[A][Silvermoon] <Mutineers> 7/8 HC looking for Members

Hello. We are Mutineers a new guild looking for more members. We want to be a semi-hardcore guild with the goal to get curve in every tier (currently 7/8 HC) and then tap into mythic and see how far we can get.

This guild started as a small friend group back in BFA and we are now trying to revive it for Dragonflight.

Raid days are wednesday and sunday 19:00 to 22:00 ST and are currently looking for all roles again.

We always enjoyed doing mythic + and will continue doing dungeons in the new expac.

With this said raiders, mythic + players, socials, etc are all welcome in our guild.

If interested message me here or add me on discord: Jhin#0941

Still looking btw!

hi what type of dps class are the guild looking for :slight_smile: ?