Argent Dawn Veterans Thread


Sooooo who here is from Argent Dawn? A fair number of you, I’m sure.

Who remembers me? Who remembers who? What period did you play on AD? I’m a veteran of 2005-2006, though I’m sure plenty of you can beat that. Introduce yourselves!


No idea who you are, sorry. :broken_heart:

Legion+ AD player here, howdy.


… feck. It’s about time!


I remember you Shifte!

(Konrad) #5

A younger, greedier Konrad enters the field.


waves in background.


I always wondered what it would be like to be alive.


Heya Kump! Seems we’re back chatting on forums!


Finterad my old, beloved friend. :heart:


Awh s*** here we go again!


Played on Argent Dawn on this character from early Classic until somewhere in Wrath, I can’t remember exactly. You’d recognize Carale easier from the portrait if only this silly sword didn’t block her whole head. :neutral_face:


2007 Player here. Lornius, amongst others.


Together forever. :wink:


You on Horde or Alliance this time round Kump?

(Thyrön) #15

Lok’tar Ogar! This blue (albeit still as glorious and perfect as before) shell cannot hold me any longer.


Blue for now my dear. The General rises for this one…

(Thyrön) #17

You dissapoint me Kump


Nice, I’m going for a really slow RP IC leveling experience with a friend. Enjoying the experience and trying to go that route :smiley: We should hang out sometime and RP again


The time will come Thyron…

Sure we should. :smile:


But in 10 characters