As an Alliance player, there's no valid argument against exterminating the Horde


I understand there may be some opposition on the Horde side (as some Horde players want to win, even though I think losing hard before coming back with vengeance would be a more powerful storyline), but why would any Alliance players, no matter their stance on the faction war, oppose the extermination of Horde races by the Alliance?

Ultimately, there are only two positions you can take. If you think the Alliance-Horde conflict should be morally grey, then the extermination of Horde races would be good as it would show this moral ambiguity, an example that the Alliance is not pure good.

And if you think the Alliance-Horde conflict is black-and-white, and the Horde is irredeemably evil, then exterminating its races would not be any less moral than exterminating the black dragons during Cataclysm. We did kill countless black dragon whelps in Blackrock - why would that be different from slaughtering orc children? It’s all for a good cause.


Mostly because the races showed many.times that they’re just painted humans like everyone else. I mean we fought already against the Lich King, Deathwing and the burning legion together. I think it’s would go too far to kill their children, but I think that they really should put more focus on killing their enemies and not to save them from their evil dictator which they’re willing to follow like every second expansion. The alliance main target should be to dissolve the Horde, not killing them all.


The Alliance’s main target should be peace with the Horde, and vice versa.

If the two factions cannot see eye to eye, then obviously there will be war. The BGs in WoW are all based on that - resources in WSG, resources in AB, territory in AV.

None of those three BGs implies that one faction should exterminate the other, though.


BG-s are part of the small OLD story. They are not that rallevant to this day.

As for Alliance - they have no reason to make peace with Horde. You have been warned not to f*ck it up again. But two expansions later here’s what you do. Sorry but Horde should be answering for their actions. Orgrimmar in flames and all the abominations purged by the light!


Exterminating the races, as you yourself said, entails killing EVERYONE. That includes children, that includes people who played no role in the war, and that includes those who opposed Sylvanas/the war.

This is not really an argument by itself, and if this is an assertion, then you are not arguing anything in the beginning, unless you simply want to say that Alliance players should have nothing against it.

Why is this morally ambiguous, and not straight-out evil? Is this legit the only position you can take if you support the moral greyness of the story?

The latter being an assumption. Not every Alliance player would think so.

Which cause?

In the end, your argumentation fails because you cannot prove that these are the only two positions someone might take, plus your arguments lack in a way that you cannot conclude all races and its members should be exterminated.


Sorry. I didn’t realize this wasn’t the Classic section.

I don’t consider WoW lore after 4.2 canon, I don’t play WoW after 4.2, and I don’t consider WoW after 4.2 being WoW.

I’ll see myself out.


So, you want to discuss lore… yet at the same want to ignore 10 years of lore development?

I’ve seen it all…


I do not ignore it. As I said, I simply do not consider anything past 4.2 part of Warcraft.

Any sane person who is fan of the Warcraft universe would tell you the same. Muting this thread and bye.


Any childish person, perhaps. It still happened, you can’t just ignore it.

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I just love how toxic Classic players are. I mean, I also am not a big fan of modern lore, but I also recognise it for what it is.


I’m all for extermination. It’s not good, definitely evil, but the chance as someone said has been given and wasted. To an action should correspond a reaction, otherwise words are just words.

Now, we can discuss other solutions maybe: perhaps not killing everyone, but once the current warchief is removed, the Horde should be assimilated into the alliance since they’re not capable of having a stable government. The ones who fail to comply will be hunted down as enemies of the Empire.

Then we can talk about a Horde rebellion against the Empire!

Edit: Just as a reminder

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We’re starting with internal traiters first. Please put your head on the guillotine.



Let’s just start with dismantling the Horde, and see where it goes from there.


Yeah, I agree. All this talk about extermination and assimilation makes me anxious. I mean, I get that people are upset with what the Horde did, but making every single person in every single race responsible, that’s honestly quite idiotic.

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Firstly, If you think the current conflict is Black-White, you are probably doing so because of the radical measures the Horde is taking. Measures that include extermination of the Alliance races.

Having the Alliance push for the Horde extermination wouldn’t make it grey. It would only shift the blackness from one faction to another.

Secondly, you are assuming much if you think that the Alliance exterminating the Horde would be something feasible. So far, they have failed to deal with the faction without it first tearing itself apart because of internal dissent. In an hypothetical scenario where the Alliance has said approach, rest assured that even morons such as Baine would think twice about stirring any kind of trouble.

That said, I’d love to have the Alliance try. At least that way we’d have an interesting war without mind numbing and moronic moralism.
Blizzard has shown that they don’t know how to write it without making it seem stupid (be that through Baine or Anduin).

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Waiting for Brigante to see this thread.

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It does not have to be the right thing to do. I think that from the Horde perspective, being put into a losing situation will allow for more interesting storytelling. We could resist genocide, we could fight for our survival as a people, and it would be a great cause to fight for.


You don’t have a choice to resist anymore once you lose the war. That is the problem this narrative creates. It is either extermination or dismantling should the war end in the favor of the Alliance. Which is the main reason I can’t stand Baine and Saurfang, since they rather see all their people die then staining their personal sense of honor.


Yeah, it’s just like those filthy traitors who cooperated with the allies against the Third Reich! Didn’t they know their country would be dismantled and reorganized after, at the very least? Evil, I tell you!