As retail gets expansions, are we also going to see content updates for classic?

So retail players are having they typical every so often content updates, I dont track these days but its like expansion every 2-3 years + raid update I would imagine like it was the case with TBC/WOTLK/CATA.

But what is the plan for us, the Classic enjoyers? Do we get any content updates for our games or what.

I mean I like WoW Classic but we only gear our characters to a certain point and raid the same thing over and over to specific point as well. Can we also get some content update? New raids, new zones, new quets, new gear. WoW Vanilla its an unfinished story. Emerald Dream raid, Timbermaw, Scarlet, bring Kara to Classic etc.

You have split now the WoW community into 3 different branches, Classic ERA, WOTLK Classic (with whatever is next for these guys) and retail. So its only fair if everyone gets their slice and not just retail.

The 4th branch is coming soon → Classic Hardcore :smiley:

Vanilla+ would be awesome… not only new content to do, but also general balance and stuff. While it looks unlikely atm, I hope they will do it at some point.

Maybe if hardcore classic will be a success (and it most likely will be), they’ll get enough courage to do more experiments with Vanilla.

I wouldn’t call it 4th branch but rather a mod. Mod which generates so much buzz but 3-4 months after released will be dead in water.

I mean if you think about it, 90% of players dont make it past lvl 25 on that unofficial server. And given how pain in the … it is to level up in Vanilla, people hype will be quickly extinguished after they die 1st time, 2nd and, doubt they will try again


They could create such an amazing game with vanilla as a Basis, idk why they are not seeing this potential. Even more better then vanilla already is

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Because a attempt to develope 2 mmorpgs simultaniously rarely works out to be favorable profit wise as ur splitting the same population between 2 games at the cost of more work?

Also, because for WoW classic to keep itself as a base you would need devs which see gaming through that philosphy and they simply dont.

Ur asking the same people, who made WoW retail so different to classic to add to classic, not forseeing tje fact classoc would just become retail.

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As a long time wc3 player, believe me, you don’t want current blizzard to do anything to their old games.


This is best, unbeatable argument!


Sounds good. They could even use Dark Portal because it’s lame that right now it basically does nothing, we could use it to visit homeland of Orcs - Dreanor. Imagine, reuniting with characters from WC2 like Khadgar, finishing the storyline of Illidan and his crew with Vash and Kael’thas… speaking of which Blood Elfs as playable race any1? To spice things up they could also increase level cap to let’s say… 70, add some new spells and talents. Heck, maybe that would be a good time to rework that old system with items giving flat % to hit or crit into something more gradual, so for example, item could give you only 0.5% of crit, they could make more interesting items with a system like that.

The idea of EXAPNDING from Vanilla is surely interesting and I am sure the playerbase would live in 100% agreement on what should be added/changed.


This is without doubt the most ludicrous thing I’ve ever heard, what bunch of idiots would make something like that.
What is next Space Goats?

Calm down, i did notice , no one can make it right to you gamers, everything is a bad idea bla bla bla , only complaining, be it about Blizzard or about some interesting ideas

Is very easy to make rigth. Give Classic Vanilla NoChanges and keep hands off.


You know that anyone with some sort of real life will be out after the 2nd or 3rd death, which is gonna be 90% of all players…

THIS! +1👍Leave classic era servers alone! Create whatever on new servers.


Yes. Let´s have the most incapable dev´s develop a completely new version of classic and expect it to be good.

Wake up, youngster, wake up.

OR use the search option on these forums to avoid posting yet another post regarding this dumb question.


Me: Work, kids, spouse, friends, voluntary worker … Number of deaths: in excess of 50.
The sheer number of guildies in Mortal, Mortal too, Mortal three , ect belies this statement.

Man great point.
No thanks guys, ask for one retail expansion called ‘‘Back in the time’’ where they reverse time and do vanilla+ if you really need vanilla+ so much. Pretty much will fits 2 years lifespan of it, along all hype and people jumping on that bandwagon for that limited time. Everyone should be happy.
Also personaly dont understand why you wanna classic + when it basicaly means retail model in every aspect of game, sooner or later when they do it.
There is so many people unhappy about classic or balance, but none of them understand that most of them not gonna get that ‘‘fix’’ that suits them. You will get hundred improvements that will suits only certain percentage of player base.

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We don’t even get Game Masters. I wouldn’t expect too much


Its all about to keeping flame or should I say 3 flames alive at this point. So argument of more work for 3 games its irrelevant. Classic Andys wont play Retail and vice versa. Each got own fan base with only one going forward. So if Blizz wont give anything to other games the flame will eventually extinguish because its only the same people playing it. You dont get new players. Everyone plays what they like.

This is not what’s called Classic+, isn’t it?

There’s a lot of discussions in the community around this concept.

  • Some people are fine with the current status of Classic ERA, and do not want the game to change at all. Which is perfectly fine.
  • Some others claims that the current roadmap for Classic servers (WotLK at this time, with some changes) is the right way. Expecting Cataclysm Classic to arrive as next major phase.
  • Some of us think that Classic can be evolved to include some interesting changes, but without changing the core of the game.

As you can detect from my words, I’m one of those that think that Classic+ would open a new branch and space of players.

In addition to missing raids and contents that were deprecated back the days of vanilla, I would add the following:

  • Tier sets for all meme specs (Paladin Retribution or Protection, Druid Balance and Feral Tank or Feral DPS, etc.) so every one could play Classic core the way they want.
  • Arenas 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 5v5 and All v. All.
  • New battlegrounds or missing ones like the one in Azshara.
  • PvP balance between classes.
  • PvP items limitation to outdoors, arenas or BGs. So none is forced to Rank14 to get BiS gear.
  • Heroic dungeons modes for latest dungeons (BRD and ongoing) with Tier1 gear quality equal loot tables.
  • Legendary weapons or quests for all classes.
  • New quests, zones, etc.
  • Finish some interesting lore quest chains as The essence of Eranikus.

But all limited to level 60 with current talents trees and server maths.

The question in here is … will Blizzard invest money in this?
Is there enough potential market in order to obtains revenues?

I doubt it for the main reasons mentioned, mostly the “leave classic Era alone” brigade.

I think it’s 50/50 as it may attact newer players but the old guard will leave with the “this isn’t Classic” moan.