Are we getting the fresh servers for Cata?

Are we getting the fresh servers for Cata


I doubt it. As this would mean having to transfer charas from one WoTLK realm to another new realm. unless everyone is forced to start new.

Fresh servers doesn’t mean the Wotlk server will not get updated to Cata.

Fresh servers - like they did with Wrath - would mean new fresh servers for the pre-patch.
Servers that you cannot transfer to or boost on. Forcing all players to level from the beginning, with a new economy and all that.

I havent seen any information about fresh realms for Cata, and it would require them to also remove the ability to buy WoW Tokens.

I actually think it would be a smart idea with a few semi-hardcore fresh realms with no transfer, no boost, no token, where everyone start from the beginning.
But will there be enough players?

I’ll be leveling a new toon on Firemaw, I personally have no intention of starting on a fresh realm… But I’m also a casual player who like the ease-of-access the token gives me… So what do I know! :rofl:

If they make fresh servers I would level on fresh. If they don’t I need to know in order to get my characters up to speed on current wotlk server, because my chars are stuck at lvl 70 right now.

I’m not sure why they don’t publish this information now so people know what’s up?

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Remember how the “Fresh” wotlk server died within few months. I doubt they repeat that.

i will be happy if there will be fresh servers
its true on WOTLK they died in few months, but it was the best few months of the game

and even if there will not be fresh servers, it will be nice from blizzard to publish it :slight_smile:

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well they died cause transfers opened and people left,just dont open em this time and they will be playable,even if low pop

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I doubt they will do that.

Cataclysm still has a stigma with Classic players and it’s mostly for the revamped 1-60.
It would be weird to lean into the worst “feature” of the expansion.

People make alts these days and there’s nothing with less replay-ability than the “hand hold you through a deluge of questing on rails”.

I also think a whole bunch of classic enthusiasts are likely to exit after the trilogy.
Realm merges more likely than “fresh” imho.

it doesnt have to be really heavy investment,just 1 fresh server or 2 if you wanna have a pvp and pve server and thats it

It would also be neat if they could apply some of the lessons learned from SoD. What if they were to release one new pvp server with enforced faction balance? If one looks at the Ironforge server stats, it seems to have worked out okay-ish for SoD.

I think we’ve seen that players will always migrate to where they think the grass is greener. I was very much a proponent of small servers, as I think they foster stronger communities, but I also no longer think that servers are possible the way they were in the past because of how the playerbase behaves. So I think they should investigate new solutions, maybe even implement some retail features of linking servers.

… and I absolutely hate the fact that I suggest this. Cross-server server sharding in retail was one of the worst features, but right now our options in Classic Wrath is mega-server or dead server. And mega-servers are so darn populated they pretty much simulate the environment of cross-server sharding.

The world revamp in Cata was more tailored to a single-player experience. But I don’t think that our current world has any more replay value. I feel like people are looking for optimal ways to skip as much as possible, decking themselves out in heirlooms which renders every single quest item obsolete and they have instant access to cross-server dungeons that they then spam. Wrath does not have good replay value. I don’t think TBC did either. Maybe vanilla did, for a while?

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I was waiting for the fresh server announcement. Not touching Cata to be super behind everyone else. Even if it’s one PVE and one PVP server per region it’s more than enough and gives people a chance to experience freshness again :slight_smile:


Seems pretty doubtful now…

As an altoholic I just hope they remove the character limit per server now that there are so few PvE servers left. :pray: