Argent Dawn Veterans Thread


Played on AD from a week or two after launch until … well, still poking it from time to time. Though not so much on this character at the moment. Good to see all the old players come out of the woodwork! :laughing:


Played off and on since WoD on AD.

Good luck everyone!


Now, that’s a name I’ve not seen in a very long time. :astonished:


Erzulie! The same goes for you :smiley:


It’s absolutely been forever! Though, I’m sure I did talk to you a few years back! I am absolutely loving seeing all of these old names pop up again, though. It’s great!


Hi all!

I was Eustace on Argent Dawn for quite some time, back when was more active.

Hopefully will see some familiar faces over here!


Played here at launch and for quite some time after on Barrabus. Active again in WLK. After that, quite seldom and mainly on various alts. Spent most of the time on Defias Brotherhood.


stealth woosh

Vanilla to BFA, on and off.

Happy to see lots of names I recognise!


Argent Dawn vet checking in. I am having an absolute blast leveling and talking to others around the place, hope to see some other familiar faces as I go

(Hedris) #30

Won’t be a monk, will probably drink the same :ramen::beers:

(Acrona) #31

Hello old faces, Acrona here! Started playing in spring 2005. I’ve been present on AD since then except when I took a break from the game during Mists of Pandaria. :slight_smile: Hi everyone!

Unfortunately someone else claimed the name Acrona on Hydraxian Waterlords, so you’ll see me around as Winterflow / Acro / Manata - or the name I took for laughs on HW: Marysue !

(Aerandul) #32

What Gilthas said. I was also old tSoL stock as Jeredon, City Watch stock as Niars, and dipped my toes into many pots over the years (raiding with the Compact, then HFC in vanilla, Redemption briefly through TBC, and many more RP guilds and plots). There are many familiar names here. I wish I remembered important stuff half as well!

I hadn’t planned on playing Classic because I was sure the community wouldn’t be what it was, but this thread makes me think maybe I could live with the new one…


Always bring back Niars, I’d say. :stuck_out_tongue: Worth it!

(Aerandul) #34

I’m having a hard rule on not replaying any of my AD characters. New world, new me!

…Unless of course an old-school group of old City Watch folks appears and remakes it for some reason, in which case there may be a nod or two.


Hello to all!

I’m not sure if I qualify as AD vet, came as an RP drought refugee from The Sha’tar realm some years ago.

I hope to run into some familiar faces IC, although unsure whether it’ll be as Fingon, whom I mostly RPd back when I was active.

It’d be interesting to explore a familiar character in an earlier stage of the universe, but I feel like it could discredit “the IC canon”? Sort of same issues as with time travel plots, returning to past would unavoidably alter the characters future. Which already happened… Anybody consider this a threat/possibility? :thinking: Possibility as in exploring interesting what-ifs for a character, not IC time travel.

For now I’m RPing as new characters with no ties to future events from live.

(Ohlin) #36

AD vet here, started in 2005 or thereabouts. I remember OP’s guild, I think. :smile:

I’m glad to see there are old players returning. It’d be great to see a lot of the old guild rosters get back together, like those from LBC, Shadow Sentinels, Shield of Light etc.

(Akamito) #37

Hey all. Sadly not on Argent Dawn vet as I spent my early WoW days on the Moonglade server before immigrating to the US servers just before BC.

But still happy to chill with you all. I’m still not sure what my main character is going to be, but hope to see you all out there :heart: I’m currently fighting for the Horde since my Vanilla experience was only Alliance. I haven’t settled on a main yet, so don’t try and find me. :hocho:

(Orsino) #38

Despite maining an elf on retail, I am loving a Horde without any elves


Hello friends!


Not a veteran, but I like to think I make a nuisance of myself from time to time :slight_smile: