[A][Silvermoon] <The Rant> Semi-casual, once a week raiding guild for those with life commitments

Dragonflight launch went well and since then we’ve slowly lost players until we’re just 5 people… time to change the tide and find some active players who are still enjoying DF and rebuild a consistent team ahead of 10.1

In short, we’re a group of parents/professionals who don’t spend a huge amount of time playing WoW and we’re currently showing up once a week on a Friday evening to do stuff together but wouldn’t mind playing some more.

We’re looking for tanks
We’re looking for healers
We’re looking for a few DPS

Current “organised content” times are Friday (2000 or 2100 Server Time) - this might change when we get back into consistent raiding.

We’re a UK/EU core group, bring a microphone and let’s play some WoW together.


Lets have a chat. Add me on Bnet Ysaria#2372

We’re still on the look out for members to rebuild!

Those of you who are interested in previous progression, we cleared Normal early on in the expansion and then alot of players didn’t come back from Christmas and New Year. So arguably, that doesn’t mean much at this point!

But yup, still looking!

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Joined a little while back, good bunch of peeps and fun ‘Friday night shenanigans’

Hey, just saw your post :smiley: You still looking for new members? Hmu on bnet GetCracked#2612.

We are! Sorry for the delayed reply - was a busy over Easter! Will drop you a message on Bnet now!

Hello are you still looking for people? I (and my partner) are returning players and would like a nice friendly guild to join and move into raiding with :slight_smile: My btag: NightKnight#22636

Hey are you still looking for players