Are any of you other rogue players actually happy with rogue in current game?

(Vulrin) #1

Just curious to see really, I know I’m not. the design feels awful, the execution of the class feels really weak sauce when compared side by side with other class fantasy’s. With every expan they pruned rogue-like abilities from rogue or made it tier based so you ended up taking passives over rogue-esque abilities.

really do have to feel like the leather man’s warrior TBH every time I log and look at my toon like “what have they done to muh boi”


My gripes are more dps wise for the assassin spec:
If they just boost poison bomb’s proc rate to 7% per combo point it would make a huge difference for me.

As a competitive player I got frustrated when other classes can keep up with you on ST but whenever any aoe is involved they surpass me effortlessly.

Also the idea of debuffing the enemy ( vendetta ) vs. buffing yourself is an extremely limiting mechanic. A small Aoe vendetta ( lorewise: getting revenge on a group of people Steven segal style ) would make vendetta MUCH more flexible.

I love the class lore and as an assassin being a predator\riddick hybrid is awesome but in the end it’s the numbers that count.

P.s. a new weapon transmog option would be great as daggers are getting stale.

(Sherimoon) #3

Totally agree about vendetta. It’s very frustrating to have a cooldown that does nothing for aoe.
But I don’t feel too sorry for myself when I look at the poor sub rogues.

(Mojomane) #4


Yes, outlaw need a little nerf to blade flurry, but overall Rogue is in a great place (Outside of PvE Sub rogue).

Assassin is one of the strongest patchwerk dps, with the correct traits one of the strongest M+ speccs due to constant AoE and a good spec for multi target fights (like jadefire).

Outlaw is the strongest M+ spec and one of the stronger patchwerk DPS(If you have good rolls), i wouldn’t play it for progression, but it’s 100% viable outside of WF races.

With the constant restealthing you have to deal with in M+ as assassin, i still get the feeling of being a sneaky assassin, while outlaw feels like a combat specc, which is exactly how it should feel.

Apart from the cutting the stealing and lock picking(Apart from Tol’Dagor) i have the feeling rogue is one of the speccs with the most class identity left.


I came back a few months ago and dusted off my rogue. Tried sublety, liked it but got bored too fast.

I’ve had expansions I mained rogue, but now I cant. So yes, basically this tells me I don’t like rogue much these days. Its gotten to easy


Yeah I like it. Both outlaw and assa. Sub not so much atm


im very happy with my fotm reroll


From what I have seen since TBC rogues seem to be Fotevereyexpansionevermade.

(Egeszsegere) #9

we got no right to complain, when it comes to utility and dps. it depends on the individual, if s/he likes the playstyle.
we are gods of m+ and theres always room for 1-3 rogues in raids.
i dont do alot of pvp, but i think were ok there aswell.

assassin has good single target and amazing dot cleave. we lack aoe burst, but we can play around with some traits and talents, to get good aoe, at the expense of single target.
i like assassin playstyle, but the energy regen can be a little too slow on pure single target.
i love it on 2+ targets with alot of health, when using the subterfuge talent and shrouded sufforcation trait.

i hate outlaw roll the bones and pistol shot proc rng.
it can be fun when the rng isnt too bad.
blade flurry is our aoe “i win” button. same poopy (edit for mature language lol) playstyle, but with big numbers.

ive only played sub once this entire expac, yep mythic zul, before we got shuriken combo ripped away. i think its the first time in history, that a boss got nerfed by 5% hp, because of a single spec nerf.
as far as i can tell from logs, sub performs ok, just not as good as the other 2 specs.
but the spec is broken, after blizz completely removed what was supposed to be its niché. and now they dont know what to with it


No all classes get boring pretty quick now, gotta rotate between 8 specs across 3 120s.

(Anwéen) #11

Personally think Outlaw has been my favorite spec in all years i have played in WoW. Been playing it since Legion until now in Mythic Progress. But haven’t touched the rogue for a while now since there isn’t anything in the game for my rogue to do, nothing fun anyways (Don’t PvP). So right now I’m just farming and selling transmog for gold until 8.2 bring a few weeks of content.


No. I was happy with rogue in cataclysm. There was a lot more mechanism, and abilities for take down enemies. Rogues are kind of a joke compared to what it was before. Every pro gamer hates playing his main, because they dont feel it impactful, and meaningful, or simply the playstyle is boring right now. Which is kinda awful for an rpg game. There is a lot of content, but the playstyle is just boring. No one cares about world questing or, do mythic + or something else, everyone is caring about to their main’s playstyle. Btw content creators are awesome here, but class designers are just horrible. Everything should be accepted, but these prunes what they did to classes is unacceptable.

