Free Character Transfers – Wrath of the Lich King Classic

Hey all,

In preparation for the launch of Cataclysm Classic, we will be closing several low-population realms. To prepare for this we are going to be opening Free Character Moves from these realms to other, higher population realms. We are also going to be utilizing the technology introduced recently in Season of Discovery to allow each of our destination realms to hold a far higher number of players than was previously possible.

|Hydraxian Waterlords|EN|------->|Mirage Raceway|
|Hydraxian Waterlords|EN|------->|Pyrewood Village|
|Giantstalker|EN|------->|Mirage Raceway|
|Giantstalker|EN|------->|Pyrewood Village|
|Nethergarde Keep|EN|------->|Mirage Raceway|
|Nethergarde Keep|EN|------->|Pyrewood Village|

If you are currently playing on one of the source realms, we’d encourage you to make preparations to move as soon as you are able to do so. We will be moving all remaining characters on these realms to a new destination at some point after the launch of Cataclysm Classic. Moving your character before launch will allow you to have a choice of where you end up, so we’d encourage you to do so as soon as possible.


Damn, I came here to ask if there will be a server merge, this is even better.

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Please open up Golemagg for Nethergarde Keep. Loads of high end raiders already took transfers there and it would be great to reunite.

As Horde I’m not looking forward to joining high alliance population servers if those 2 are my only options

edit: ngl… this killed my hype for Cata :frowning:


Nethergard keep is a PVE server, Golemagg is PVP, so probably not going to happen.

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Very disappointing to not see Mirage, Pyrewood and Nethergarde being merged.


So? We can’t have the option to switch to a different style server? We can, and we should :slight_smile:

Can you at the very least free up all the names that are taken that haven’t been played in years. This has been done on retail many times, and in this case it makes a lot of sense to do so as it’s irritating having your guild rename its entire roster in some cases.


What about the guild banks? Are you going to provide easy ways to transfer guilds and their banks across?


TBC Classic, Wrath launch were full of queues, I’ve paid for more than one transfer due to that, and realms just dying out of population as well.
Gehennas>Hydraxian Waterlord>Ashbringer>Mograine and now Gehennas again?
There were delayed free character transfers, temporarily locked realms with absurd pricing on top of it all.


I second this, what’s going to happen with guilds? We’ve spent money on charters, banks, bank tabs, etc. Some of us have spent THOUSANDS on multiple guild banks. Why can’t we just have a merger?


why is nethergarde keep being forced to move when we are the same population “medium” , but we are being forced in to high alliance population servers leaving all servers alliance outnumbering horde , makes for a trash game in cata


I can’t make any sense of this, most likely I have to rename most of my characters cause the name already exist, and i really really don’t want that, why not just merge?

Will guilds be able to transfer?
Will bank alts be able to transfer or do they need to level to 10?
And in advanced, can I have a link to fix the ‘mailed to a wrong character’ cause of the forced name change?

I’m not against changes in general, but not forced transfers, while the option to just merge servers is an alternateve.

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That is so damn funny that my belly hurts :smiley:

Razorfen gets free transfer to everlook, both server 95% faction dominated.
Lakeshire doesnt get free transfer and has nearly the same amount of player ( or less!) as Razorfen and is also 95 faction dominated.

Funny thing here? Razorfen is 95% Horde and Lakeshire is 95% Alliance.

Guess what Everlook is :smiley: ALLIANCE

Poor Lakeshire, and poor Razorfen to be nearly forced to factionchange here after free transfer :<


When we transfer does that prevent us getting realm first achievements? As the realm first rules usually require a minimum amount of days on a realm.

You have the option; you pay for it.
Free transfers are never from pve to pvp and vice versa.

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edited by moderator Blizzard Seriously? We lost Celebras before and now you want Hydraxian Waterlords that whas left deliberate open instead of Celebras to delete too?


Go troll somewhere else please. You’re adding nothing valuable.

Decided to refund… very saddened as I was really looking forward, but the combination of our servers getting screwed and the content being released way too quick - giving Cata a life of max a year - is just too much :S

Our entire guild/raidgroup farmed, made money, leveled chars all ready for Cata :frowning: Sad.


Excuse me,

Is there a limit of characters to move or we can transfer all the chars from dying servers? Can we be surprised by the situation that during transfer some of chars can move and some of them could be blocked?

Dies Irea Alko run

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