Argent Dawn Veterans Thread


We have a Blackrock Diving School up and running, which Classic-ally speaking isn’t correct since we renamed the guild in TBC, but having it another way didn’t seem right.

Will be casually levelling my Mage (Plukette) and Paladin (Pluk) there.


aReGeNT dAwN vETERan what A ridicolous thing to call yourself with lol

(Tylro) #43

AD since Legion - Glad to see so many people on HW!

Thought about reviving Tylro as a younger version but decided against due to lack of possible development.

(Najih) #44

I created Najih on Argent Dawn in 2006.

I’m tempted to recreate him in Classic, and kickstart some old-school Darkspear-ing.

On the other hand, I’m tempted to reimagine my Herculean hunk of a warrior as a Night Elf.

(Ohlin) #45

Are you enjoying Classic WoW then? What’s got your feathers ruffled, friend?


I don’t really qualify, but i started my WoW adventures with my hunter on AD in Vanilla because I knew some folks IRL that played in one of the bigger Horde guilds on the server (I was never a member myself) but before TBC dropped I started playing on Moonglade with other friends. It’s been my home since. I do have some special memories from AD like the opening of the AQ gates and I’m glad to see so many of you restarting your adventures here on HW! See you in Azeroth!


05’ Vanilla to BC, then hopped on occasionally on WoD, Legion and BfA! Some really old faces on here!


I played a female dorf paladin on Argent Dawn back in vanilla, and I’m picking up that character this time as well. I recognize a couple of great people in this thread, and hope to bump into you in-game at some point waves

Loving Classic so far!


I am known as Kíngston on Argent Dawn, I played a few more characters over the years but I think they’re far too cringy nowadays to even mention.

The character has existed since WoD but I’ve been around Argent Dawn since Cataclysm, or so.


Seeing so many old names out and about on low level characters has left me very concerned now about the bandwidth in my brain occupied by memorising the roleplaying outfits of people I only knew by sight on vanilla Argent Dawn.



You likely won’t remember me (especially as I’m not even saying!) but definitely remember you :p.

(Brigante) #52

Yep, I bit the bullet, made a Troll Rogue, Dal’zin. Need any Leatherworking done? If I can make it, its free for AD buddies…

(Solbranthius) #53

I recognise a few character names and faces! I haven’t played WoW in quite some time, though like many Classic ended up luring me back. Since Blood Elves aren’t a thing in Classic, I decided to go with a Night Elf Druid and a Human Paladin.


My first character during Vanilla was me being 12 and playing a Stormwind Night Elf Vampire. Hopefully nobody remembers that awful boy.

TBC people in Ashenvale might remember Thelineth, my draenei lady which hosted the inaugural party to the Astranaar Inn, way back when. Over the years I’ve played several characters mainly in Kalimdor, most noticeable maybe the aforementioned Thelineth, Reinholt, Londrin, Rumjohn and perhaps a few more. I’m sure all have some juicy cringey memories to go with them.

Some serious RL issues plucked me from the game a couple of years ago out of the blue and I disappeared from all things WoW-related since.

Anyway, I never expected to be back but was tickled by Classic a week or so before launch. Me and 3 other friends are questing together and having an absolute blast.

Hope to see you guys in-game!

(Crystalarrow) #55

I remember you.

Day 2 of Argent Dawn, personally. Ended up starting some guild in Lakeshire. Didn’t really last past TBC as we reformed into a freelancing guild of some sort. Not that anyone’d remember.

I also had a tauren who mentored Aerandul and Nelithar for a while.

And I actually remember Disa. What the hell.

(Valven) #56

I am Spartacus!

AD sinde late 2007/early 2008 - good times, good times.


Played on AD since early 2009, my last few characters on there being Elyza and Fearless.

(Belauron) #58

Lord Belauron reporting in :slight_smile:
Looking as fashionable in BFA as I was all the way back in 08/09 Classic

(Brigante) #59

Not only was I in the same boat, but I’m pretty sure we were in the same Guild? Lightsworn?


Gives Eustace a polite nod Good to see you, brother.

I was on AD, I think from near the end of TBC through most of Wrath and on an off again since then. It seems like an age ago now.

I recreated Bregil on classic so if anyone remembers the name from all this time ago feel free to say ‘Hi’.