Are we going to enter dragonflight with stuttering?

I’m really curious. Since the first day of pre patch, there has been a game stutter problem, and there have been pages and pages of topics. there is only 1 answer in the america forum?

hotfixes are constantly coming out, some small things are fixed. but what does this big problem await? opening day?

No explanation, the problem is there. when will you solve it? will the game be like this?

ads are never late, store mount sales are never missing, dragonflight screams everywhere, but the problem is huge, I don’t know how it looks to you from there, but if I’m a beginner right now, I’d return it. I would say this game is broken. please come up with a solution

If you can’t produce it, I want to know when I will restore this GxAllowCachelessShaderMode setting if the blue post is fixed at the top or not. I don’t want to search through old posts in the forum to see if there is an improvement in the american forum.


For now there is no solution. This behaviour of the WoW Dev Team shows how little competence they have. Matter of fact this problem persists since BfA but there was a couple of zones that had stutterings and lag spikes like Rusbolt, Boralus etc.
I can give examples with a company that was partner with Acti-Blizz years ago - Bungie. These guys were amazing, if there was any issue or a problem they acted immediately even if they have to stop the servers for maintenance… and that’s for a free to play game. We are standing here, paying sh*t ton of money for an expansion + subscription and we are having ACTUAL game client problems that are not fixed and no dev is talking about it.


i allready unsuscribed.

this new “dev” team dont deserve my money or my gold.

plenty of other awesome games to play.

I’m actually quite curious as to why none of the big WOW sites (WOWHead, IcyVeins et al) haven’t picked up on this at all. It’s almost as though they’re turning a blind eye to it all or something…

or maybe they dont have a clue what they have to do to fix it?

thats whats you get when your recruit based on diversity and inclusivity instead of professionalism.

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Because none of the BIG STREAMERS have the problem….
Just one,one big streamer with this kind of problem and we got something

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they actually do,some people dont mind playing with stutters.

others dont even know what is to play smooth.

most play with vsync / gsync off and thus play with inconstant frametimes,making stutters irrelevant.

i just saw a video of raiku making a dragon race and it was full of stutters.

some people dont even know what is to play with a frametime like this __________________________________________________________________________


It’s got nothing to do with recruiting based on diversity and inclusivity. Go and bang your bigot’s drum somewhere else. Recruiting based on diversity and inclusivity should be the default everywhere.

You’d do better to read what people actually write though - but don’t let that stand in the way of your bigotry.

sorry but i own a restaurant and i recruit based on professionalism and i never had problems with my employees.

you can stay with diversity and inclusivity for yourself.

all the blizzard professionals are on dreamhaven and notorious studios,its common knowledge by now.

what you have at blizzard ,well,its what you can see in the dragonflight reveal video,and its reflecting in the game.


do i need to say more?

people like you have very low quality standarts and eat any poop anyone trow at you.thats why for you,the game is fine,but personally,i dont like to play a half baked story,with half baked class,stutters and a android ui,and close to 0 support.

even more funny,is the expansion is more expensive and has half the quality/content of shadowlands that was considered the worse expansion.

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anyone checking american forums ? any news there ?

There are a couple of things that the community (we players) can do and that is to open tickets. Open tickets guys, don’t be lazy and don’t sleep on tickets.
I work in an IT company and our primary work is to answer tickets. We actually accumulate work time through the time that we spend to solve a problem.
So do it guys, open tickets about this technical issue, let them know that this issue exists and its not fixed. I can also suggest that you send them msconfig/dxdiag information too so they can see that this problem persists in different machines and builds.

i allready opened a ticket about the game stuttering and the guy told me to do a internet test,thats shows how professionalism is going around there xD

ofc i just canceled the ticket and unsuscribed.

Mark it as unsolved, write them again, if they answer you some bs again > mark it again as unsolved and write them again. It is the only way…
I opened a ticket and they pasted me the cvar that is the “temporary bandaid” which doesn’t even works :smiley:

thats cvar is allready baked in the last patch,doesnt do nothing.the problem is in the game loading players/assets poping in closer now,but hey,they dont have a clue so i just unsuscribed.

not gonna waste my time and money on a company that is on its last days.

maybe when microsoft takes over things get a bit better since i really like all microsoft games performance.they really have good and professional devs there.

forza 5 had similar problem with heavy stutters everytime the game load a player car with custom liveries,was fixed in 2 days.

but hey,microsoft :slight_smile:

the only thing i can really advice people like me,that has high quality standarts,is not to open a 30 days ignored ticket,its just to unsuscribe really.

nowadays theres no problem at all in not playing wow,you can just come back in catch up patch and do everything others have in 1 week.

There is a little bit of a stuttering problem in 10.0

But you just need to chill out a bit.
It will be fixed at some point soon when the fix actually aligns with a patch.

The game is still perfectly playable.

The stuttering only happens when entering a city anyway.

Nope that’s not true :smiley: The stutterings persists almost everywhere, people are reporting it in dungeons/bgs/raids etc.

I think its not about “chill out” but rather that players are mad about a service that they pay and they cannot have a decent experience. It’s like going to a cinema and half of movie the picture glitches or bugs… ofcourse we have the right to be mad. Customers are always right.

You are probably right that it happens in all sorts of content
But I don’t really notice it except in cities.

It’s just not bad enough to be interferring with my overall experience at the moment

As soon as 10.0.0 came out though my FPS was terrible in cities
That was the first place I noticed it

I’ve disabled Ray Tracing and all sorts and lowered Graphics but no luck correcting the issue yet

Well technically speaking, its not that bad but its a matter of POV. Some people like to play the game smoothly and without issues, others like my brother for example doesn’t care if he has low fps or stutterings. But we can all agree that if there is a problem within the game client, they should fix it asap, even before launch or on launch.

Stuttering is the new Season 1 affix in DF :slight_smile:


I thought it was just me with stuttering because I hadn’t seen any complaints anywhere. I’m glad it’s not me, I thought it was my PC, or if I always had these stutters and I’m just going crazy. But no, it has happened since 10.0, and happens anywhere.

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