Arena itme discoutn and point reset. blizard pls reply

I have VERY IMPORTANT question.
WIll be there arena S1 discount before points get reset? simple question wich everoyne who play areana wish know

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yes, one week before remaining arena points are converted to honor points

The following week (September 7 in this region), we’ll end Arena Season 1 with the regional reset. This will begin a one-week offseason, and the adjustments to Season 1 Arena and Honor gear costs will go into effect.

How much the discount is going to be is anyone’s guess.

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but it be happen before poitns go to reset or after?

You will have 7 days to buy Arena Season 1 parts at a reduced price before the arena points will be converted to honor.

so next week right? thx a lot for answer it was super hard to get any info

It was half the arena points on the PTR. How much they actually will reduce it by on live is anyone’s guess.

Wasn’t it also 20% at some point? Or was that in original TBC?

Burning Crusade Classic Patch 2.5.2 Content Timeline It’s a cool post. You can go to tbc wowhead to get latest blue posts also

No idea. I didn’t actually play the PTR, just logged in to check changes to pvp gear since it wasn’t written down anywhere. And yes, the rep set is identical to the current honor set stat wise, but looks different.

you posting the blue post where ppl asking same question as me bcouse in blue post is no answer to this question so why you posting it?
in blue post is nothign about if discount happen before point convertion or after

Interesting. So if I don’t buy anything now but instead wait one week I can get 50% more items just by waiting?
That is worth it.

it’s most likely a 20% discount

i hope its 50% for 50% shorter season. 20% would be useless joke

It does answer your question, here,

Yes thanks Justica

The discount isn’t going to be 20%, it will be 50%.

It’s from 20% to 50%. At least 20%. At maximum 50%.

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