(Raizee) #13

Not really.
I want pre-Legion rogue back. Preferably pre-MoP even.
Subtlety especially doesn’t feel as good as it used to.
I want a hard hitting ambush back. I want harder hitting backstabs back. I want a meaningful shadow dance back. I also preferred the old sounds.

I don’t really care how much content there is in the game, it’s hard to enjoy it unless the core gameplay is also fun, which is the how the class plays

Rogue was really fun up until the class reworks in Legion, then it just got way less complex and less enjoyable.

(Hínáta) #14

Assassin lost it’s flavor in being the easy to play hard to master class, it’s just a mindless mix of poison and bleed that is easier than what It used to be.

Outlaw is as RNG as they come, the only thing making me like it is gouge and the range + on your attacks.

Outlaw maybe OP but it’s not fun to play, it’s either frustrating or good, never awesome unless you somehow managed to get 5 buffs at a really good window.

Sub has died to me ever since WoD launched.

(Valkiá) #15

I’m probably in the minority here but I honestly like Outlaw. Yes it’s simple AF, but I’m retarded so that’s nice for me. Yes the RNG is annoying and I die inside every time I get like a 5 buff or something during trash instead of during heroism…
But honestly overall I love my rogue still, I love stealth, I love blind, I love sap, I love having a pistol for ranged attacks, I love the idea of a pirate/outlaw type etc.
Go ahead and rage at me now.

(Vulrin) #16

Everyone has their say and are entitled to an opinion, the class design is nice I agree - Its just a shame I’m sure most are too late to the party to realise what rogue was compared to the husk it is now.


I wish it could be more but i agree on this 100%.

When you said you even liked the old sounds more i was like: hell yeah.

Rogue from vanilla and tbc felt like a rogue. Was a rogue main in tbc


Nope, been playing rogue since vanilla and it’s never felt this bad. Assassination and outlaw are both incredibly boring specs and sub feels like trying to dps as a healer. GCD changes made most classes feel very slow and unresponsive. Worst xpac by FAR for me.

Content may have been somewhat bad in WoD but at least some classes were fun to play. Now every aspect of the game feels absolutely terrible because the core class and combat mechanics are worse than ever. It won’t matter if they add 10000 hours worth of good content when the very foundation of the game is utterly broken and watered down.


My two cents as a very casual player since vanilla;

Yes it’s still fun, for a casual player. I can’t speak for the raiders etc cus I’m not one of them. But as someone who logs back in for a few months every other expansion it’s good fun.

I like it, probably my favourite spec. It has the class fantasy down. Poisons, bleeds, stealth. Great st dmg and good aoe when talented. A bit bland rotation wise at first glance, but I actually think it’s quite interesting with target tabbing dots etc. Traits are good fun too.

The pirate, I like the idea. Roll the bones is great, I am one of those ppl that actually like RNG. Feel like a god one moment and like a wet noodle the other. The rotation, however, not a fan. Too spammy for my taste. I just don’t really enjoy mashing buttons. All in all a fun spec none the less.

It’s a shame, really. The potential class fantasy is awesome. A Naruto, Itachi- blade shuriken shadow ninja? Yes give me more of that please. It just doesn’t seem to work tho. The cooldowns are supposed to be the spec’s bread and butter but all they do for me is make an already bland rotation even more bland. RNG (as in outlaw) is fun for me. But having your dps (and usefulness in a pug, for instance) cut in half outside your cooldowns, is not.

Happy with 2/3 tho so not that bad, from a casual player’s perspective …

(Dilga) #20

BfA is the expansion where I have been trying Rogue for the first time. PvE-wise Rogue is very good. I like control, high burst, quick strong damage, sneaking and stalking :slight_smile: I also have Feral which is similar but Feral has way better survivability. I like raids because major parts are ST and I enjoy Assassination. M+ are different because I haven’t manage to get right azerites and I end up at the bottom due to lack of AoE.

In terms of PvP, I must say it’s hard. When burst damage and control abilities expire, I feel I am like an open plate to every other melee class such as Paladin, DK, Warrior, DH who are equally geared as me! The other classes at least have limitrted mobility so I can escape. The classes I mention here have really high self-healing, especially the first two. Unless there is some support next to me so I can endure waiting time, I usually fail against them in open WPvP.