hope to see you all back in classic.
And yes I remember a lot of the names above… good times

played on and off since 2 weeks after the server came up

Hi Eyecandy. This is Medhu from Mystic. I basically don’t play anymore, but I am dreaming to play a little wow classic if I have time. Your Murlocimitation on ventrilo is unforgetable:)

It’s been said, the one who is named ‘Marliej’ still holds true to his duty of milling every herb in Azeroth. To this day he can be found in any significant AH trying to make a few coppers from unsuspecting players, who will pay treble to buy the wares Marliej just bought out 3 minutes earlier.

The demon army is kept in check, do not fear. As for my duty to the Light, it shall not falter. I am the holder of the Light and Sacred Guardian of Ironforge’s catacombs. I shall prevail!

I played back in the day!

I was Shannon, Human Mage who started out in Wildrunners, but was in Unit and Fallen Legion at some point along the way. I still remember so many funny stories and so many names from this thread and who I used to play with!

My favourite times were spent dancing in WSG with the horde before the server merge!

I reactivated my sub last month but I’ve lost contact with most of the people I used to play with now, I’d love to know if anyone from the old days is still around.

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Such a nice responses , and for the most of names mentioned i do remember them…
Looking forward to classic coming out…back to OG

Cya in IF sitting next to wm’s waiting for bg… :wink:

Wow, Bluemage, haven’t seen that name in a long time.
Played Nordrassil only in my 14 years of playing wow. Started with a Hunter called Jackieboi. And then switched mains throughout further expansions. Exision a human warrior. Pplsaver a human priest and Robomage a human mage. Nice to see all of these old nordrassil names, very nostalgic and i hope to see some similar names on Classic

Good health to you all.

Better late than never i guess

Boru Ne Hunter
Unit - Splinter - The Gauntlet - Horde empire ( tauren druid named Lobo )

Now playing classic on Pyrewood Village pve server with a lot of nordrassilians
from mystic , lords of kobol and some others

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Hey man , Classic Server Pyrewood Village pve alliance -
Guild is called Ancient :slight_smile: say hello

Haha Bubs man nice to see u alive
BTW Im on Dreadmist / Sinfull Ally Warr so if u on gimme a /w

Have fun all

Wow lot of familiar names! Nordrassil was my first server, eventually at cap raiding with Eternal Spirits as Ravenlordv (Nelf Hunter) and later Demoniaca (gnome lock) in 2006ish.

I’ve recently returned to Nordrassil having rolled a brand new char. Anyone from the old days still around come and say hi to Sterre (Nelf warrior)

Nordrassil was my first server! Greetings from me, I still playing my druid and I have ended up to Quel Thalas server. I was member of Wildrunners and then Omega.
Nearly abandoned the retail and now I am back in classic (same class, same name) in Nethergarde Keep server.

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