Apply to Join the WoW Community Council

We’ve opened our application form for the 2023 WoW Community Council.

If you’d like to be considered for the Council group, please fill out and submit the application here by 21:00 CET on 3 January 2023.

Thank you!


Hi, what has community council done for the game yet 2022?


A lot of stuff I assume. A few changes like more customization options, less restrictions and I think the skill trees were influenced by CC feedback in the US forums.

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Its seems like “we will select people from whom we will take suggestions for change as a priority, and they will draw their ideas from the suggestions on the forum”

So you are looking for new people who’s ideas and suggestions you publicly are going to ignore?


yea exactly! blizzard only thinking about buying yachts they dont care about the game only money :smiley:

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Yay, just what we needed, more lapdogs.

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In the past it was difficult to get feedback for ideas and it felt that the us forums were far better in terms of communication “with the blues” . It is difficult even without that to not get lost in the various posts and find things that you are intrested in and want to upvote as you feel the same about a particular issue.
The council might be exactly what can help here to channel the feedback and concentrate the efforts to where they are needed most.

what nah they are totally listing this time guys blizzard has changed and its totally not just a PR stunt to salvage their broken reputation :smiley: just look at all the stuff the previous council managed to push into the game oh wait … most of it was ignored :smiley:

I rather not be involved with a kangaroo court, thanks.

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